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Should I buy books that have sound effects or music for my baby?

Hi everyone,

I'm a new mom and I'm trying to build up my baby's library. I've seen some books for babies that come with sound effects or music, but I'm not sure if they're worth buying. I want to know if these books are actually beneficial for my baby's development or if they're just a gimmick. Has anyone used these types of books with their babies and seen any positive impact? Or should I just stick to regular picture books? Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hey everyone,

I have used books with sound effects and music for both of my kids, who are now four and six. Initially, they both loved the books and would get very excited when I turned on the sound buttons. However, with time, I found that the sound effects started to get annoying for both them and me. I began to dread story time as I couldn't stand the repetitive sounds and my kids started to lose interest in the books entirely.

Eventually, I gave away the sound-effect books and reverted to traditional picture books. I found that my kids started to pay more attention to the story and the characters in the books. I also found that the traditional books were much more affordable than the sound-effect books.

That being said, every child is different and has different interests. If your child loves the sound-effect books, then by all means go for it. However, from my personal experience, I would recommend buying a few traditional books as well. It's good to mix things up and expose your kids to different types of books.


Hello everyone,

I have used books with sound effects and music to engage my 6-month-old with reading and I have to say, it has been a fantastic experience. The added sound effects really helped to keep my baby engaged and capture his attention, which was not the case with the traditional picture books. It has helped in strengthening the bond between me and my baby, as he gets excited to explore and interact with the story.

I totally agree with user 1 that these books should not entirely replace traditional picture books, but it definitely provides a fun and interactive element. Through these books, my baby has also learnt to press buttons and control his hand movements, which is fundamental for his overall development.

However, for those who don't want to invest in expensive sound-effect books, there are many DIY sound effect books ideas on Pinterest and youtube. I went ahead and created a DIY sound-effect book for my baby using some of his favourite toys and objects at home.

In summary, a combination of traditional picture books and sound-effect books has helped me create an engaging experience for my baby during reading time. I would recommend exploring the sound-effect book options, but ultimately find what works the best for you and your baby.


Hey there,

I have a different opinion than user 1, when it comes to buying books for babies that have sound effects or music. My experience has been that my baby gets overstimulated with the added sound effects and music from the book. He gets so distracted by them that he doesn't pay attention to the actual story or the pictures in the book. It completely ruins the reading experience for both of us. I noticed that after every time we read such a book, he becomes very restless and it takes a while for him to settle down.

I understand that every baby is different and my baby might be more sensitive to the added sound. If your baby does enjoy these types of books, then that is great. However, if you see your baby getting distracted or uncomfortable with the added sound effects, then it might be best to stick with traditional picture books. The important thing is to have a fun and engaging story time with your baby, while also not overstimulating them.

Hope this helps.


Hi there,

I have a 9-month-old baby and I've recently purchased a book with sound effects and music. I have to say, my baby absolutely loves it! The interactive element of the book seems to keep her engaged and she's always reaching for the buttons to activate the sounds. I've also noticed that it seems to stimulate her senses and encourage her to explore the different textures and images in the book.

That being said, I don't think these types of books should replace regular picture books. I still read to my baby from traditional books as well and feel that it's important to expose her to different types of literature. However, having a few interactive books with sound effects and music in the mix can make story time a little more exciting and engaging for both parent and baby.

Hope this helps!

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