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My toddler is having trouble with speech development. When should I be concerned and what steps can I take to help?

Hello everyone,

I am a mother of a toddler who is 2 years old. I have noticed that my child is having difficulty with speech development. He is not able to communicate effectively and most of his words are an unintelligible jumble. As a concerned mother, I want to know when I should be concerned about this issue and what steps I can take to help my child.

I have read online that children develop at their own pace, but I cannot help but worry about my child's speech development. I would greatly appreciate any advice and insights about this matter.

Thank you in advance for your time and help.

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I hope it is OK for me to share my story. My daughter has always been a chatty one, so when my son was born, I was surprised that he wasn't as verbal as she was at his age.

When he turned 2, his speech development was still delayed, and it was causing some difficulties. As a first-time parent, I was panicked, but I tried not to let it show, and instead, I researched and read as much as possible about speech development and how to help with it.

One of the things we tried was using flashcards. We made our flashcards and used them with my son every day. In the beginning, it was challenging to keep his attention, but we made it fun by adding animal sounds, singing a nursery rhyme, and showing him pictures of things he was familiar with.

Another thing that we found helpful was using visual aids. We used pictures in books or on the computer to describe things we were doing or talking about. For example, when we were baking cookies, I showed him the picture of the ingredients in the recipe book and named each item.

It was not an overnight solution, but we kept at it, and slowly but surely, his speech started to develop. Now he is 4, and it warms my heart to see how far he has come.

In conclusion, every child is unique, and so are their milestones. If you are concerned about your toddler's speech development, you can do a lot to help them, including using flashcards, reading to them, using visual aids, and being consistent.

Best of luck to you and your family.


Hi there,

I just wanted to share my experience with my nephew's speech development. When he was around 2 years old, he was also having trouble communicating and was way behind his peers.

My sister in law was quite worried about it and took him to see a specialist. The speech therapist recommended some exercises, as well as play-based methods to improve his communication skills.

I remember one exercise specifically that involved teaching him to blow bubbles and pronouncing words that began with the sound of “B”. It was a simple but effective strategy that helped him work on pronouncing words much better.

Consistency is key! The exercises helped, but practice and repetition were what ultimately helped my nephew achieve better speech over time.

If you're also worried about your toddler's speech development, don't hesitate to consult with a specialist. There are many techniques and exercises that can help improve your child's communication skills, and age-appropriate books or educational TV shows can also help to facilitate speech development.

Wish you the best in this journey!


Hi there,

I completely empathize with your concerns about your child's speech development. When my son was around 2 years old, we noticed that he was struggling with communication as well. He would get frustrated when we couldn't understand what he was saying and his vocabulary was limited.

After talking to our pediatrician, we were referred to a speech therapist. The therapist conducted an evaluation and determined that our son had a speech delay. We started therapy sessions and also worked on speech exercises at home with our son.

The therapy sessions were a great help and our son made great progress. He was able to communicate more effectively and his vocabulary expanded. We still continue to work on speech exercises with him at home and his speech continues to develop.

My advice would be to trust your instincts as a parent. If you feel like your child's speech development is concerning, talk to your pediatrician and consider getting an evaluation done. Speech therapy can be a great help and early intervention is key.

Best of luck to you and your child!


Hello there,

I just wanted to share my experience with my daughter, who had a delay in her speech development when she was around 2 years old. Just like you, we were very concerned about her inability to communicate effectively with us.

We initially tried to work on some exercises on our own, but we soon realized that we needed professional help. With the advice of our pediatrician, we started seeing a speech therapist as well. It was a challenging journey, and we had to be very patient and consistent with our efforts before we started seeing noticeable improvements.

However, with regular therapy sessions, we were able to help our daughter develop better speech skills. She began to communicate more clearly, and her vocabulary grew too. In fact, she now loves to speak about just anything, and it is amazing how much she can communicate to us now.

So my advice is that, If you are concerned about your toddler’s speech development, it is best to seek professional help. Speech therapy may be a significant help to your child and increase their communication skills. It is normal to feel worried, but with the right intervention, you can effectively help your child’s speech development.

Best wishes,

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