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My toddler is having trouble with bowel movements during potty training, what should I do?

Hi everyone,

I am a mom of a 2-year-old boy who is going through potty training. Most of the time, he is pretty good at peeing in the potty, but he seems to struggle when it comes to pooping. Lately, he has been having trouble with bowel movements and doesn't seem to know when he needs to go. He will hold it in and then have a hard time getting it out.

I have tried everything from adding more fiber to his diet to encouraging him to sit on the potty every few hours, but nothing seems to be working. I am starting to get worried that he will develop constipation or other health problems if this continues.

Does anyone have any tips or advice on what I can do to help my toddler with his bowel movements during potty training? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi everyone,

I had the same problem during potty training with my son. We tried everything from adding fiber to his diet to sitting him on the potty for long lengths of time, but still had issues with bowel movements.

One thing that worked for us was creating a pleasant environment where he felt comfortable. We hung up some artwork, played soft music, and even bought a little potty tent where he could have some privacy. He really enjoyed having his special place.

We also created a toy and book basket filled with items that he could only use while sitting on the potty. He looked forward to his "potty time" because he knew he could play with his toys and read his books.

We found that the more relaxed he was, the better his bowel movements were. We also made sure to offer a lot of positive reinforcement during potty training. We celebrated even the smallest of successes and gave him a small reward.

Sometimes, he needed extra help to poop, so we used baby wipes instead of toilet paper. They were gentler on his skin, made cleaning easier and also provided a cooling sensation that comforted him.

Remember, every child is different and will progress differently with potty training. Don't worry too much, be patient, and keep calm. Hopefully, these tips help you and your little one as they embark on this process!


Hi there,

My son also had a hard time with bowel movements during potty training, and as a parent, I was anxious about it. But then I started to give him a gentle stomach massage that seemed to help him relax and pass the stools easily.

I also encouraged him to drink warm water and fruit juice to keep him hydrated and his stools soft. Also, I found some fun videos with songs and characters that talk about using the potty, which he really enjoyed watching.

I discovered that allowing him to pick out his own underwear and praising him for any success helped him feel more confident and motivated during the potty training process.

Lastly, I taught him some breathing exercises, which I would ask him to do whenever he needed to poop. It helped him to concentrate and eventually made it easier for him to pass stools without straining.

Potty training can be a challenging process, especially when dealing with bowel movements. Just remember to keep it chill and keep trying different techniques until you find the one that works best for your child.

I hope this helps!



I have been through a similar situation with my daughter during potty training. What I found helpful was giving her foods rich in probiotics like yogurt, kefir or kimchi. These foods help to keep the gut healthy and reduce the risk of constipation.

I also made sure to give her a lot of physical activity to aid digestion. We would go on walks or play games that involved running and jumping to help her bowel movements.

When it came to using the potty, I let her pick out her own seat or chair and even decorating it with her favorite stickers. It helped her feel more excited and comfortable using the potty.

Something else that I found helpful was to create a reward chart where she could place stickers every time she used the potty successfully. It encouraged her to keep trying and eventually made the process more enjoyable for her.

Most importantly, I never forced her to sit on the potty or made her feel guilty when there was an accident. Instead, I would provide encouragement through the process.

Remember that every child is different and it's important to create an approach that works best for your child. Be patient, don't rush, and enjoy the process with your little one.

Hope this helps!



I had a similar problem with my daughter when she was in the process of potty training. She was holding onto her stools and would eventually become constipated. It was really worrisome for me as a parent.

Something that worked for us was giving her time to get comfortable with sitting on the potty. At first, she was hesitant to even sit on it. So, I would allow her to sit on the potty seat without actually using it. Once she was comfortable, she would eventually start to use it for her bowel movements.

Another thing that we found helpful was to create a relaxing environment in the bathroom for her. We would use a small night light, play some soft music and even leave some toys around for her to play with.

However, sometimes none of these methods worked, and that's when glycerin suppositories came in handy. They were safe to use for children, and we only used them when necessary. They would soften her stool making it easier for her to pass them.

Overall, the key is patience and persistence when it comes to potty training. Every child is different and it takes time to understand their needs. With the right technique and a little bit of time, your child will eventually get the hang of it!

Hope this helps!


Hi everyone,

Potty training has been a bit of a journey for our family too, and bowel movements were one of the major challenges we faced. What worked for us was introducing a little bit of gentle physical activity like leg cycling or simple stretches that helped to move the bowels along.

We also made sure to keep our child's anxiety levels low. If he felt a lot of pressure to perform, he would experience a lot of stress, which only made the situation worse. Therefore, we remained calm and encouraged him to practice sitting on the toilet, even if he didn't want to go. We would then praise him for following our advice.

We found that modeling was helpful too. When our son saw us diligently use the toilet and perform all the cleaning steps after usage, he was able to mimic us, which then became a habit.

Another tip that worked for us was placing a mirror in front of the toilet so our child could watch the bowel movements happen. It gave him a sense of control and was informative for both of us.

Finally, having a balance of fiber and water in his diet was crucial. We offered fruits like bananas, strawberries, and fresh vegetables that were relatively easy to digest.

Overall, potty training takes time, patience, and a little creativity. I hope these tips prove helpful and best wishes for your toilet training journey!


Hi there,

I can definitely relate to your situation! My daughter went through the same thing during potty training. It can be unsettling to see your child struggling with bowel movements like that.

What worked for me was having a consistent potty routine. I would have my daughter sit on the potty at the same time every day, such as after breakfast or before bath time. I also made sure she had a stool to prop her feet up on while sitting on the potty, as it can help with the pushing motion.

Another thing that helped was giving her a small reward for going poop in the potty. It didn't have to be anything extravagant, just a sticker or a few M&Ms to make it more enjoyable for her.

Lastly, I found that a warm bath before bedtime helped ease any discomfort she may have had from holding in her poop. It also helped relax her muscles so that she could have a bowel movement more easily.

I hope these suggestions help you and your little one. Good luck with potty training!


Hello everyone!

I can definitely relate to this problem as I went through a similar situation with my son during potty training. One thing that worked well for us was offering him prune juice or pureed prunes. They are a natural way to soften the stools and are beneficial for overall bowel health.

Another thing that I found helpful was to create a distraction for him. Sometimes, he found the potty intimidating and would tense up. To ease his tension, I would sit next to him and read a book, sing a song or even watch a short video while he sat on the potty. This really helped him to relax and let the bowel movements happen more naturally.

I also discovered that when my son was having difficulty passing stools, sitting on the potty and leaning forward with his hands on his knees or his feet on a stool helped the bowel movements come out more smoothly.

Lastly, I found that offering him positive reinforcement or praise when he would use the potty, even if it was just a small amount or just an attempt, helped him feel confident and motivated to continue using the potty.

Remember, potty training is a long process so don't give up! It's normal for children to go through phases like this, and it takes time and patience to get through them.

Wishing you all good luck!



What worked for me during potty training with my son was to offer him more water and fruits like apples and pears. These fruits are rich in fiber and can help soften the stools, making it easier for him to pass them. I also noticed that he had an easier time pooping when he had enough water in his diet.

I found it helpful to make sure that he had some quiet time, especially when he had to poop. I would leave him alone in the bathroom for a few minutes so that he could concentrate, instead of distracting him with toys or songs.

Something else that worked for us was reading books about potty training and using the bathroom. It was a fun way for my son to learn, and he enjoyed picking out the books himself.

It can take time for your child to get comfortable with using the potty for bowel movements, but keep encouraging him and providing a consistent routine. In the end, he will get the hang of it!

I hope this helps!

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