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My toddler is having accidents at night, how can I help them stay dry?

Hi everyone, I'm a bit concerned because my toddler has been having accidents at night lately. He is potty trained during the day but seems to struggle when it comes to staying dry through the night. I would really appreciate any advice or tips to help him stay dry. He gets very upset when he wakes up in a wet bed and it's beginning to take a toll on him (and me, for that matter!). Have any of you experienced this with your own children? Any remedies or products that you've found to be helpful? Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi everyone! When my child was experiencing nighttime potty training issues, we found that implementing a consistent bathroom schedule helped her to stay dry overnight. We would have her use the bathroom before bed, and then we'd wake her up at a designated time in the middle of the night to use the bathroom again. Over time, this routine helped her get into the habit of waking up at night to use the restroom. We also made sure to use absorbent underwear instead of regular underwear - this helped limit the damage caused by accidents and prevented unnecessary laundry. And, like many others have mentioned, we were sure to maintain a positive attitude and not make a big deal out of accidents that did happen. This helped keep things positive and keep our child motivated to keep working towards nighttime potty training success.


Hey there! When my toddler was having accidents at night, I found it helpful to use a bedwetting alarm. This device goes off as soon as it detects moisture, which can help train the child to wake up and use the restroom in the middle of the night. Another thing that worked for us was scheduling a bathroom break before we went to bed. We made sure to wake our child up and take him to the toilet, even if he didn't really need to go. This helped him to learn better bladder control and prevented accidents from happening at night. I hope this helps!


Hello there! I can completely understand the frustration that comes with a toddler who is not quite ready for the overnight potty training. I too faced such a situation last year with my child. Like how user 1 mentioned, we also got pull-ups for my child for nighttime use. In addition to that, we enforced the rule of no fluids for an hour before bedtime. We also started waking my child up to use the bathroom once or twice in the middle of the night, which helped him to stay dry till the morning. However, if the problem keeps persisting, it's best to consult a pediatrician for further advice.


Hi there! When my child was struggling with nighttime potty training, we found that limiting screen time before bed was really helpful. The blue light emitted by screens can disrupt sleep patterns and even make it harder to control bladder function. So, we set a strict rule of no screens for at least an hour before bedtime. We also made sure to keep a nightlight on in the bathroom so that our child could find their way there easily in the middle of the night. Finally, we tried using an essential oil diffuser with lavender essential oil, which is known to promote relaxation and restful sleep. This helped create a calm and soothing environment that encouraged a good night's sleep. I hope these tips are helpful for anyone struggling with nighttime potty training!


Hello everyone! When my child was having accidents at night, we found that cutting back on sugary and caffeinated drinks really helped. These kinds of drinks can make it harder for the body to regulate sleep and bladder control. Instead, we made sure to provide our child with plenty of water throughout the day to promote better daytime hydration. We also tried to create a consistent bedtime routine that helped signal to our child's body that it was time to wind down and sleep. This included a relaxing bath, a story or quiet time, and some gentle stretching exercises. Finally, we tried using a special nightlight that projected stars onto the ceiling, which helped create a soothing environment that helped our child feel safe and happy. I hope some of these tips are helpful for those struggling with nighttime potty training with their toddlers!


Hi there! I had the same issue with my toddler, and it turned out that he just wasn't quite ready yet for nighttime potty training. We tried limiting his fluids before bedtime, but that didn't seem to help a lot. What ended up working was getting him pull-ups for nighttime use. He still feels like a big kid during the day because he's in regular underwear, but at night he knows it's okay to use the pull-up. We also found that having a plastic sheet underneath his regular bed sheet was helpful in protecting the mattress. Hope this helps!


Hi all! When my child was going through nighttime potty training, we tried a few different things that seemed to help. One thing we did was to use a reward system. Whenever my child woke up dry in the morning, we would offer a small reward like a sticker or a treat. This simple positive reinforcement seemed to motivate my child to try harder to stay dry at night. Additionally, we made sure to create a calm and stress-free bedtime routine. Stress and anxiety can affect a child's ability to stay dry at night, so creating a relaxing bedtime environment can help. Finally, we tried not to make a big deal out of accidents when they did happen. We just calmly cleaned everything up and moved on, reassuring our child that accidents are normal and that he would get better over time. I hope this helps!


Hello everyone! When my toddler was having accidents at night, I found that making sure they were drinking enough water during the day helped. It seems counterintuitive, but if a child isn't drinking enough fluids during the day, they may compensate by drinking more at night, which can cause accidents. We also stopped making it a big deal if an accident did happen - we simply changed the sheets and cleaned up as calmly as possible to avoid any stress or pressure. Lastly, we found that using a waterproof mattress protector was essential - it protected the mattress from any damage and made the cleanup process much easier. I hope these tips help!

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