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My toddler is a picky eater, what are some strategies to encourage them to try new foods?

Hello, I am a new mom and my toddler is a picky eater. I am struggling to get him to eat anything other than his usual chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. I am worried that he is not getting the nutrients he needs to grow and develop. What are some strategies that have worked for other parents to encourage their picky eaters to try new foods? I would love to hear any tips or tricks that have worked for you! Thank you in advance.

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Hi there! I had the same problem with my toddler when he was younger. One strategy that worked for us was to let him choose one new food to try each week. We would take him to the grocery store and have him pick out something that looked interesting to him. Then, we would cook it together and make a big fuss about how delicious it was. We found that involving him in the process and making it fun helped him be more open to trying new things.

Another strategy is to offer new foods alongside foods that your toddler already likes. For example, if your toddler loves chicken nuggets, try serving them with a side of roasted carrots or sweet potato fries. This way, your toddler will see that there are other foods that go well with the familiar ones they already enjoy.

Lastly, don't force your toddler to eat new foods. Let them try it on their own terms and don't pressure them. It may take several tries before they develop a taste for something new. Stay patient and keep trying!


Hi there! I completely understand your struggles with a picky eater, as I have the same problem with my three-year-old daughter. One strategy that has worked for us is to make the presentation of a new food more appealing. Sometimes, our toddlers can be put off by the appearance of a new food. In this case, we've found creative ways to present the food, like cutting fruits and vegetables into fun shapes or arranging them in a way that catches their attention.

We've also found success in making small changes to foods that our toddler already likes. For instance, we'll add a little bit of shredded chicken or vegetables to mac and cheese to make it more nutritious. This has helped our daughter explore new textures and flavors without completely abandoning her favorite foods.

Another strategy that has worked for us is being patient with our toddler's eating habits. We avoid forcing our daughter to eat something she does not want to eat. Instead, we try to create a positive eating environment by ignoring pickiness and rewarding her when she tries a new food. We give her positive affirmations like "you're doing great!" or "I'm so proud of you for trying something new!" This helps to boost her confidence and slowly makes her more receptive to trying new foods.

Remember, every toddler is different so it may take some time before you see any progress. Keep trying with different strategies and have patience. Before you know it, your picky eater will expand their pallet and be open to trying more foods!


Hello! I understand your frustration as I have had the same experience with my picky eater. One strategy that has worked for us is introducing new foods in small portions gradually. We started by offering my toddler a small spoonful of a new food alongside familiar foods. This way, it wasn't overwhelming and didn't seem like a chore to try something new. We also started by introducing fruits that were naturally sweet and slowly adding vegetable options as he became more open to trying new foods.

Another strategy that worked for us was making mealtimes fun and interactive. Instead of just placing food on his plate, we began to involve our toddler in the process of cooking and preparing meals. For example, we would make homemade pizzas and let him choose his own toppings or make a fruit salad together. When he was involved in the process, he was more likely to try new foods because he felt a sense of ownership and pride in the meal.

Lastly, we found that modeling healthy eating behavior and eating with our toddler was important. He was more likely to try new foods if he saw us enjoying them and eating them ourselves. We also made sure to offer praise and positive reinforcement for every step towards trying new foods, even if he didn't end up liking it. Remember, new foods can be intimidating for toddlers, so patience and persistence is key!


Hi there! I feel your frustration with a picky eater, as I have gone through the same experience with my son. One strategy that worked for us is involving our son in grocery shopping so he can help discover new foods. At the store, we allow him to sample fruits and vegetables so he can familiarize himself with different tastes and textures. He always seems to take pride in picking out new items, so we allow him to choose fruits and veggies to try at home.

Another strategy that has worked for us is letting our son copy what he sees older children or adults around him eating. We noticed that our son was more open to trying foods that he saw other kids eating. So we started taking him to parties, playdates, and other events where other kids were eating together. Seeing his peers eating helped our son become more curious about new foods and this encouraged him to try foods he had previously turned down.

Lastly, we give our son some control over his meals when we can. We've found that allowing him to make choices about what he eats, within reasonable limits, helps him be more open to trying new foods. For example, we give him options like "do you want green beans or brussels sprouts as your vegetable?" or "do you want pasta with tomato sauce or mushroom sauce?". This helps our son feel more in charge of his meal and less defensive about trying new foods.

In summary, involving your toddler in grocery shopping, copying peers' behavior, and giving them a little control over their meal choices can be helpful strategies for getting picky eaters to try new foods. Remember that patience and persistence are key when dealing with a picky eater.

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