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My teenager is struggling with acne. What are some effective treatments?

Hi everyone,

I am a parent of a teenage boy who is constantly struggling with severe acne. It has become a source of embarrassment for him and he is losing his confidence because of it. We have tried many over-the-counter products, but nothing seems to be working. I am really concerned about this and I am wondering if anyone can suggest any effective treatments for teenage acne? I would really appreciate any advice or recommendations on how we can help him get rid of his acne and regain his self-esteem. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hey there,

I know how it feels to deal with acne as a teenager. It can be tough to find the right treatment as everyone's skin is different. However, I found that using natural remedies helped me significantly. One of the best remedies that worked for me was tea tree oil. It has antibacterial properties that help to fight acne-causing bacteria. I used it as a spot treatment by diluting it with water and applying it directly to my acne. Another natural remedy I tried is aloe vera. It is excellent for treating inflammation and calming the skin. I would cut open an aloe vera leaf and apply it directly to my acne.

In addition to natural remedies, I would also suggest your son to consider his lifestyle factors such as stress and diet. Stress can increase acne breakouts, so encourage him to find ways to manage his stress levels such as meditation or exercise. Also, a diet that is high in processed foods and sugar can contribute to acne breakouts. Encourage him to eat a diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole foods.

Overall, these natural remedies have worked well for me and I hope it can bring relief to your son from acne as well.


Hi there,

I can completely relate to your situation as I have also struggled with acne during my teenage years. The best advice that I can give you is to consult a dermatologist. They will examine your son's skin condition and recommend the appropriate treatment. I had tried so many over-the-counter products which were ineffective in treating my acne until I visited a dermatologist. They prescribed me some oral medication and topical creams that worked wonders for me.

Apart from that, you can also encourage your son to maintain proper hygiene habits such as washing his face regularly with a gentle cleanser, avoiding touching his face, and changing his pillowcase frequently. It is also important to ensure that he is eating a healthy diet and staying hydrated.

I hope this helps and I wish your son all the best in his journey towards clearer skin.


Hi there,

Acne can be a real confidence-killer, and I know this from personal experience. In my teenage years, I had moderate acne that didn't respond to over-the-counter products or natural remedies. After months of struggling, I visited a dermatologist who prescribed me with an acne treatment containing benzoyl peroxide. This treatment worked wonders for me, and my acne cleared up within a few weeks of using it consistently.

However, I also experienced some side effects such as dryness and irritation, which is not unusual with benzoyl peroxide. To combat this, I made sure to apply a good quality moisturizer after the acne treatment to avoid further irritation.

So, my advice would be to see a dermatologist if acne persists despite trying other treatment options. Dermatologists have access to prescription-strength medications that can be more effective than those available over the counter. However, these medications come with side-effects, so it's essential to follow the dermatologist's advice on how to use them and manage side-effects.

I hope your son finds an effective treatment soon and regains his confidence back.



I also had severe acne issues in my teenage years, and I tried a lot of products, both natural and chemical-based, but nothing worked. After a while, I realized that sometimes over-washing your face and using too many products can make your acne worse. Therefore, I scaled back my skincare routine and simplified it to only a few products that I used consistently. I used a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. And, it worked! My acne cleared up faster than it had when I used a ton of different products on my skin.

Another thing that worked for me was using warm compresses on my acne. I soaked a clean washcloth with warm water and placed it on my acne for around 10-15 minutes. This would open up the pores and help the acne to heal faster.

Lastly, be patient with the treatment you use. Acne doesn't go away overnight, so it's important to try a treatment for at least a month before switching to another one. Also, don't get discouraged if you don't see immediate results. Keep using the treatment consistently, and over time, you'll see a noticeable difference.

I hope this advice helps your son with his acne.



As someone who has dealt with acne off and on through my teenage years and into my 20s, I can sympathize with your son's struggles. I found that one thing that really seemed to help was identifying and avoiding any triggers that might be causing my acne. For example, if I found that certain types of food or drinks seemed to make my breakouts worse, I would try to avoid them as much as possible. I also tried to be mindful of any environmental factors that could be impacting my skin, such as pollution or harsh weather conditions.

Another thing that helped me was incorporating regular exfoliation into my skincare routine. Over time, dead skin cells can build up on the surface of the skin, clogging pores and causing breakouts. By exfoliating regularly, I was able to remove any dead skin and keep my pores clear.

Finally, I found that keeping my stress levels in check was important for preventing breakouts. For me, this meant taking time each day to do something that helped me feel calm and grounded, like yoga or meditation. By keeping my stress levels under control, I found that my skin was less prone to breaking out.

I hope that some of these tips are helpful for your son, and I wish him the best of luck in his journey towards clearer skin.

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