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My child is experiencing culture shock after moving to a new country or community. How can I help them adjust and thrive?

Hi everyone,

I recently moved to a new country with my family and my child is having a tough time adjusting to the new culture and community. We used to live in a smaller town and now we're in the bustling city. My child is having trouble making new friends and finding activities that they enjoy here. It's been a few months since we moved and I'm worried about their mental health and wellbeing.

I would appreciate any advice or tips on how I can help my child cope with culture shock and adjust to their new environment. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hello everyone,

I totally understand how your child is feeling as I have been through the same experience when I moved to a new country with my family. It was a bit difficult for me to adjust to the new environment initially, but things got better over time.

One thing that helped me was involving my child in cultural activities and festivals. We explored the city's Christmas and New Year traditions, visited museums and learned about the local history. This helped us get a better understanding of the new culture and surroundings, and made us feel more comfortable.

Another thing that worked for us was keeping in touch with our old neighbors and friends through social media and video calls. We talked about our experiences and shared our culture with them. This helped us feel connected with our old home while giving us the opportunity to meet new people in our new home.

Lastly, I tried to create a sense of home by bringing familiar things from my old country with me. We brought along little things like photographs, spices, books, and other things that were a part of our daily life. This helped us feel more at home in our new environment and provided a sense of continuity.

Hope these tips will help you and your child adjust to a new community and thrive. All the best!


Hello there,

I can totally understand how difficult it is for your child to adjust to a new culture and community. I have been raised in a multicultural family and moved to different countries throughout my life. However, everytime I moved to a new place, it took me some time to adjust and it was never easy.

One thing that helped me during this process was getting involved in the local community. I joined different local groups, participated in cultural events and volunteered with non-profit organizations. By doing these things, not only did I learn more about the local culture and customs but also connected with people who shared my interests.

Another thing that really helped was staying in touch with my friends and family from my home country. Thanks to technology, it was easy to stay connected through social media, video chat, and other online platforms. Knowing that I had the support of my loved ones from home helped me feel less homesick and more confident in my new environment.

Lastly, it's important to take care of your child's mental health during this transition. You may want to consider consulting with a therapist, who can help your child develop coping strategies and provide support during this challenging time.

Hope this helps!



I can empathize with your child's situation as I have been through something similar when I moved to a new country with my family. In my case, I felt isolated and lost as my daily routine was disrupted, and I had to learn to adjust to a completely different culture and social norms.

One thing that helped me was joining local clubs or groups that revolved around my interests. For example, if your child likes music or drama, look for community theater programs or music clubs that welcome children of all ages. These groups can not only provide a way to meet new friends who share the same interests but also offer a sense of familiarity and belonging to your child.

I also found it beneficial to learn the local language as it helped me communicate more effectively with people around me, which in turn helped me feel less lost and isolated. Try to find language courses or online resources that will help your child acquire a working knowledge of the new language. Knowing the language can also help them adapt to the new culture and make friends easier.

Lastly, it's important to seek help if your child is still not adjusting well after trying the above tips. There may be factors outside of your control that are impacting their well being, and a professional psychiatrist or counselor may be helpful in developing coping strategies.

I wish you all the best in your child's adjustment to the new surroundings.



I can relate to your child's situation as I moved to a different country with my family when I was young. It was an entirely different culture and environment, and it took a while for me to adjust to it.

One thing that helped me was finding ways to get involved in my new community. I joined a local sports team, volunteered at a charity organization and attended cultural events. By doing so, I was able to meet people who shared similar interests and make new friends.

Another tip that worked for me was exploring the new environment with my family. We visited local museums, parks, and landmarks and learned about the history and culture of our new home. By doing so, we were able to appreciate our new surroundings and find new things to enjoy.

Lastly, I would recommend encouraging your child to keep in touch with their old friends and family back home. Technology makes it easy to stay connected, and having an anchor in the familiar can help them feel less isolated and more secure in their new environment.

I hope you find these tips helpful, and I wish you and your child all the best in your new community.


Hi there,

I completely understand how your child is feeling as I went through a similar experience when I moved to a new country with my family. The language, culture and environment were completely different and it was a huge adjustment for me.

One thing that really helped me was finding a community or group with similar interests. I joined a sports team and it allowed me to meet new people who shared my passion for the sport. It not only helped me make new friends but also helped me improve my skills and adjust to the new environment.

Another thing that really helped me was learning the language. It not only helped me communicate with others better but also allowed me to understand and appreciate the culture better. I would suggest enrolling your child in language classes or finding a language exchange program to help them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings.

Lastly, it's important to be patient and understanding with your child. Culture shock can be overwhelming and it takes time to adjust. Just let your child know that you're there for them and that you're all in it together. With time, your child will adjust and thrive in their new environment.

Best of luck!



I fully understand your situation as I have also experienced culture shock after moving to a foreign country. It can be really stressful and challenging, especially for children who may not have much experience in adapting to new environments.

One thing that helped me overcome the initial anxiety was exploring the new environment with my child. We took walks around town, visited parks and landmarks, and tried new foods. By doing so, we discovered new things together and bonded over our experiences, making us both feel more comfortable and content.

I also made an effort to learn about the local customs and traditions so as to not offend anyone or make my child uncomfortable with a lack of understanding. This not only helped me fit in a bit better, but also made me appreciate the new culture and surroundings we were in.

Lastly, I would suggest trying to keep routines and traditions from your old home. For example, cooking familiar meals, celebrating holidays, and speaking your native language at home. This can help retain some of the child's cultural identity and provide a sense of continuity which in turn can reduce stress.

Hope this helps, and wishing you and your family all the best in your new environment!


Hello there,

I can relate to your situation as I moved to a different country with my family a few years back. I recall feeling very anxious and out of place initially, but with time I found ways to adapt and thrive in my new environment.

One thing that helped me was being open to new experiences and embracing differences. Instead of comparing everything to what I was familiar with, I allowed myself to appreciate the new culture and way of life. This mindset allowed me to try new things and meet new people, some of whom became great friends.

Another tip I'd like to offer is to allow your child some autonomy in how they handle the change. Ask them what they would like to do in their new environment, and encourage them to try things that they may not have done before. This helps them gain some control over their situation and will build their confidence in their ability to adapt.

Finally, make sure that you regularly communicate with your child and be available for them to talk about any feelings of homesickness or loneliness. A trusted ally can work wonders in helping them overcome moments of confusion or anxiety, and will help ease the transition.

I hope these suggestions will be of assistance in making your child feel at ease in their new environment. Best of luck to you and your family!

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