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My child has been diagnosed with a food intolerance. What are some tips for navigating social situations and eating out?

Hi everyone,

I'm a worried mother who recently got my child diagnosed with a food intolerance. We've been struggling for a while with various digestive issues, and the diagnosis has finally revealed the cause. While I'm relieved to have identified the problem, I'm struggling with the practical implications of managing my child's intolerance, particularly in social situations and eating out.

I'm afraid that my child will feel left out or singled out by having to avoid certain foods, and I'm worried about navigating social occasions like birthday parties or family gatherings. I'm also concerned about finding safe options when eating out at restaurants, especially if we're traveling or visiting new places.

Does anyone have any tips or advice for how to manage a child's food intolerance in social situations and when eating out? How can I help my child feel included and make sure they're not put at risk by accidentally consuming something they shouldn't? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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I had a similar experience with my child's food intolerance a few years ago. It was overwhelming at first, but I found that the best approach was to be proactive in managing my child's condition. I always make sure to keep a list of safe foods at home and also keep a printed copy with me wherever we go.

When eating out, I find it helpful to research the restaurant and read reviews from people with similar dietary restrictions. I also always call ahead to speak to the manager or chef to ensure they are familiar with food intolerances and can accommodate us. If it's a chain restaurant, I also check their website for a list of allergen-free menu items.

In social situations, it can take a little extra effort to make sure my child doesn't feel excluded. I sometimes offer to bring a dish that everyone can enjoy or ask the host if they can provide some safe options. I always communicate with my child beforehand, so they know what to expect and what foods to avoid.

It can be a little challenging to adjust to this new way of eating, but it's important to focus on the positive aspects and alternatives. I find that my child is actually more adventurous with trying new foods since their diagnosis, and it's been a great opportunity for us to experiment with new recipes and ingredients.


Hi there,

I also have a child with a food intolerance, and while it's not always easy managing it in social situations, there are definitely ways to make it more manageable. One thing that has helped my family is to focus on what we can eat instead of what we can't. By finding safe and tasty alternatives to the foods my child can't eat, we make sure that they're not left out of meals and can still enjoy a range of flavors and textures.

When it comes to eating out, I always take the time to read the menu carefully and ask questions if I'm not sure about something. I also find it's helpful to be clear and specific about what we need, such as asking for dishes to be prepared without certain ingredients or cooked separately to avoid cross-contamination. Most chefs and servers are happy to help when they understand that it's a health issue.

In social situations, I always make sure to communicate with the host or hostess beforehand and ask if there are any foods my child needs to avoid. I also try to bring along some safe snacks or treats so that my child can still participate in the event without feeling left out.

Overall, while it can be challenging at times, managing a food intolerance is definitely doable. With a bit of planning and communication, we've been able to find ways to navigate social situations and dining out while still keeping our child safe and happy.


I can completely relate to your situation. My child has a severe nut allergy, and it was tough managing it, especially in social situations. The first thing I realized was that I needed to be prepared before any outing or gathering. I always pack a small snack bag with safe foods, just in case. I also communicate with the host and let them know about my child's allergy, and most people are accommodating and understanding.

When eating out, I always research the restaurant's menu and call ahead of time to make sure they can accommodate our needs. I also ask our server for their recommendations on what dishes are safe and if there's any chance of cross-contamination. It can be a bit stressful at first, but it gets more manageable with practice.

Regarding my child's feelings, I always try to make them feel included by bringing their favorite foods along and finding safe alternatives to the foods they can't eat. I also involve them in meal planning and grocery shopping, so they feel empowered and involved in managing their dietary needs.

Remember, you're not alone in this, and it takes time to find what works for you and your child. So be patient and stay positive, and you'll get there.

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