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My baby loves to explore the outdoors. What books can I buy that incorporate nature and the environment?

Hi everyone,

My little one is absolutely in love with the outdoors! I want to foster this interest in nature and the environment by getting some books that incorporate these topics in a fun and engaging way. Can anyone suggest any good titles that would be appropriate for a baby/toddler age range? Bonus points if the books are interactive or have beautiful illustrations! Thank you so much in advance!

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Hi everyone! I'd like to recommend the book "Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt" by Kate Messner. This beautifully illustrated book is about a grandmother and granddaughter who explore the garden throughout the different seasons.

The book is very informative and teaches kids about different kinds of vegetables and how they grow. It also depicts the connection between the above and underground portions of the garden, and teaches kids how plants depend on various animals and insects to thrive.

My daughter loved this book and couldn't stop talking about it for days. It inspired her to help me out in the garden and she was always looking for the animals hiding amongst our plants. If you're looking for a great book that teaches your child about the environment and gets them excited about gardening, "Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt" is definitely worth checking out.


Hey! I'd like to suggest the book "Big Cornell" by Merle Good. This board book is filled with beautiful photographs of wildlife and children, all taken in the famous bird sanctuary called the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The text is written in simple sentences that are easy for children to understand and the rhymes make it engaging for the little ones.

This book celebrates the joy and wonder of being outside and the importance of taking care of our planet. It's definitely one of my daughter's favorite books and has inspired us to explore and learn more about nature and the environment together. Plus, it's a great way to teach your little ones about birds and their importance in our ecosystem.


Hello everyone, I would like to suggest "The Little Gardener" by Emily Hughes. This book is a heart-warming tale about a little gardener who works tirelessly to bring new life into his garden. The story has a strong environmental message, showing how joyful and fulfilling it can be to take care of plants and the environment.

The illustrations are absolutely beautiful, and my toddler loved pointing out all the different flowers and insects. We also take it as a positive message on the powerful bond between humans and nature and how the efforts of one person can make such a significant change.

I found it to be a great way to encourage my little one to value the environment and to start him on his journey to learn about sustainability, compassion for nature, and the importance of gardening.


Hi everyone! I'd like to suggest "A Nest in Springtime: A Mandarin Chinese-English bilingual book of numbers" by Belle Yang. This is an amazing book featuring stunning illustrations and text in both Mandarin Chinese and English, that will introduce your child to the beauty of the Chinese language.

The book includes fun rhymes, counting games, and engaging illustrations of nature and animals that are sure to delight children of all ages. The story focuses on the life cycle of a robin family, including their nest-building efforts, raising of the chicks, and eventual journey south for the winter.

My child loves the vivid illustrations of nature and animals, and it has helped us practice our Mandarin Chinese together. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in introducing their baby or toddler to Mandarin Chinese and a fun way to explore nature and animals.


Hey there! I would recommend "Before We Eat: From Farm to Table" by Pat Brisson. It's a great educational book that explains the journey food takes from the farm to our tables, and the impact of our food choices on the environment and local communities.

The story encourages children to think about where their food comes from and to consider the environmental and social implications of the foods they eat. It's an incredibly well-written book, with colorful illustrations, that's both informative and engaging.

My family enjoyed reading this book together and it's helped us have more meaningful conversations about the environmental impact of our food choices. If you're interested in teaching your baby/toddler about the farm-to-table process and the importance of making environmentally-friendly choices, then "Before We Eat: From Farm to Table" is definitely worth checking out!


Hi there! I highly recommend "Over in the Meadow" by Jane Cabrera. It's a board book with vibrant illustrations and fun animal characters that your baby will love. The story is about a mother and her animal friends in their habitat, and it introduces counting and simple animal sounds. My little one really enjoys the bright colors and pointing to the different animals on each page.

Another one I would suggest is "We're Going on a Nature Hunt" by Steve Metzger. It's a fun twist on the classic "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" story, but with a nature and environmental theme. The illustrations are beautiful and my toddler loves to point out all the different animals and plants in the pictures.

These two books are definitely favorites in our household, and have been a great way to introduce nature and the environment to my little one. I hope this helps!


Hello everyone! I suggest the book "The Busy Tree" by Jennifer Ward. It's a beautifully illustrated book that follows the journey of a tree throughout the seasons, describing all of the creatures that depend on it along the way.

The book is perfect for babies and toddlers, as it has simple, rhyming text that's easy to follow and it introduces the importance of protecting trees and nature. The illustrations are also gorgeous, and there are lots of details to explore with your little one.

My daughter loves learning about animals and nature and this book has been a lovely way to introduce various creatures to her in an informative and engaging way. It is definitely a must-have book for anyone looking to educate their baby or toddler on the importance of trees and the environment.

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