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My baby is going through a teething phase. Are there any books that are safe for him/her to chew on?

Hi everyone,

My baby is going through a teething phase and I'm looking for some safe and interactive ways to ease his discomfort. I heard about teething books that are safe for babies to chew on. Has anyone tried them? Can you recommend any specific books or brands? I want something that not only helps with teething but also engages my baby and is educational. Thank you in advance!

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Hello there,

When my daughter was going through her teething phase, I bought a few different teething books for her to try out. The ones she liked best were those made of cloth or fabric. I found that the texture of the cloth was especially soothing to her gums.

One book that I would recommend is the "Taggies Soft Book." The cover is made of a plush material with colorful tags all around that my daughter enjoyed chewing on. The pages are also made of different soft fabrics with crinkle paper inside that made fun sounds when my daughter played with them.

Another great teething book is the "My First Taggies Book: Spotty and Friends." This book also has a soft plush cover with tags around the edges for babies to chew on. The pages inside are made of a soft crinkly fabric that babies can explore with their fingers and chew on as well.

I hope these recommendations help and good luck with your baby's teething!


Hi there,

I've used teething books for my baby and have had a positive experience with them. My personal favorite is the "Indestructibles" series. They are made of a soft, flexible material that can withstand teething and can be washed easily. The books are also colorful and have simple text that's easy for babies to follow along with.

Another book that's great for teething is "Teether Totter Co. ABC Book." It's made of non-toxic silicone and has raised textures on each letter to help soothe sore gums. Plus, it's an alphabet book, so it's educational as well.

Hope this helps and good luck with your baby's teething journey!



I totally agree with user 1 about the "Indestructibles" series. They served as great teething books for my baby as well. The soft pages are easy for babies to grip and manipulate, and they make great crinkling sounds that my baby loved. A bonus is that they can be easily washed and they are affordable too.

Another teething book that my baby really enjoyed is the "Nuby Chewy Books." The pages are made of soft silicone and have different textures that provided relief to my baby's sore gums. The bright colors also caught my baby's attention and he was entertained during our reading time.

Overall, I recommend trying different types of teething books to see which one resonates with your baby. Each baby is different and can have different preferences. Good luck and happy teething!



My baby boy is currently teething too and I recently discovered the "Munch Mitt" teething book. It's a wearable teething book that fits securely on a baby's hand like a mitt so that they can easily chew on it without dropping it.

The Munch Mitt Teething Book has several textured surfaces for the baby to explore, including a corner that's great for massaging their gums. It's also made of food-grade silicone that's BPA-free, so I feel safe giving it to my baby.

Another teething book that I have found helpful for my baby is the "Baby Touch and Feel: Animals" book by DK. While not specifically designed as a teething book, my baby enjoys chewing on the thick pages and exploring the different textures with his fingers.

I hope this helps and good luck with your baby's teething journey!


Hi there,

When my baby was teething, I discovered the "Nibble and Gnaw" teething book. It's made of wood instead of fabric or paper, so it's a unique option for babies who like to chew and gnaw on things.

The book pages are made of natural, unfinished wood that's safe for babies to chew on. The pages also have different textures and shapes to provide additional sensory stimulation for babies. We found that the "Nibble and Gnaw" book was a great alternative to plastic teethers and provided a natural and safe option for our baby to chew on.

Another teething book that we found helpful is the "Lamaze Peek-A-Boo Forest Soft Book." The cover and pages are made of soft fabric and the book has different textures and crinkly pages that my baby enjoyed exploring and chewing on.

I hope these recommendations help and I wish you and your baby all the best with teething!

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