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My baby has been having difficulty with bowel movements - are there any safe ways to provide relief, such as baby massage or tummy time?

Hello everyone, I'm a new mom and I'm a little worried about my baby's bowel movements. He seems to be having difficulty and it's been causing us both a lot of stress. I'm wondering if any experienced parents out there could offer me some advice on safe ways to provide relief. I've heard about baby massage and tummy time, but I'm not sure if these will actually help or if there are any specific techniques I should try. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hello there, I'm a first-time parent and I can relate to the stress caused by bowel movements in infants. My little one had a hard time too and even though it lasted only a few days, it was very distressing. One thing that helped us was baby massage, particularly the "I Love You" massage technique. It involves gently rubbing and kneading the baby's belly area, which promotes bowel movements. You can find plenty of helpful tutorials on YouTube. Additionally, we made sure to incorporate some probiotic-rich foods into our baby's diet, with our pediatrician's guidance of course. Ultimately, it's important to be patient and understanding that bowel movements can be tough for infants, but they generally tend to pass in a matter of time.


Hi there! As a fellow parent, I've definitely been in your shoes before. My little one had trouble with bowel movements when he was a newborn and it was really tough to see him uncomfortable. What worked for us was giving him tummy time and doing gentle baby massage on his belly. We would lay him on his tummy and gently rub his lower back and tummy in a clockwise motion. This helped to stimulate his digestive system and provide some relief. We also made sure to give him plenty of fluids and foods high in fiber once he started eating solids. I hope this helps!


Hi there, I'm a mother of three and I've dealt with constipation issues in each of my babies. From my experience, one thing that can help is to adjust the baby's diet. Some babies might not do well with milk-based formula, so switching to soy formula or a hypoallergenic formula can be helpful. If your baby is already on solid foods, make sure they're getting plenty of fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber. Another thing that worked for me was a warm bath. Soaking my baby in a warm bath helped to relax their muscles and made it easier for them to pass stool. Lastly, I would advise keeping a close eye on your baby's bowel movements and any changes in behavior. If you're ever concerned that your baby's constipation is severe or their behavior is abnormal, definitely reach out to your pediatrician for advice.


Hi everyone, I just wanted to chime in and share my experiences with my little one's bowel movements. Similar to the other parents that have posted on this thread, we found that massage was really helpful. But another technique that worked well for us was a gentle leg bicycling motion. That is, we would lay our baby down on her back and gently move her legs in a pedaling motion, which helped to loosen things up a bit. We also made sure to keep her hydrated and offered her more fluids when she seemed to be suffering from constipation. Overall, I think the key is to remain patient and understanding, and to try different methods until you find what works for you and your baby.


Hi all, I'm a parent of two young children and we've had to deal with constipation in both of them. One thing I've found helpful is to offer plenty of water and juices that are high in Vitamin C. This helps soften stools and makes them easier to pass. In addition, we would also elevate our baby's legs by placing a rolled-up towel or cushion under his/her bottom region. This gentle "bend" can help promote bowel movements too. As others have noted, baby massage is also very useful, especially when combined with certain pressure points on your baby's feet. Overall, there are many different approaches to relieving your baby's constipation, and it might take some experimentation to find what works best. But by remaining patient and attentive, you'll eventually get them back on track to healthy bowel movements.


Hello there, I'm a dad of 4 and have struggled with constipation issues in all of them. I found that in addition to the other suggestions posted here (such as offering more fluids and adjusting diets), a tried-and-true method was using rectal stimulation. It can sound daunting, but it's much less invasive than it sounds. For babies over 6 months, rectal stimulation involves using a rectal thermometer or a Q-tip moistened with petroleum jelly to stimulate the rectum. This can encourage bowel movements and provide relief from constipation. However, it's important to be careful with this method and to only use it under the guidance of your pediatrician. Again, I want to emphasize that if you're ever concerned or unsure of how to deal with your baby's constipation, reach out to your child's doctor for guidance.

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