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I'm looking for toy recommendations that can help with my baby's hand-eye coordination, any suggestions?

Hi everyone,

My little one just turned six months old and I am looking to buy some toys that will help improve his hand-eye coordination. He seems to be starting to reach out for objects and I want to encourage this development further. Can anyone suggest some toys or activities that would be appropriate for his age and help with hand-eye coordination? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

My baby loved playing with textured balls around that age. We would roll them back and forth and she would try to grab them with both hands, improving her hand-eye coordination. Another thing she enjoyed was finger puppets. I would move them around in front of her and she would reach out to try and touch them. It was a great way to not only help her improve coordination but also encourage her imagination.

Another toy that is great for this age is a ring stacker. It takes some hand-eye coordination to get the rings on the pole, but it's also a great way to develop their problem-solving skills as they figure out which order the rings should go in.

Hope these suggestions help!


Hi there,

As a mom with two children, I have found that toys that help develop fine motor skills can also aid in improving hand-eye coordination. For instance, toys like building blocks, which require babies to pick up and place them in different spots, can help develop both fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Another toy that stood out for me was a bead maze. My child would sit for a long time and deliberately move the beads back and forth from the maze, improving her hand-eye coordination in the process. It's also a great toy for young ones to learn about colors, shapes, and problem-solving skills.

Overall, toys like building blocks and bead mazes can help your little one improve their coordination as they grow.



When my daughter was around six months old, I found that giving her a toy with sensory features helped her improve her hand-eye coordination. One particular toy, a soft monkey with different textures and colors, kept her occupied for hours, allowing her to focus on reaching out and grabbing the different parts of the toy.

Similar to the idea of textured toys, I also found that giving my daughter a toy like a mobile was an excellent way to help her with hand-eye coordination. As the different items on the mobile moved around, she focused on trying to grab them, thus improving her hand-eye coordination.

In summary, toys that provide sensory experiences, like textured toys or mobiles, can help improve hand-eye coordination in babies.



When my daughter was six months old, she loved playing with soft blocks. We would try to stack them up high, and she would try to knock them down. This game was incredible for hand-eye coordination as she needed to reach and grab the blocks as well as planning where to put them so they wouldn't fall down easily. Finger painting is also a fantastic activity as it allows them to explore and develop creativity with their hands while also improving their hand-eye coordination. My daughter loved to make a mess with paint, and it helped her fine motor skills tremendously.

In conclusion, investing in soft blocks and finger painting sets are great ways to improve your baby's hand-eye coordination!



My son loved playing with a ball pit when he was around six months old. It was a great way to help improve his hand-eye coordination as he loves reaching out to grab the balls and throw them back in the pit. This toy is perfect for developing both fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as it requires them to pick up the balls and place them in the pit.

Another toy that helped my son with his hand-eye coordination is a shape sorter. It challenged him to reach out and fit the shapes into the correct slots, and it also helped him with his problem-solving skills. Overall, ball pits and shape sorters are great toys to help improve hand-eye coordination in babies.

I hope this helps!

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