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I'm interested in introducing my baby to different modes of communication, what are some toys that can help with that?

Hi everyone,

I'm a new mom excited to start introducing my 6-month-old daughter to different modes of communication. I want to make sure she has the best tools to develop her communication and language skills. I would like to ask for some recommendations on toys that could help with this.

Does anyone have any suggestions for age-appropriate toys that can help my baby learn? I'm open to any and all recommendations, whether it be books or toys that have helped your own little ones.

I appreciate any input you have and thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi there!

I have found that introducing my daughter to simple games has really helped with her communication and language development. One game that worked wonders is playing "I Spy." For example, I would say "I spy with my little eye something red" and then she would have to point to the red object. This game helped her develop her listening and comprehension skills while improving her vocabulary.

In addition to games, we found that interactive apps can also be helpful. One app that we've been using is the Baby Flashcards app that teaches basic vocabulary and words in multiple languages. The app engages my daughter with bright and fun visuals, which has helped her to remember the words.

Another toy that we find really helpful for developing communication skills is a set of wooden blocks with letters and numbers on them. We would practice spelling and counting together, which helped her to improve her comprehension and fine motor skills.

Lastly, incorporating sign language into our daily conversations has been incredibly beneficial. We use simple signs for words like "more", "eat", and "drink", which has helped her communicate her needs and wants more easily.

I hope these tips are helpful to anyone looking to support their baby's communication development!



My daughter is a bit older now, but when she was around six months old, we found that musical toys were especially effective in helping her develop her language and communication skills. Specifically, we used a toy piano that played different notes when she pressed various buttons.

By exploring the different sounds the piano made, my daughter quickly learned how to repeat the sounds and eventually began to mimic some of the simple tunes she heard on the toy. This helped her with her dexterity and hand-eye coordination, as well as her ability to recognize and differentiate between different pitches and tones.

Another toy that worked well for us was an interactive storybook that had buttons to press and different sensory elements like fuzzy, soft pages or crinkly fabrics. We would read the story together and explore the different textures and sounds as we went.

Finally, we found that singing simple songs together was a great way to bond and for my daughter to pick up new words and sounds. Even if you don't have the best singing voice, your baby will appreciate the interaction and the chance to learn something new.

I hope this helps, and good luck with your baby's communication journey!


Hey there!

I completely agree with user 1 that board books and musical toys can be great for introducing your baby to communication. Something that has worked really well for my son is using flashcards with pictures and words on them. These can be found online or at a local educational supply store and they come in a range of levels for different ages.

Reading the words and pointing to the pictures on the flashcards helped my son not only recognize new objects and vocabulary, but also helped develop his memorization and attention skills.

Another toy that my son loved and helped with communication development was a set of animal puppets. We would use various animal puppets to act out different scenarios and make different sounds, which helped his listening and verbal communication skills.

Lastly, I found that interactive toys that respond to touch or movement were also effective in teaching basic cause-and-effect and communication skills. One example is the Vtech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone, which has buttons to play music and songs and also makes sound effects when shaken.

I hope these suggestions are helpful to you and your little one!


Hello there!

I have found that simple games can also be really helpful in teaching communication skills to babies. One great game for little ones is Peek-a-Boo, which helps develop social skills and problem-solving skills. You can use a simple blanket to play Peek-a-Boo with your little one, or there are many Peek-a-Boo toys on the market as well.

Another game that my daughter loved is the classic game of "Simon Says." This game helps with listening skills and following directions, and it's also a lot of fun for both parents and children!

I also found that soft toys such as stuffed animals or squishy balls can be great for sensory play and exploring different textures. This type of play can help babies develop their language skills by introducing them to new words and descriptive language.

Lastly, I would recommend introducing your baby to simple hand gestures and baby sign language. This can help babies communicate their needs and wants before they are able to fully speak. There are many online resources available for learning baby sign language, including videos and picture books.

I hope these ideas are helpful and good luck with your little one's language development!


Hi everyone!

I have a 9-month-old son and we've been trying to introduce different communication modes to him. We've found that board books are a great way to help develop his language skills. One particular book that he has really enjoyed is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Bill Martin Jr., which features colorful illustrations and repetitive sentence structure.

Another toy that has worked well for us is a set of jumbo crayons. As he becomes more interested in scribbling, we'll encourage him to use the crayons to make marks on a piece of paper and talk to him about the colors and shapes he is creating.

We've also found that involving our son in everyday chores and tasks is a great way to build communication skills. While we're doing laundry or cooking, for example, we'll narrate what we're doing and the items we are using, to encourage him to learn new words.

Additionally, we've been using baby sign language as a way to communicate with our little one before he can master spoken language. We use signs for "milk", "water", "more", "eat", and "all done", which has helped him to more effectively communicate his needs and wants.

I hope these tips help, and good luck with your own communication journey!


Hey there!

I completely understand your eagerness to introduce your child to different modes of communication. As a fellow mom, I can recommend some toys that have helped my own children.

One type of toy that has been really effective for both of my kids are simple board books containing bright images and simple words. Amazon has a great selection of these types of books and I found that reading them aloud to my children helped with their speech development tremendously.

Another toy that my children loved and benefited from are musical toys that play songs and nursery rhymes. My son had a plush puppy that played soothing lullabies that not only helped him sleep better, but also improved his listening and recognition skills. Fisher-Price has a great line of musical toys that are geared towards early communication development.

Lastly, I would recommend investing in some simple wooden blocks or stacking toys. These toys can help with fine motor skills and also help introduce your little one to basic concepts like size and shape.

I hope these suggestions help and congratulations on your new bundle of joy!


Hello all!

I have a 11-month-old baby who has really responded well to toys that foster interactive play. One toy that has been especially helpful in her communication development is the LeapFrog My Pal Scout toy. This toy helps with language acquisition by allowing you to customize the music and learning content to your baby's name and interests.

Another great toy is the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair. This interactive chair has different stages of learning to match the appropriate skills level of a growing baby. The chair is equipped with engaging songs, exciting sounds, and educational phrases to aid in communication development.

Along with musical toys, I find that sensory toys are also incredibly helpful. We have a few textured balls and books, which encourage her to touch and feel different textures, which has helped her verbal and cognitive development.

Lastly, daily conversation between parent and child can work wonders in developing communication skills. Even if your child is too young to respond, regular interactions of talking, cooing, and responding to your little one can aid in language and speech development.

I hope these suggestions are helpful to other parents out there, and I wish you the best of luck with your child's communication development journey!


Hi everyone!

As a new dad, I have found that introducing my son to different types of communication has been an important part of his early development. One toy that worked well for us was a set of "first words" flashcards. These cards featured pictures of everyday objects and provided a great opportunity to practice vocabulary and word recognition.

Another toy we loved was a baby-friendly telephone that played sounds, music, and phrases. As my son played with the phone, he learned that certain buttons made certain sounds, and he began to connect the sounds with specific objects and actions.

We also took advantage of everyday objects to teach communication skills. For example, when we went for a walk, we would point out different things we saw and talk about them. This helped our son develop his listening skills and learn new words.

Finally, we found that simply talking to our son and responding to his coos and babbles was the best way for him to learn. Even if he couldn't understand us fully, he still picked up on the patterns of communication and began to associate our words with specific actions and objects.

I hope these tips are helpful as you look for new ways to help your baby develop their communication skills!

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