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I want to teach my baby about different cultures, are there any toys that can help with that?

Hi everyone,

I am a new mom and I want to start teaching my baby about different cultures from a young age. I believe it's important for her to learn about the world and the diverse people in it. Are there any toys out there that can help me with this?

I want to make sure that the toys are age-appropriate and educational at the same time. It would be great if they could teach her about different languages, customs, and traditions from around the world. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Hello everyone,

I am glad to see so many parents interested in teaching their children about different cultures. As a parent of a young daughter who is half Indian and half American, I want to keep her connected to both her cultures.

One of our favorite toys is the Janod World Map Puzzle. It not only helps my daughter with her problem-solving skills, but it also helps her learn about the different countries in the world, their shapes, and their flags. We also like to match the puzzle piece to various cuisines from different regions.

In addition, we also enjoy attending various cultural events and festivals in the area. Participating in events such as Holi, Diwali, or Durga Puja helps my daughter understand the customs, traditions, and values of her Indian heritage.

Lastly, we also love listening to music from different countries and cultures. It's amazing how music transcends language barriers, and how it can evoke different emotions and sensations. We like to listen to traditional Indian classical music, American jazz, and various other genres from cultures all across the world.

I hope this helps other parents who are looking for ways to teach their children about diverse cultures. It's our responsibility as parents to expose our children to different customs, traditions, and lifestyles so that they grow up in a world that is accepting and welcoming of all cultures.


Hi there! As a parent who has also tried to teach my children about different cultures, I can recommend a few toys that my kids have enjoyed and learned from.

One of our favorites is the Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker. It's a wooden toy that teaches shapes and colors, but it also has different cultural designs on each piece. My kids have learned about patterns and designs from South Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Another great toy is the PlanToys Asian Doll Family. It comes with four dolls, each representing a different member of a family from Asia. It's a great way to teach kids about the different family structures and traditions in other cultures.

Lastly, I recommend the Little People World of Animals See 'n Say. It teaches kids about animals from around the world and the sounds they make. My kids also love practicing the different country names and accents that are included.

I hope this helps and that you find the perfect toy for your little one!


Hello to all the parents out there,

I think it's wonderful that we are all invested in teaching our children about different cultures. One of the toys that has been effective in teaching my children about diversity is the Fisher-Price Little People Travel Together Airplane Set.

The airplane set has a diverse group of passengers and comes with different luggage, including a camera, sunglasses, and a souvenir. It's a great way to introduce kids to different cultures and get them excited about traveling and experiencing new things.

We also love reading books by diverse authors and featuring diverse characters. It's important for children to see themselves and others from different backgrounds represented in the media they consume.

Lastly, we like to explore different areas of our city and try different foods from around the world. It's a great way to expose children to different flavors, textures, and dishes from different cultures.

I believe teaching our children about diversity and cultures is essential in creating a just and inclusive society.


Hello everyone,

I have found that using cultural and diverse baby books prove to be effective in teaching my children about different cultures. We have books that are about different countries, food, festivals, and traditions. They have helped my kids learn new words, phrases, and get exposed to different customs.

Some of our favorites include "All About Japan," "African Animals ABC," "Elmo's World: People in Your Neighborhood," and "The Colors of Us." Each one explores various themes while keeping my children engaged and teaching them about different cultures.

Moreover, we also like to watch movies in different languages and from different countries to expose our kids to the sights, sounds, and customs of other cultures. It helps them understand more about different ways of life.

It's great that parents are taking the initiative to teach their children about diversity and inclusion. Starting this process early on will help our children to see the beauty in diversity and embrace it with open arms.


I have recently purchased the "Around the World" wooden puzzle set for my toddler. It has 7 continent pieces, and each piece has animals and landmarks associated with that continent. We enjoy talking about animals that live in different continents, their characteristics and which landmarks are famous in different countries.

We also love watching videos from "Little People Big Dreams" book series that teach kids about different people who have made a significant impact in history in various fields and cultures. The series includes stories about remarkable people from diverse backgrounds.

It's great to teach kids about diversity and inclusion at a young age, so they grow up with an open mind and heart. Learning about different cultures helps in building empathy, and gives insight into different lifestyles, values, ethics, and traditions.

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