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I want to start reading to my baby, but I'm not sure what books to buy. Any suggestions?

Hello everyone,

I am a first-time parent and I am looking for recommendations on what books to buy to start reading to my baby. My baby is only a few months old and I want to start early to instill a love for reading in him/her. I am not sure where to start or what books would be suitable for a baby of this age. I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations from experienced parents or anyone who has had success introducing books to their babies. Thank you!

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Hey there,

Congratulations on starting the journey of reading to your baby. As a single dad with twins of 10 months old, I have tried different books with them. Some of the books that my twins seem to love the most include "Baby Touch and Feel Animals" and "Baby Einstein: See and Spy Shapes". The former book has different textures, while the latter teaches baby the name of shapes and basic shapes through colorful illustrations.

Another book that I highly recommend is "Where's Baby's Belly Button?" by Karen Katz. This book has flaps that babies can lift to find where each part of their body is located. This interactive book helps to keep my babies engaged and provides a great opportunity to teach them about different parts of their body.

Finally, reading to your baby is not only beneficial to the baby but also to you as a parent. It provides a chance to bond with your baby and creates a special time for the both of you. Choose books that you enjoy reading and those that you think your baby will also enjoy. This will make the reading experience enjoyable for both you and your little one.

I hope this helps, happy reading!


Hi there,

As a parent of a 9-month-old baby, I would recommend board books for infants like the "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle, and "Pat the Bunny" by Dorothy Kunhardt. These are all classic books that have been loved by generations of babies and are perfect for this age group.

I also recommend books with bright and bold colors and simple, repetitive text or rhymes. My baby loves books with bright illustrations and textures he can touch. He also loves books with animal sounds, so books like "Dear Zoo" and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" are also great options.

Lastly, I would suggest looking into baby books that are interactive or have lift-the-flap pages. The "Where's Spot?" series by Eric Hill is a favorite in our household. These books are engaging and keep my baby's attention for longer periods of time.

I hope these recommendations help you get started with reading to your baby. Remember, reading to your baby is not only a great way to bond but also sets the foundation for a lifelong love of reading.


Hello there,

Reading to your baby is a great way to start your little one on the path to literacy. As a mother with two young kids, I can suggest some books that my kids loved when they were infants.

Firstly, "The Runaway Bunny" by Margaret Wise Brown is a classic bedtime storybook with heartwarming illustrations. This is a sweet story about a little bunny who wants to run away, but his mother assures him of her love and tells him that she will always find him.

Secondly, "Ten Tiny Toes" by Caroline Jayne Church is a board book that celebrates each toe of a baby's feet. This book encourages your baby to wiggle his/her toes and it's a great way to introduce body parts to your baby.

Another book that stands out is "Peek-a-Who?" by Nina Laden that encourages babies to make noises like animals. This book is a fun way to make silly animal sounds and engage your baby's attention.

Finally, I suggest getting touch and feel books that allow babies to touch different textures and feel different surfaces. "That's Not My Giraffe" by Fiona Watt is a touch and feel board book that has different textures on every page.

Remember, reading books to your baby isn't just about language and literacy development - it's also about creating bonding time with your baby and establishing a positive relationship with books. Happy reading!


Good day everyone!

As a grandparent, I would highly recommend "Goodnight Gorilla" by Peggy Rathmann. This delightful storybook is a favorite among young children and is perfect for bedtime reading. It follows the adventures of a little gorilla who sneaks out of his cage after the zookeeper falls asleep and visits all the other animals' cages in the zoo.

Another book that I'd recommend for infants is "I Love You, Baby" by Claire Freedman. This is a heartwarming story that celebrates the love between a parent and baby told through simple and repetitive text. The bright and colorful illustrations in this book will keep your baby engaged while you read.

"Big Red Barn" by Margaret Wise Brown is another great option. The book follows the daily routine of a group of animals and is filled with charming illustrations. It's a perfect book to teach young children about different animal sounds, names, and daily activities.

Finally, I would suggest checking out books with music or sing-a-long books. Babies love books with rhymes, so books like "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" by Caroline Jayne Church are great options. These books will expose your baby to music and help improve their rhythm and language development.

In conclusion, reading to your baby is a wonderful way to bond and create memories with your little one. Introduce books with bright and colorful illustrations, different textures, and interactive features. Enjoy reading with your baby and watch his/her love for books grow!

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