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I want to encourage my baby's love for nature, what are some toys that can help with that?

Hey everyone,

My husband and I are huge nature enthusiasts and we want to instill the same love for nature in our 6-month-old baby. We take her on walks in the park and often go on hikes, but we're also looking for some toys that can help with that.

Do you have any suggestions for nature-inspired toys that are safe for babies to play with? We're thinking of things like sensory balls with different textures or maybe some sort of fabric book with pictures of animals and plants. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance.

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Hi there,

I can totally relate to your desire of encouraging nature love in your baby as it helps children to appreciate the beauty in the world from an early age. One of our favourite nature-inspired toys was a rainstick. It’s a long tube-shaped instrument that has small stones inside. When you tip it back and forth, it mimics the sound of falling rain. My son loved the sound and it was a fun way to introduce him to the sounds of nature.

Another toy that we found very useful were sets of stacking cups with different nature patterns on them, like flowers, leaves, and birds. They were great for stacking and knocking down, and it also helped my son with pattern recognition.

Lastly, we had a set of wooden puzzles that were shaped like different animals, such as an owl, a bear, and a fox. It was a great way to introduce him to different animals and their habitats.

Hope these suggestions help!


Hi there,

I completely understand your desire to encourage your baby's love for nature. I have a 9-month-old daughter and have been doing the same thing. One toy that my daughter loves is the Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile. It has high-contrast black and white graphics with pops of color that catch her attention. It features simple, bold images of animals and plants which grab my daughter's attention and she loves looking at them.

Another toy that she enjoys playing with is the Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy. It features classical music and colorful lights, which are great sensory experiences for babies. It's small and portable, so we can take it with us when we go for walks or outings.

We also have some plush toys that have a nature theme, such as a stuffed animal that looks like a hedgehog and another one that looks like a fox. My daughter enjoys holding onto them and feeling their different textures.

Hope this helps!



I love the idea of encouraging a love for nature in babies and young children. One toy that my daughter really enjoyed was a set of soft animal hand puppets that we got from our local toy store. We could make up stories and act them out together, and since the puppets were modeled after real animals, it was a subtle way to introduce her to different creatures.

Another great toy that we liked to use was simple, natural wood blocks that had different types of bark and leaves burned onto them. They were open-ended, so she could stack them, sort them, or build little structures with them while we talked about trees and plants.

Lastly, we found that our daughter enjoyed playing with a set of felted wool balls that were in different shades of green and brown. We would roll them around and pretend they were little mini planets or earths, or we would just toss them for her to roll after. It was a nice way to incorporate a feeling of playfulness into spending time outside.

Good luck, and have fun!


Hey there!

As a new mom, I totally get your concern about encouraging your baby's love for nature. When my daughter was around 6 months old, we got her a little wooden teether that was shaped like a leaf. She really enjoyed playing with it and chewing on it- I think the texture and the natural materials felt good on her gums.

Another toy that she liked was a soft book that we got from a local bookstore. It had pictures of different animals and plants and was really colorful. We could look through it together and talk about the different things we saw.

Also, we had a simple set of building blocks that were painted with patterns that looked like wood grain. We would stack them up and knock them down, and it felt like a little bit of an outdoorsy game to me.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful!

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