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How long can a baby safely sleep in a Co-Sleeper before transitioning to a traditional crib?

Hello everyone,

I am a new mom and have been using a co-sleeper since my baby was born. Now that my little one is getting older, I am wondering how long it is safe for him to sleep in the co-sleeper before transitioning to a traditional crib. I want to make sure that he is safe and comfortable during this transition, so any advice or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Hello everyone,

I used a co-sleeper for my first child for about four months before transitioning him to a traditional crib. We had a co-sleeper that could be attached to our bed and was adjustable in height. It allowed me to keep my baby close to me all night, which made it easy for me to feed him and attend to him during the night.

Around four months old, my baby became very active and started to roll over, which made me feel that it wasn't appropriate to share a sleeping space with him anymore. The co-sleeper did not provide enough space for him to move around. After some research, we transitioned him to a traditional crib placed in our bedroom.

Initially, it was a bit of a challenge for my baby to get used to sleeping in a new environment, but he quickly adjusted to the changes. Keeping the crib close to us also allowed me to attend quickly to him. Gradually, we started making daytime naps in his new bedroom, which also helped him get used to his crib.

To sum up, as your child grows and becomes more active, you'll need to consider transitioning them to a traditional crib that provides enough space to move around. Every baby is different, and it's essential to be flexible and be aware of your baby's needs during the process.


Hi there!

I had a similar question when my baby was younger. As per my pediatrician's suggestion, I allowed my baby to sleep in a co-sleeper for around 6 months before transitioning him to a crib. However, every baby is different, and it is essential to supervise them regularly while they sleep in a co-sleeper.

It's imperative to keep in mind that as your baby grows and becomes more active, the co-sleeper may not be as safe. So, when you see your baby rolling over or trying to climb up, it's time to move them to a traditional cot.

Also, you should ensure that the co-sleeper is a snug fit against your bed so that there are no gaps that your baby could slip into. Overall, transitioning from a co-sleeper to a crib is a personal choice based on your baby's development and your family's needs.

Hope this helps!


Hey there,

My baby slept in a co-sleeper for about 4 months before we transitioned her into a traditional crib starting from the day she started rolling over. She used to wiggle so much in her sleep that it made me uncomfortable, so we opted for the crib.

I found that the transition from the co-sleeper to the crib wasn't too difficult for her. It took a week or two for her to adjust to the space, but she got used to it pretty quickly. We made sure that her crib was close to our bed so that she still felt close to us and we could easily attend to her during the night.

However, every baby is different, and it is essential to keep an eye on your little one while sleeping in any type of bed to make sure they are safe and comfortable.

In summary, every family should do what works best for them. It's important to consider factors such as your baby's age, development, and sleep behavior. Ultimately, the transition will depend on your preference and your baby's needs.



As a father of two, I wanted to chime in on this thread. With my first child, we used a co-sleeper for the first three months before transitioning her to a crib in her room. She was a good sleeper and didn't fuss too much, so it was easy for us.

With our second baby, we used a co-sleeper for six months before making the transition to a crib. We found that the longer we used the co-sleeper, the more dependent our baby became on sleeping close to us, and it made the transition more difficult.

However, we did discover that a gradual transition from the co-sleeper to a separate crib worked best for our second child. We started by moving the co-sleeper across the room from our bed, and after a couple of nights, we moved it to the baby's room next to the crib. After a couple of weeks, we removed the co-sleeper entirely, and our baby slept peacefully in her own room.

Overall, every family's experience is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. In my experience, it's all about being patient, flexible, and attentive to your baby's needs.


Hello everyone,

I wanted to share my experience as a first-time mom who started with a traditional crib instead of a co-sleeper. My baby slept in her crib from day one, and I was a little worried about her being separated from me. We kept the crib as close to our bed as possible, and it worked out very well for us.

The disadvantage of starting with a traditional crib was that I had to get up and go to her room to feed her during the night, which disrupted my sleep. Also, I found it difficult to attend to her quickly when she needed me.

However, the advantage was that we didn't have to transition her to a crib later on, and she adapted well to sleeping in her crib from the beginning. She is now a little over a year old, and she sleeps peacefully in her crib through the night.

In conclusion, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as every family's situation and needs are different. It all comes down to what works best for you and your baby. Whether you choose a co-sleeper or a traditional crib, make sure it's a safe and comfortable sleeping space for your little one.


Hi there,

As a father of two, I can totally understand how important it is to ensure that your baby is safe while sleeping. With my first child, we used a co-sleeper for about six months. He had reflux, and it helped me keep him upright and me on the same level as him to give me peace of mind.

When he began rolling over, we knew it was time to move him to a traditional crib. Thankfully, the transition was smooth because we had already established a bedtime routine, and he was used to sleeping on his own.

With my second child, we went straight to the crib on the first day. We didn't use a co-sleeper because I always felt like it was too close for comfort, and I was afraid of accidentally smothering the baby. Our baby slept in a crib right beside our bed from the beginning, and it worked great for us.

In conclusion, every family and baby is different, so it's up to you to decide whether to use a co-sleeper or jump straight into a crib. The most important thing is making sure that your baby feels comfortable, safe, and secure. Always monitor your baby while they sleep, no matter where they are sleeping.


Hello everyone,

I am a mother of multiples, and I used a co-sleeper for my twins for around 10 months before they transitioned to separate cribs in their shared room. I found co-sleeping to be extremely helpful as it made it easier for me to attend to their needs during the middle of the night feedings.

After a few months, I started noticing that my babies were becoming fussy, and it was getting challenging to get them to sleep. At that point, I realized it was time to transition them to separate cribs to give them enough space to move around and sleep comfortably.

The transition went smoothly and took only a few weeks to get them settled and comfortable in their new beds. I made sure to put them in their own separate cribs side by side in their shared room so that they could see and hear each other.

Finally, if you decide to use a co-sleeper, make sure it is designed for your baby's age and weight and is placed on a stable surface to ensure their safety. Every baby is different, and you know what's best for your baby and family. So, do what works for you, and enjoy the bonding moments with your little one.

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