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How do you maintain a sense of identity outside of being a stay-at-home parent?

Hi everyone,

I am a stay-at-home parent with two young children. While I love spending time with them and caring for them, I sometimes feel like I have lost my own sense of identity outside of being a parent. I used to have hobbies and interests that I enjoyed, but now it feels like my entire life revolves around my children. I want to find a way to maintain a sense of who I am outside of being a parent.

Has anyone found ways to balance being a stay-at-home parent with maintaining their own personal identity? I would love to hear any tips or suggestions on how to do this. Thank you!

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As a stay-at-home parent myself, I understand how challenging it can be to maintain a sense of identity outside of parenting. Here are some strategies that have worked for me:

Firstly, I try to make sure that I am doing things that I am passionate about. For example, since I have a passion for cooking, I try to make sure that I am spending a significant amount of time in the kitchen. Meal planning, experimenting with new recipes, and cooking with my kids are all activities that I enjoy and make me feel good about myself.

Secondly, I think it is important to invest in personal development. For instance, I try to read books or attend classes that help me grow as a person beyond my duties as a parent. It can be in areas like finance, time management, relationship building, and so on. By investing in myself, I am able to maintain my own identity and also improve my parenting skills which is also a win for my kids.

Lastly, I try to find ways to connect with other stay-at-home parents. One way I do that is by engaging in online communities where other parents share their experiences and we can learn from each other. It is always comforting to know that I am not alone in this journey, and that other parents are going through the same struggles as I am.

In conclusion, being a stay-at-home parent is a fulfilling responsibility, but it can also take a toll on your sense of self. However, by investing in your interests, engaging in personal development, and connecting with other parents, it is possible to retain your identity beyond your role as a parent.


Hey there,

As a fellow stay-at-home parent of twin toddlers, I completely understand the struggle of trying to maintain a personal identity outside of parenting. However, I've found that there are several things that can make a difference.

One of the most crucial things is to make time for yourself regularly. This could include setting aside a specific time each week to pursue an interest, whether it's attending a yoga class or going for a walk alone. It can also mean asking for help from a family member, friend or spouse so you can spend some alone time occasionally.

Another way to cultivate a sense of self outside of parenting is to reach out to other parents. Joining a parenting group or social club can be a great way to connect with others who are experiencing similar challenges. This will help you build friendships outside of your family and children, and perhaps even lead you to discovering new hobbies and interests.

I also believe that it's important to remember that our identities can evolve over time. We don't necessarily have to cling to the same interests or passions we had before becoming parents. Discovering new hobbies or interests, can be an exciting way to redefine yourself.

Lastly, it's also essential to remind ourselves of the positive aspects of being a stay-at-home parent. While it can be a challenging role, it is also an honor to be able to spend this time with our children and contribute to their development. Remembering the importance of our role in our children's lives can give us a sense of pride and fulfillment.

I hope these tips are helpful to anyone experiencing similar struggles!


Hey there,

As a stay-at-home parent myself, I can completely understand what you are going through. Being a stay-at-home parent can sometimes lead to feeling like you've lost your own identity. However, there are ways that you can maintain your sense of self while still being an excellent parent to your child.

Firstly, I try and make sure that I set aside some time every day to do something for myself. For example, take a walk around the neighborhood, indulge in some painting, journaling or reading. I find that setting aside some me-time every day helps me reconnect with myself and have a sense of self outside of being a parent.

Secondly, I also try to stay connected with like-minded people who share my interests. This could be in the form of online forums or social groups, or even attending events for people with similar passions. By interacting with such people, I have found some great companionship and we get to learn a lot from each other, sometimes even outside of our specific interests.

Lastly, I would also advise learning where to draw boundaries. It's important to realize that there's nothing wrong with devoting your time to your children, and it's not bad for your own well-being to prioritize yourself every now and then. Make sure that you don't get burnt out by being everything for everyone, learn to say "no" to unwanted invites and learn to delegate responsibilities where possible. Knowing when and how to take a break is crucial for maintaining a sense of identity beyond the role of parent.

I hope my experience helps you find ways to cultivate and maintain your own identity. Cheers!


Hey there,

As a stay-at-home parent of three children, I can definitely relate to what you're going through. It's easy to get caught up in the routine of taking care of our kids and forget about our own needs and interests.

One thing that has worked for me is scheduling some "me time" into my day. Whether it's waking up early to enjoy a cup of coffee and read a book, or taking a fitness class during my kids' nap time, finding time for yourself is important for maintaining your own identity.

I've also found that pursuing hobbies together with my children can be a great way to bond and feel like I'm still pursuing my own interests. For example, I enjoy painting and now have a lot of fun painting with my kids. It's something we can all enjoy together, but also helps me maintain my own identity as an artist.

Finally, I make sure to stay in touch with friends and family outside of my parenting role. Whether it's scheduling regular phone calls or getting together for a night out, having relationships with people who know me outside of being a parent helps me feel like I'm still my own person.

I hope these tips help, and good luck to you in finding ways to maintain your own sense of identity!


Hello everyone,

As a stay-at-home parent, I completely empathize with the struggles of forging an identity outside of your parenting role. It can feel like there's no end to the diaper changes, meal prep and tantrums. However, I've discovered that finding fulfillment in pursuits outside of parenting can help alleviate this feeling.

One approach that has worked for me is to treat parenting like a job that ends eventually. This means that while my children are my top priority, I still carve out some time to do things that enrich my life. For example, I ensure that my mornings are structured in a way that I have time to read before the day begins, and during nap times while my child is sleeping, I take advantage of the quiet to write, paint, or do something that interests me.

Another approach is to use the opportunity of being home all day to pursue new hobbies or interests with your children. You can try cooking, gardening, or even arts & crafts together – all of these activities can be shared and enjoyed by both adults and children. Not only does this help me develop new skills, but it also creates some fun memories with my kids.

Finally, taking care of yourself mentally and physically is essential for maintaining a sense of self-worth. This means getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and engaging in activities that restore your energy, such as meditation, yoga, or getting into nature for some fresh air.

In summary, finding your sense of identity as a stay-at-home parent can be challenging, but prioritizing your needs alongside your children can help keep you grounded and fulfilled. I hope these suggestions help you find the balance you need.



As a stay-at-home parent of two kids, I can certainly sympathize with the loss of personal identity that can sometimes occur in this role. However, I have found that pursuing different interests and hobbies is key to maintaining a sense of self when most of your time goes to taking care of your children.

One thing that works for me is pursuing my interests while my children are doing something else. For example, if my toddler is playing with toys on his own, I take that as an opportunity to do some reading or catch up with a friend over the phone. This way, I am still able to do things that interest me while keeping an eye on my kids.

Additionally, I have found that engaging with other adults in a non-parenting capacity is helpful in maintaining my own identity. I have made it a priority to have regular coffee dates with friends or attend a local book club. This way, I am not only building relationships outside of my family, but I'm also pursuing things that I enjoy doing.

Finally, I believe it's essential for parents to find ways to enhance their mental and physical wellbeing. This includes practices like meditation, exercise, and mindfulness. By focusing on your own wellbeing and personal growth, you will be better equipped to handle the challenges of parenting while still maintaining a sense of identity.

I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck in finding ways to cultivate your own unique identity as a stay-at-home parent.


Hello everyone!

As a stay-at-home parent of two young children, I can relate to the difficulty of maintaining a sense of identity outside of parenting. However, I have found that there are several ways to balance the two.

One of the things that has helped me is to find activities that can involve my children while still being enjoyable for myself. For example, I've started gardening with my kids, which has been a great way to get outside and engage in a hobby I love while still spending time with my children.

Another way I've maintained my sense of self outside of parenting has been through self-exploration. This can include journaling, meditation, or simply allowing yourself time to think about your personal interests and goals outside of parenting. Being mindful of your own needs and desires can help you stay connected to yourself and your unique identity.

Finally, I've found that it's essential to make time for connections with others outside of parenting. This could be socializing with friends or taking classes in a topic you are passionate about. By connecting with others who share your interests, you can feel more inspired to pursue your own goals and develop a strong sense of identity outside of parenting.

In conclusion, staying true to yourself as a stay-at-home parent can be a challenge, but it is worth the effort to find and maintain an identity that encompasses both the joys of parenting and your unique passions and interests. I hope that these tips are helpful to anyone struggling with finding balance in their role as a stay-at-home parent.


Hi there,

As a stay-at-home parent of three children, I completely understand the struggle of losing one's sense of identity while taking care of your kids. However, after a lot of trial and error, I have found a few practices that have rekindled that sense of self.

One of my favorite things to do is to participate in activities that are centered around my personal interests, even if I have to include my children. For example, I enjoy taking long walks or bike rides, and now I include my kids alongside me. We make it a family activity where they're in a wagon or kid's bike, and I have a trailer to carry along any additional necessities. I still get to enjoy my interest, but also create an activity for our family.

Additionally, I have become more intentional with my downtime after my kids go to bed. Instead of sitting down in front of the TV, I read books, plan out hobbies, and sometimes complete online courses on topics that are of interest to me. It is good to remember that while being a parent is our primary responsibility, it is not our only responsibility.

Lastly, finding a support group or other stay-at-home parents can be incredibly helpful. Whether you join an online community or attend local playgroups or mom support groups, having others to discuss experiences with can make a world of difference.

In conclusion, maintaining a sense of identity as a stay-at-home parent is crucial to our well-being, and it's essential that we look for and commit to activities that give us joy while being with our children. I hope these practical tips prove helpful.

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