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How do I manage my toddler's behavior in public places?

Hello everyone,

I am a mother of a 2-year-old toddler and I have been experiencing some difficulties while taking her to public places like malls, restaurants, and grocery stores. She tends to throw tantrums, gets too fascinated with things around her, and doesn't listen to me. These behaviors have made it difficult for me to manage her and at times it becomes embarrassing too.

I would like to ask for some advice on how to manage my toddler's behavior in public places. What are some techniques that I can use or games that I can play with her to keep her engaged? I am open to any suggestions that can make our outings more enjoyable and stress-free. Thank you in advance.

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Hi there!

I had the same problem with my 3-year-old son, he would refuse to hold my hand and would run off on his own in public places, making it impossible for me to keep track of him. But, I discovered that singing songs, telling stories or playing "I spy" games would keep him engaged and attentive to me. Also, I always make sure to pack snacks like crackers or fruits for him, this way he doesn't get too hungry and cranky.

Another tip that worked for me was setting boundaries and expectations beforehand. I tell my son that we are going to the store to buy specific things and that I need him to stay close to me. I also allow him to make choices like which toy to bring or which snack he wants, this way he feels more involved in the process and is motivated to behave.

Hope these tips help, and good luck to you!


Hi there,

I have a 2-year-old son who is very curious and easily distracted, especially in public places. One technique that I found useful is to plan our outings around his schedule, so that we go when he is most rested and has had a good meal. This way, he is less likely to act out due to hunger or tiredness.

Another tip that worked for me was to let my son explore within a safe radius. I would give him boundaries or rules on how far he can go or what he can touch, but still letting him explore and satisfy his curiosity. For example, at the park, I would let him play freely within my sight, but also instruct him to stay within the children's play area.

I also found that bringing snacks or small toys that he enjoys, can serve as a distraction when he gets antsy or bored. I would also ask him questions about what he sees and hears around him, which seems to hold his attention and keep him focused.

Lastly, patience and positive reinforcement can never be understated. When my son behaves appropriately, I would praise and reward him with a pat on the back or a small treat.

I hope these tips help you manage your toddler's behavior in public places. Good luck!


Hi, there!

My wife and I have a 4-year-old who used to throw tantrums in public too. It could be frustrating, but we found that giving her positive attention and praise for good behavior helped to curb her acting out. For example, when she was quiet and well-behaved, we would tell her how proud we were of her, and even reward her with a small treat like a sticker or a piece of chocolate.

Additionally, one thing that really worked for us was to give our daughter specific, age-appropriate tasks to do when we're out running errands or doing grocery shopping. Like carrying a small basket or bag, or helping us pick out fruits and vegetables. This helped her to feel more responsible and engaged in the process.

Finally, we always bring along a couple of her favorite toys or books with us just in case she starts to get bored or restless. If all else fails, we're not afraid to cut our outing short, and head back home if we feel like our daughter is approaching a meltdown.

I hope our experience can help you navigate your outings with your toddler. Best of luck!


Hello there,

I have had similar struggles with my niece, who is very curious and gets distracted easily. I always try to involve her in the activities we are doing, and make them fun and interactive. For example, when we go grocery shopping, I would ask her to help me find certain items, and we would play a little game of hunting down those things together. During meals at restaurants, I would ask her what she would like to eat, and let her help me decide which dishes to order.

Another thing that worked for me was setting boundaries and expectations, as well as being consistent with discipline. Consistency in discipline is key to getting your toddler to understand that certain behaviors are unacceptable. We would explain to my niece what is expected of her, and why certain behaviors are unacceptable. If she misbehaves, I would give her one warning, and then follow through on the consequences if she did not comply.

Lastly, it's important to be patient and not to give up too soon. Toddlers will be toddlers and will test boundaries, but with patience and persistence, we can eventually get them to understand our expectations and behave appropriately.

Hope my experience can be of help to you!


Hello everyone,

I have a 3-year-old granddaughter who tends to get bored easily in public places like malls and grocery stores. I discovered that using visual aids can help to keep her occupied, such as letting her watch videos on my phone or tablet, or giving her a simple coloring book and some crayons to keep her entertained.

Another technique that worked for me was to try to make these outings a bit of a game. For example, we would make up our own scavenger hunt, looking for certain items or colors, which helped to keep her engaged and focused.

Lastly, I personally found that it's important to have patience and understanding. Toddlers can be unpredictable with their moods and behaviors, and as a grandparent, I have found it helpful to be flexible and understanding when my granddaughter is not behaving the way I would like her to. Remember, these children are still learning and developing, and we need to give them leeway and flexibility to grow and learn.

I hope my experience can be of help to some of you. Good luck and happy outings with your toddlers!

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