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How do I know if my child is ready for kindergarten?

Hi all,

My son is turning five soon and I'm not sure if he's ready for kindergarten. He's my first child and I'm not sure what to look for to determine if he's ready or not. He's a bright kid and knows his letters and some numbers, but he's still very shy and tends to be reserved around new people. I don't want to send him to school if he's not ready, but I also don't want to hold him back if he is ready. Any advice or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Hi there,

I had the same concerns as you did when my daughter was about to turn five. Like your son, she knew her letters and some numbers but was still quite shy around new people. We decided to enroll her in a preschool program that had a kindergarten readiness component. The program helped her develop social, emotional, and academic skills that are necessary for kindergarten. After completing the program, we felt much more confident that she was ready for school. My advice would be to look into similar programs in your area and see if that would be a good option for your son. Good luck!



I have been through your exact situation so I can totally relate. My son, at age five, was a mixed bag of emotions. He was bright but incredibly impulsive and found it hard to contain himself. He was also very hyperactive which made it tough for him to sit still for long. It made us wonder if he was really mature enough for kindergarten, considering his energy levels. However, we decided to visit the kindergarten to see if they had any specific expectations. During the visit, we spoke with the teacher and a few other faculty members who reassured us that our son's behavior was typical for his age group. They also suggested a few tips and techniques to help maintain his focus and be more disciplined. Thus, based on my experience, I suggest you could also call upon the school to give you clarity regarding your child's preparedness. Best of luck!


Hello there!

When my son was about to turn five, I too faced the same question that you are asking right now. He's a fun-loving, curious kid and knows his numbers and letters. He wasn't really great at sitting still, well, not for too long, anyways. We noticed that he was easily distracted, and started to worry if he would be able to hold his focus during class. My partner and I spoke to his preschool teacher, who recommended we look into occupational therapy to help with some sensory processing challenges he had. It really helped him improve his attention span, focus and self-control. Therefore, based on my experience, I suggest you talk to his teacher and see if they might have any recommendations. Good luck!


Hello everyone,

When it came to my daughter starting kindergarten, I was a bit apprehensive too. Although she was overall quite confident with herself and making friends, she would struggle to express herself when she got upset. Anxiety was also a topic of concern: she had a few nightmares and was a bit clingy. So, to help our daughter be prepared to start school, we talked to her doctor and started her up on a few sessions with a child therapist. The exercises and techniques she learned helped her cope with her emotions and communicate better. The therapist also helped us as parents better understand and support her needs so she felt comfortable and confident among her peers. Therefore, based on my experience, I suggest you may want to consider talking to your pediatrician or a child psychologist - they may be able to provide you with additional advice. Good luck!

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