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How do I handle my toddler's resistance to taking a bath or getting their hair washed?

Hey everyone,

I have a 3-year-old toddler who absolutely hates taking baths or getting their hair washed. It's always a struggle to get them to cooperate and it ends up being a stressful experience for both of us. I've tried different methods such as distraction, rewards, and even reducing the frequency of baths, but nothing seems to work. I'm afraid that this might lead to hygiene issues in the long run.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to handle a resistant toddler during bath time, especially when it comes to shampooing their hair? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey, I was struggling with the same issue with my toddler a while back. But I switched up my approach, and it worked wonders for us.

First, we stopped calling it "bath time," and started calling it "splash party!" It made it sound like more of a fun activity to look forward to.

I also tried to make it a sensory experience by playing with bath bombs or colorful bath drops that turned the water into different colors. It was like we were discovering a new world each time we splashed!

Lastly, as soon as my toddler entered the bathroom, I would initiate a mini story time. We would read a favorite story together while sitting in the tub. It made it more of a bonding experience and signaled that bath was the start of a relaxing time before bed.

I hope these tips work out for you and your little one!


Hey there, I went through the same problem with my toddler a few years ago. I tried various strategies and found that a few things helped.

One thing that worked was making bath time predictable. We always had bath time at the same time, so it was part of our routine. This helped their anticipation, so they knew when bath time was coming up.

Having a few favorite toys that were saved specifically for bath time also helped. After a few failed attempts where the toys ended up distracting them, I found something that piqued their interest while also keeping them focused on the task at hand.

Lastly, I tried making showers the norm instead of baths. This was more comfortable for me, but it also helped them see it as a regular part of life. I think that's something that helped us in the long term.

Hopefully, those tips prove useful to you as well!


Hey, I completely understand where you're coming from. My 4-year-old used to hate taking baths and getting their hair washed too. One thing that worked for us was involving them in the process. I let my child pick out their own bath toys, a special towel, and even allowed them to choose which shampoo to use. It made them feel more in control and excited about bath time.

Another thing that worked for us was making it into a fun activity. We created a bubble bath and sang silly songs together while washing their hair. I also tried to make the experience more sensory by adding different textures like bath salts or soft washcloths.

Lastly, we made sure to have a consistent routine and schedule for bath time. Having a set time for bath and bedtime helped them understand that it was a necessary part of their day. I hope these tips help you and your little one have a more enjoyable bath time experience!


Hello! I, too, had a lot of issues trying to get my toddler to bathe without resistance. Finally, we came up with some tips that made bath time a lot more enjoyable.

Firstly, we started giving our toddler a warning that bath time was coming up, so that they could get mentally prepared. "10 minutes until bath time!" This technique proved very helpful and our child became ready for their bath.

We also played soft, soothing music while they were in the tub, which helped to relax them. We found that it made them associate bath with being calm and relaxed.

Additionally, we focused on making the actual process enjoyable for them. We allowed them to help select their toys or choose which bath bubbles and shampoo to use. It's amazing how much of a difference involving them in the process made.

I hope this helps you in your struggle too!


Hi, I wanted to share something that has been helpful to me for combating the same situation with my toddler.

I started to let them take control of the situation. Instead of me trying to force them to get in the bath, I started by asking them if they want to take a bath. It gave them some independence and sometimes made them do it without fuss.

Next, we started playing games in the bath. One of my toddler's favorite games is "I Spy." It gives bath time a fun and exciting element, and it distracts from the actual washing process.

Lastly, we made getting dried off a fun game, too. I would have them flap their arms like a bird while I dried elated the water off their body. It made them laugh, and made getting dry less of a chore.

I hope this helps you!


Hi everyone, I have a different approach that helped me when it came to bath time with my toddler.

I realized that the bath was too big and overwhelming for my child, so I switched it up by using a small plastic basin. I filled the basin up with warm water, and it became more manageable for my toddler to handle. This helped them enjoy the water more and felt less like having the entire bathroom to themselves was daunting.

Getting them involved in the process worked too. They got to choose their shallow basin and opted for a few animal toys to keep them company in the basin. It almost became like a little animal pool party with bubbles.

Lastly, I let my child take the lead in the bath so they could decide when it's time to come out. We would save a few minutes before our bath time is over so they could play with bubbles and have fun. It helped them to be more open and receptive to the idea of taking a bath and having to get their hair washed.

Hope this tip helps you!


Hi there! I also found myself in the same situation and could relate to the struggle that you're experiencing with your toddler during bath time.

I found that giving my child an incentive to take a bath worked wonders. Sometimes, if they took a bath without drama two or three nights in a row, I gave them an extra 10 or 15 minutes of playtime before bed as a reward.

Another tactic that worked was making bath time into playtime. For example, playing with bubbles or water toys can make taking a bath more enjoyable for a toddler. It can quickly turn into a fun game that they improve at as they become more comfortable in the water.

Lastly, I made bath time stories. I would ask them to close their eyes while I made up funny stories about under-the-sea adventures. This helped to take their mind off of the shampooing or soap process and allowed them to ease into the process.

I hope these tips are helpful for you in some way!


Hi, I also had a similar problem with my toddler. It was such a struggle to get them to take a bath and rinse their hair properly. One thing that I found helpful was to make shower time a bonding experience instead of a chore. I would take a shower with my toddler as it made them feel like we were sharing the experience.

I also found out that using a tear-free shampoo worked wonders as my toddler was always scared of getting soap in their eyes. We made funny faces while I shampooed their hair, and that distracted them from the shampooing process.

Lastly, I found that rewarding good behavior during the process helped. Once they finished showering without any fuss, we would watch a cartoon or read a favorite book. A reward chart is also a great idea to track progress, and toddlers love seeing their progress visually.

I hope sharing my experience helps you and your little one. Good luck!

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