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How do I get my partner or other caregivers involved in babywearing?

Hi everyone,

I'm a new mom who is absolutely loving babywearing. However, my partner and other caregivers seem hesitant to try it out themselves. I think it would be great for them to be able to bond with our baby and have hands-free time while still being able to carry them around.

Do any of you have any tips or suggestions for how I can encourage my partner and other caregivers to give babywearing a try? Are there any particular carriers or wraps that are more beginner-friendly? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Hey there!

In my case, I had to find a carrier that both my partner and I could use comfortably. We ended up getting a stretchy wrap that was easy to adjust and made of soft material. This helped us both feel more confident when using it.

What worked for me in getting my partner involved was allowing him to pick out his own carrier. I let him do the research and choose one that he felt excited about using. This made him feel more invested in the process and gave him more motivation to use it with our baby.

Another factor that helped us was practicing together. We would take turns putting the carrier on and trying different positions until we found something that worked for both of us. This helped us feel more comfortable and confident when using it with our baby.

Finally, I found that positive reinforcement was really effective. Whenever my partner would use the carrier, I would express how proud I was of him and how happy it made me to see him bonding with our baby. This encouragement made him more likely to continue using it.

Overall, I would say that finding a carrier that both you and your partner are comfortable with, practicing together, and offering positive reinforcement can all be great ways to get your partner involved in babywearing. Good luck!



When it came to getting my partner involved in babywearing, I found that the best approach was to lead by example. I wore our baby in a carrier often, and my partner gradually began to see how it made our lives easier and allowed us to bond with our little one.

One thing that helped him feel more comfortable was to allow him to choose the activities that we did while babywearing. We started with short walks around the neighborhood, but eventually worked up to longer hikes and other outdoor activities that he enjoyed.

Another helpful tip was to invite him to participate in the process of choosing a carrier. We researched together, tried on different carriers, and discussed the pros and cons of each one. This helped him feel invested in the process and more likely to use the carrier.

I also made sure to provide positive feedback and support whenever he used the carrier. Letting him know how much I appreciated his help and how much our baby enjoyed spending time with him in the carrier helped him feel more confident in his babywearing abilities.

Lastly, it was important to respect his boundaries and preferences. If he wasn't in the mood to use the carrier, I didn't push the issue. I found that giving him space and time to come around on his own made him more likely to engage in babywearing in the long run.

Overall, leading by example, allowing him to choose activities and carriers, providing positive feedback, and respecting his boundaries all played a big role in getting my partner involved in babywearing.


Hi there,

When it came to getting my partner involved in babywearing, I found that demonstrating the benefits and showing him how to use the carrier worked well.

I did this by first explaining how babywearing could not only help him bond with our baby, but also provide a sense of closeness and comfort to our little one. Next, I showed him how to use the carrier, making sure to demonstrate all safety precautions.

At first, my partner was hesitant and nervous, but I remained positive and supportive throughout the process. I helped him adjust the carrier and made sure he was comfortable with the position of the baby before he took our little one for a ride.

Once he was comfortable with the carrier and had a positive experience with it, he became more open to using it in various situations. We began to take our baby on outdoor walks, trips to the store, and other activities together utilizing the carrier.

I also found it helpful to get him involved in the decision making process by asking for his opinion on the types of carriers available and which ones he thought would be the most comfortable to wear. This helped him feel more involved and empowered in the process.

Overall, it took time and patience to get my partner involved in babywearing, but by breaking it down into simple steps and remaining supportive, he eventually became comfortable and confident in using the carrier.


Hello there,

What worked well for me in getting my partner involved in babywearing was to start by practicing with a doll or teddy bear to familiarize ourselves with using the carrier. This took away the pressure of practicing with a real baby and helped us both feel more comfortable with the process.

Next, we tried different carriers until we found one that we both felt comfortable using. We went with a soft-structured carrier which had adjustable straps and offered good support for the baby’s neck and back.

Another thing that helped to get my partner involved was to allow him to customize the carrier to his liking. We bought a carrier cover that he liked, and we even made a custom strap cover with his favorite team’s logo on it. This made him feel more involved in the process and proud to use the carrier.

Lastly, I found that emphasizing the benefits of babywearing and how it helped us bond with our baby was key. I also highlighted how it made carrying the baby easier and allowed us more freedom to move around.

Overall, taking it slow and practicing together, trying different carriers, customizing the carrier to his liking, and emphasizing the benefits were all factors that helped my partner get involved in babywearing.


Hi there!

As a new mom myself, I had the same issue with my partner being hesitant to try babywearing. What worked for us was finding a carrier that he felt comfortable using. We ended up getting a structured carrier with buckles and straps instead of a wrap, which he found a bit intimidating at first.

I also found it helpful to talk to him about the benefits of babywearing - how it can soothe a fussy baby, allow for hands-free time to do other things, and foster a deeper bond. Once he understood how it could benefit our family, he was more willing to give it a try.

Another helpful approach was to let him watch me put the carrier on a few times before he tried it himself. He was able to see how I adjusted the straps and clips, which made him feel more confident when it was his turn to try.

Overall, I think it's important to be patient and understanding. It's okay if they don't take to it right away, but with a bit of encouragement and support, they may just come around. I hope this helps!



One approach that worked for me was to highlight the different types of carriers available and let my partner choose which one he would prefer to use. He ended up choosing a soft-structured carrier that had a lot of padding and support, which made him feel more comfortable when wearing our baby.

Another helpful tip was to let him practice putting the carrier on and adjusting it by himself. I found that this helped him gain confidence in using it and he was less hesitant to try it out when we were out and about.

Additionally, we made sure to set realistic expectations of how long he would wear the carrier. Starting with shorter intervals gave him a chance to get used to the carrier and gradually build up to longer usage periods.

Lastly, I found that involving him in babywearing activities like going for walks or running errands together helped him see the benefits of having a carrier. He was able to experience firsthand how easy and efficient it was to wear the baby while doing other tasks.

Overall, it really helped to take a collaborative approach with my partner when it came to babywearing. By allowing him to choose the carrier and letting him practice on his own, he became more interested and confident in using it.


Hi there,

One approach that worked for me in getting my partner to use a baby carrier was to find one that he was comfortable with. We tried different types of carriers until we found one that he felt secure and comfortable in.

Another thing that helped was to use the carrier together. We started by wearing the carrier around the house or during short walks, and gradually worked up to longer periods of time.

I found it particularly beneficial to discuss the practical benefits of babywearing. For example, I showed my partner how it freed up my hands to do household chores or work from home, while still being able to keep our baby close and comfortable.

Additionally, I found that allowing my partner to have some privacy while using the carrier was helpful. He was initially anxious about using the carrier in public, but I gave him space and privacy to get comfortable with it on his own terms.

Lastly, I found that involving grandparents and other caregivers was also helpful in getting them to use the carrier. We showed them how to use the carrier and discussed the benefits, which gave them the confidence to use it themselves.

In summary, finding the right type of carrier, using it together, discussing practical benefits, providing privacy, and involving other caregivers can all be helpful in getting partners and caregivers to use a baby carrier.


Hello there,

What worked great for me in getting my partner involved in babywearing was to show him some educational videos about the benefits of babywearing. It helped him understand how the baby carrier distributes the baby's weight evenly and reduces strain on the back, and how it can improve the baby's mood by keeping them close to their caregivers.

After showing him the videos, I asked him if he wanted to give babywearing a try with me. He was hesitant at first, but I encouraged him to try using the carrier with supervision so that he can feel more comfortable with it.

Once he got the hang of it, he was more than happy to have some hands-free time while bonding with the baby. He could do different activities without worrying about holding the baby constantly, and this helped him feel more involved with the baby.

Lastly, I found that getting my partner to wear the carrier during short tasks, like grocery shopping or taking a walk around the neighborhood, was a great way to ease him into using it more often. Once he saw how the carrier can make an ordinary task more comfortable and easy, he was more willing to use it for longer periods of time.

In summary, educating your partner about the benefits of babywearing, easing them into it with supervision, and trying short tasks together can all be great ways to encourage them to get involved in babywearing. Good luck!

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