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How can I tell if my toddler is ready to transition from diapers to underwear during potty training?

Hi everyone,

My daughter is 2.5 years old and we've been trying to potty train her for the past few weeks. She's been showing some interest in the potty and has even peed a few times in it, but mostly she still uses her diapers. I'm wondering how I can tell if she's ready to transition from diapers to underwear during potty training. Are there any signs or indicators that I should be looking for? I don't want to rush her, but I also don't want to wait too long and miss the window of opportunity for successful potty training. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hello, as a mother of two, I'd like to give my personal perspective on whether a toddler is ready to transition from diapers to underwear during potty training. In my experience, there were two key indicators that my children were ready to make the transition. The first was that they showed a genuine interest in going to the potty and wanted to sit on it independently. The second was that they demonstrated an ability to hold their bladder for longer periods of time.

For both of my children, I noticed that they would start telling me when they had to go to the bathroom, and sometimes, they would even head towards the bathroom on their own. This was a clear signal that they were aware of their bodily functions and understood that the potty was where they needed to go. I found that this interest and willingness to engage with the process of using the potty was a good indication that they were ready to transition from diapers to underwear.

Additionally, I kept a close eye on how they were using their diapers. When I noticed that they were staying dry for longer stretches of time, this signaled to me that their bladder control was improving, and they were gaining more control over their bodily functions.

Ultimately, transitioning from diapers to underwear is a personal decision that should be based on observing the readiness and interest of your toddler. Using this as a guide, you can tailor your approach to potty training to meet the unique needs of your child.


Hey there,

As a mom who has gone through potty training with my child, I found that recognizing the readiness for transitioning from diapers to underwear was a process of trial and error. My daughter was showing no signs of interest in the potty until I started talking to her about it and letting her explore some potty books.

Once she started showing more interest in the potty, I started paying more attention to when she went to the bathroom, how she looked when she was starting to need to go, and so on. Eventually, she started telling me when she had to go and when she had peed. She didn't really have much control over her bladder, so we needed to be patient.

We also used a potty sticker chart to encourage her to use the potty. We would give her stickers for using the potty, and she enjoyed making a sticker picture with her efforts. In terms of switching to underwear, we waited until she started using the potty consistently for a few weeks.

When it came time to switch to underwear, we let her pick out her own so she felt like she had some ownership over the process. It took a few accidents before she got used to the sensation of wearing underwear and taking it off to use the potty. We applied a lot of patience and reinforcement for good behavior, and overall, she did really great.

Overall, I believe that each child's readiness to transition from diapers to underwear is different and more importantly, when they are comfortable with the idea, the transition becomes smoother, less frustrating, and more successful.


Hi, as a parent who recently went through potty training with my toddler, I can share my experience on this topic. From my observation, I noticed that my child was ready to transition from diapers to underwear when she started telling me about her diaper being wet and asking for a change. Also, when she expressed interest in using the potty more frequently and seemed aware of when she has to use it, I knew it was time to try underwear.

Another sign that my child was ready to transition was when there were longer periods of time when she kept her diaper dry. In other words, she was holding her pee for longer periods of time. Moreover, she would express excitement and pride when she successfully used the potty, which also showed her willingness to take on a new challenge.

However, it's important to note that every child is different and there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to potty training. So, it's important to be patient with your child and take things at their own pace. Good luck with your potty training journey!



As a father of two, I've had personal experience with transitioning my kids from diapers to underwear during potty training. I found that recognizing their readiness involved paying attention to not only their physical cues but also their emotional cues.

For instance, when my daughter was ready, she would often pause in play and stand stiffly with a look of concentration on her face, indicating that she was about to go. She would also ask for help in removing her diaper soon after, and that's when we started placing her on the potty more frequently.

Another important factor to consider for me was her emotional readiness. I wanted her to feel confident and motivated to learn how to use the potty, rather than associating the experience with shame or negativity. We would praise her often for even the most minor progress and never scold her for accidents. That said, I needed to exercise patience, as the journey from potty training to total reliance on underwear took some time.

The transition to underwear itself was incremental for both my kids; we started with just an hour or two of underwear, gradually working up to longer periods of time. As the days went by, we would try to encourage them to use the potty more often and offering positive feedback.

In all, recognizing readiness for a transition from diapers to underwear during potty training involved being vigilant, patient, and positive in our approach. It worked for us and helped us raise kids who transitioned smoothly and confidently to underwear usage.

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