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How can I teach my child to be safe during bath time?

Hi everyone,

I am a new mom and I have a three-year-old son who loves to take a bath. However, I am always concerned about his safety during bath time. I have heard a lot of horror stories about accidents that can happen in the bathtub, and it scares me. I want to ensure that my son is safe and happy during his bath time.

Can anyone provide me with tips or advice on how to teach my child to be safe during bath time? Are there any products that can aid in safety, such as bath mats or non-slip stickers? Additionally, what are some good rules to establish for bath time to make it safe and enjoyable for my child?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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As a mother of two young children, I completely understand your concerns about bath time safety. Here are some tips that have worked for me:

1. Always supervise your child during bath time. It can be tempting to quickly step away to grab a towel or soap, but accidents can happen in an instant.

2. Use a bath mat or non-slip stickers to prevent slips and falls in the bathtub. I found that adding both a mat and stickers provided extra peace of mind and made the tub less slippery.

3. Make sure the water temperature is at a safe level. I always test the water with my elbow before letting my children get in the tub to make sure it's not too hot or cold.

4. Do not leave any sharp objects, such as razors or scissors, in the bathroom during bath time. These items can be dangerous if your child gets ahold of them.

5. Use bath toys that are age-appropriate and safe. There are many toys specifically designed for use in the bathtub that are non-toxic and free of any small parts that could pose a choking hazard.

6. Lastly, establish rules with your child about what is safe and what is not during bath time. For example, no standing up in the tub or no splashing excessively. This will help them understand the importance of safety and make bath time more enjoyable for everyone.

I hope these tips help and make you feel more confident during bath time with your little one.



As a father of a three-year-old daughter, we have established some simple yet effective steps to ensure bath time safety. First, I always check the temperature of the water before my daughter gets into the bathtub. We use a thermometer to ensure that the water is not too hot or cold.

Second, to ensure that she doesn't slip or fall, we use a non-slip mat on the bottom of the tub. It has suction cups that help hold it in place and prevent it from slipping. It is essential to make sure the mat covers most of the tub floor to prevent any chance of accidents.

Third, we've established a rule that she should never go near the drain. It's essential to convey that the drain can be dangerous and that they should avoid playing with it.

Fourth, we use bath toys to make bath time fun for her, but we make sure to use age-appropriate toys that do not have any small pieces or can't fit in her mouth. We also avoid toys with sharp edges or have rough surfaces that could hurt her fingers.

Lastly, it is vital to never leave your child unattended during bath time, not even for a minute. Even if you need to step out to grab a towel or soap, it is better to take the child with you or wait until you can entirely focus on them.

These tips helped us establish a safe and enjoyable routine for my daughter during bath time.



I have a son who is four years old, and we have established bath time routines to make it both safe and fun. One way is that we make sure to have all the bathing essentials ready before starting the bath, such as shampoo, soap, towel, and clothing. This way, I can stay focused on my son during bath time and not need to run around looking for anything.

We also make it a habit to check the water and ensure that it's not too hot. We do this together, and I explain to him why it is essential to check the temperature before getting into the tub.

I use a non-slip bathtub mat to prevent any slips and falls, especially since my son is very active and loves to stand up or walk around in the tub. It provides added protection, and I feel more at ease knowing that the mat is there.

We also have established rules that we talk about during bath time, such as no running or standing up. These rules help teach my son about safety while having fun. Additionally, we use toys that are specific to the bathtub and are age-appropriate.

Lastly, I always keep a close eye on him. Even though he's four years old, I still want him to feel safe and secure during bath time. I stay within an arm's reach and never leave him unattended even for a second.

Hope these tips help.


Hello everyone,

I have a two-year-old son who loves taking a bath, but I always worry about his safety. One thing that has helped us is establishing a routine. We start by getting all his bath essentials ready, such as shampoo, soap, washcloth, and towel, before we start running the water.

We also check the water temperature to make sure it's not too hot or cold. For this, we use our elbow or a bath thermometer. As parents, we need to be careful as kids cannot judge water temperatures properly.

To make the bathtub less slippery, we use a bath mat or apply non-slip stickers to the tub floor. This has helped to prevent slips and falls that could lead to injuries.

We have also established a rule that our son should sit down while bathing. This rule has prevented him from standing or walking around in the tub and keeps him safe.

While we allow bath toys to make bathing more enjoyable, we ensure that we use age-appropriate toys that are safe and have no choking hazards. Even though our son is just two years old, it is essential to start teaching him the importance of safe play.

Lastly, we never leave him unattended during bath time. If we need to grab something or step out of the bathroom for a second, we take him with us or wait until we are done.

These are some of the things that have helped us to keep our little one safe and secure during bath time.

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