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How can I prevent my child from getting water in their ears during bath time?

Hi everyone,

I hope you all are doing great. I am a new mother, and I have a 6-month-old baby girl. I am really concerned about my baby's health and hygiene. Recently, I noticed that my baby girl is getting water in her ears during bath time, which is causing her discomfort and making her cry. I am really worried about this issue and want to know if there is any way to prevent water from getting into my baby's ears during bath time.

I am looking for some effective tips and tricks that can help me keep my baby's ears dry and avoid any health problems that can arise from water getting into the ears. I would be grateful if you can share your experiences and suggestions regarding this issue.

Thank you so much in advance.

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When my daughter was a baby, she used to get water in her ears during bath time quite a bit, and it would make her very fussy. One thing that worked well for us was using a small, plastic earplug or cotton ball to block the ear canal.

We would place the earplug in one ear while she bathed, and then switch sides before rinsing her hair. This method worked for us because it created a physical barrier between the water and her ears.

Another thing that worked well for us was using a handheld showerhead and aiming the water away from her face. This allowed us to rinse her hair without getting too much water near her ears.

Lastly, I would always make sure to dry her ears after the bath, using a soft towel or a gentle dry syringe. This helped to remove any excess water that might have gotten in her ears during the bath.

I hope that these suggestions will work for you and your little one.

Best regards.



My son had the same issue during bath time, and it was affecting his sleep patterns, so I can understand your concern. One thing that worked great for us was wrapping a towel around his head like a turban to prevent water from entering his ears.

The material of the towel helped in absorbing the extra water from his hair without making the towel too wet that it could cause any contact with his ears. It is also a simple and inexpensive solution if you do not want to buy any additional equipment.

Another option a local pediatrician recommended us was to try mixing some mineral oil and vinegar in equal parts and use it as ear drops right before bath time. This mix helps create a layer of protection in the outer ear canal, which helps to repel the water that enters while washing.

Lastly, try to keep bath time fun and interactive for your baby by playing with toys and singing songs or nursery rhymes.

I hope these tips help. Good luck!


Hello there,

I had a similar experience with my baby girl, and one trick that worked was changing the bath routine. Instead of laying her down in a bathtub, we started giving her a sponge bath with a cloth. We washed her hair over the sink while holding her head tilted back slightly, and this helped to keep water out of her ears.

Another recommendation that worked was to avoid intense water pressure while bathing your baby. Using a gentle rain showerhead instead of a powerful showerhead can help to avoid water entering the ear canal.

Additionally, getting creative with bath toys can help keep your baby distracted and prevent crying or fussing. Using a toy shopkin that moves in water or a squeaky rubber duckie will make bath time fun and enjoyable.

Lastly, it's important to dry your baby's ears thoroughly after bath time and avoid any water droplets left behind using a soft towel. If you notice any redness, swelling, or persistent discharge, then it's crucial to consult your pediatrician.

I hope these tips help you keep water out of your baby's ears during bath time!

Warm Regards.


Hi all,

As a mother of three, I can understand your worry about your baby during bath time. One hack that has always worked for us was applying a layer of petroleum jelly or baby oil around the outside of our babies' ears before bath time. This helps to repel water from pooling around the ears, thus minimizing the risk of water entering the ear canal.

Also, if your baby has an ear infection, using a silicone earplug or cupping your hand while pouring water on their head is a good idea. This helps avoid putting pressure on the affected ear, causing discomfort and further pain.

Another way to prevent water from entering the ear canal is by using a swimming cap. These types of caps can be bought in baby size and are a great way to keep water out of their ears while they’re enjoying bath time.

Lastly, try to make bath time as a fun activity that you both can enjoy. Play some music, sing some songs or nursery rhymes and sprinkle toys to encourage interactive play.

I hope my experience helps you keep your baby's ear dry during bath time.

Best regards.


Hello everyone,

I totally understand your concern as I've been there myself. One thing that worked well for my baby girl was to take her in the shower with me. I would hold her close to my body and wash her hair last, ensuring that there was no residual shampoo to enter her ears.

Another option could be to use silicone earplugs designed for swimmers. Though they may not fit perfectly as they are designed for older kids and adults with larger ear canals, the soft material will provide a barrier to water entering the ear. However, it is essential to make sure that they fit snugly in your baby's ears while not being too tight or uncomfortable.

Lastly, if you notice any signs of ear discomfort or infection, such as pulling on ears, fever, or discharge, do seek a pediatrician's advice. It's always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to your baby's health.

I hope these suggestions help you prevent water from getting into your baby's ears and promote happy bath times!

Best Regards.



I remember having the same issue with my baby boy when he was a newborn. One thing that helped was holding him upright and tilting his head slightly to the side while washing his hair. This way, the water will run off instead of pooling around the ear canal. You can also use your hand or a washcloth to block the other ear while washing one side to prevent water from entering.

Another thing that worked for us was using a cup to rinse his hair instead of running water directly over his head. This method is called the cup rinse, and it allows you to control the water flow and prevent water from entering the ear canal.

Last but not least, if you still notice water in your baby's ear, you can dry it out with a soft towel or a hairdryer at the lowest setting. Make sure to hold the dryer several inches away from their ear and move it around to avoid direct heat exposure.

I hope these tips help you prevent water from getting into your baby's ears during bath time.

Best regards.


Hi there,

As a mom of two, I had the same concern when my kids were young. One way to prevent water from getting into your baby's ears is to use earplugs made specifically for babies during bath time. These earplugs are designed to fit securely in a baby's ear canal and keep the water out.

Another option is to use a bath visor. You can find some cute and colorful visors for babies that cover their forehead, eyes and ears, preventing water from getting in while still allowing you to wash their hair.

A third option would be to wash your baby's hair and body separately. In this way, the baby will not be lying down when you are washing their hair, and it reduces the likelihood of water entering the ears.

I hope these suggestions help you prevent water from getting into your baby's ears during bath time.

Best Regards.

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