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How can I prepare my toddler for the transition to preschool while potty training?


I need some advice on how to prepare my toddler for the transition to preschool while also potty training. My little one is turning three soon and has been showing signs of readiness for potty training, but we are also looking to enroll him in preschool in a few months.

I am worried about how he will adjust to the new routine of going to school while also trying to manage potty training. I want to make sure that he is comfortable and confident in his potty skills before starting preschool, but I'm not sure how to balance these two transitions.

Any tips or advice on how to prepare my toddler for the transition to preschool while potty training would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Hi there,

I've been through this kind of situation lately with my son, and I have gained a lot of valuable experiences throughout the process. One thing that really helped me when my son was going through potty training was to make sure that he was comfortable with his own body and the process of going potty. This meant making him feel comfortable with the whole process and not scolding him when there were accidents. It was challenging at first, but I realized it helped him gain confidence.

Meanwhile, for preschool, we talked about it a lot with my son and his excitement grew as the start date approached. We often visited the preschool together to meet the teachers and other children, which really helped my son adjust to the new environment. Moreover, we created a visual routine to help him understand that there was time for both potty training and preschool, and that one wouldn't prevent him from enjoying the other.

It wasn't a straightforward process, but we managed to work through things together. Remember, children pick up on your energy and attitude, so approaching it with a positive and encouraging attitude really does make a big difference. Good luck to all of you in this journey!


Hello everyone,

My son is now four years old, and we went through a similar situation when he started preschool. One thing that helped us a lot was focusing on positive interactions and staying patient throughout the process.

When it comes to potty training, it's important to advocate for your child and reinforce the idea that mistakes are okay. There will be accidents along the way, and that's perfectly normal. We made sure to never scold or shame our son for accidents, but instead remained consistent in our support and encouragement.

Another thing that helped us is involving our son in the process. He had some control over the decision-making in terms of which potty-seat he wanted to use or how he wanted to decorate his potty space.

When it comes to starting preschool, we made sure that we toured the facilities prior to the start date. This helped our son understand what the experience would be like and made him excited for the whole prospect. We also made an effort to introduce him to the teachers and other students so that he had friendly acquaintances on his first day.

I think that adjusting to preschool is a gradual process that starts well before the first day of class. With patience and empathy, plus a little bit of creativity, you can make a smooth transition for your child to potty training and preschool.


Hi everyone,

I am a mother of a three-year-old boy, and we recently went through the transition of potty-training and starting preschool. I found that setting a routine and sticking to it was crucial during this time. It made my son feel more settled and at ease with the changes occurring in his life.

To help with potty training, we set up a routine that involved going to the bathroom at specific times of the day, such as right after waking up, before and after meals, and before bedtime. This helped him get into a rhythm and made it easier for him to know when to go.

We also created a rewards system for every time he successfully used the potty, whether at home or in preschool. This incentivized him and gave him something to look forward to.

Additionally, when it came to starting preschool, we gradually increased his time at school before his official start date. This helped ease him into the routine of being in a group setting and away from home.

Importantly, communication with both preschool staff and my son was essential. As a parent, talking to my son and telling him about preschool was key to getting him excited about it. We also spoke regularly with the preschool staff, who were very accommodating and supportive of our potty-training journey.

It's not an easy process, but with time, patience, and a bit of creativity, you can make potty training and preschool transition work!


Hi there,

I am a father of twins and had a similar experience when it comes to potty training and preschool. The thing that really helped us was breaking down the process into smaller steps. We first focused on potty-training before moving on to the next step, starting preschool. Focusing on a single thing helped us have a clear idea of what we could adjust and what was working well for our children.

We also made sure we gave positive reinforcement for every little success our twins achieved in potty-training. This built their confidence about learning something new and motivated them for the next step.

In terms of preschool, what worked for us was gradually increasing our kids' time spent in a group setting, so they could adjust slowly to being away from home. We started doing playdates, followed by library storytimes and then moved them to preschool.

Additionally, we talked to the preschool staff frequently, updating them on our kids' progress in potty training and asking how we could work together to make the transition smoother for them.

It took some time, but eventually, our twins adjusted well to preschool while staying consistent with their potty-training routine. It just takes time and effort, but you will get there!


Hi there,

I recently went through this exact same situation with my own child, so I can definitely offer some advice! First and foremost, start the potty training process early so that your child has time to adjust before starting preschool. It’s also helpful to talk to your child about preschool in advance, so that they are aware of the change that is coming and can mentally prepare.

When it comes to potty training, it’s important to stay consistent and patient. Make sure to praise your child for their successes and avoid getting frustrated when accidents happen. It’s also helpful to schedule regular potty breaks throughout the day to avoid accidents.

In terms of preparing for preschool, try to visit the school beforehand so that your child can get acquainted with the new environment. You can also read books about starting preschool and talk to them about what to expect. Finally, be sure to pack extra clothes and training pants in your child’s bag just in case of accidents.

Good luck with the transition! It may not be easy, but with some time and patience, your child will adjust in no time.



I'm a mother of two children, and I want to share my personal experience on this topic. My eldest daughter went through potty-training while she was starting preschool, and we managed to make the transition seamlessly using a few techniques:

Firstly, we scheduled potty breaks to line up with breaks at school. This was essential, so we made sure she knew how to use the restroom on the school campus. It also helped her feel comfortable peeing in a different environment.

Secondly, we set achievable expectations in terms of potty-training, celebrating every time a milestone was achieved. We wouldn't get upset over accidents because we knew it was an inevitable part of the learning process. This support from us really helped boost our daughter's confidence and made her relaxed when transitioning to preschool.

Finally, we also tried to maintain consistency between home and school with respect to potty-training. We communicated with the preschool staff about our routine, and they would try to follow it as closely as they could.

With these things in place, the transition to preschool and potty-training became manageable. It requires a lot of patience, but know that it will eventually work out. Good luck!


Hi everyone,

I understand what you are going through. I went through the same thing with my daughter. One of the things that helped us was practicing potty skills in a variety of environments. We started with the potty chair at home, but then also practiced using the potty at different places like the park, a friend's house, and even a public restroom.

This helped my daughter get more comfortable with the idea of using the potty outside of our home environment. It also helped her become more confident in general, which I think was beneficial for starting preschool.

Another thing that helped us was talking up the excitement of preschool. We visited the school before she started and talked about how much fun she was going to have and all the new friends she would make. She was excited about the idea of going to school, which I think helped the transition.

Of course, there were still some tough moments, but overall I think the key for us was being patient, consistent, and positive. Good luck with everything!

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