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How can I navigate workplace or school policies that are not supportive of working or student parents, such as inflexible schedules or limited time off?

Hi everyone,

I'm a working mom of two young children and I'm really struggling with the rigid workplace policies that don't seem to take into account the needs of working parents. With limited time off and an inflexible schedule, I'm finding it really difficult to balance my work and family responsibilities.

My workplace doesn't offer any options for flexible working hours or remote work, and there seems to be an expectation that employees prioritize work above all else. I've tried speaking to my manager about my situation, but they haven't been particularly understanding or accommodating.

I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for navigating these kinds of workplace or school policies that aren't supportive of working or student parents? How can I advocate for myself and make a case for the changes that would help me meet my family obligations while still excelling at work?

I appreciate any insights or personal experiences that you can share. Thank you!

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