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How can I navigate cultural differences in expectations and attitudes towards education and academic achievement with my child?

Hello everyone,

I am a parent and am struggling with navigating cultural differences in expectations and attitudes towards education and academic achievement with my child. I come from a country where education and academic success is highly valued and prioritized. However, my child is now attending school in a country where the education system is quite different and academic success is not always given the same level of importance.

I'm finding it challenging to balance my own cultural expectations and beliefs surrounding education with what is expected and valued in the new country. I also want to ensure that my child is not feeling overly pressured or stressed by my high expectations.

I would really appreciate any advice or tips on how to navigate this situation and strike a balance between my cultural beliefs and the expectations in the new country. Thank you in advance!

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Hello everyone,

I can certainly relate to the challenges involved in navigating cultural differences regarding education and academic achievement. I grew up in a European country where academic success was highly prioritized and less focus was placed on other aspects of personal development.

When I moved to an African country with my children, I was surprised to find that education is not always given the same level of importance. As a parent, I struggled to balance my cultural expectations with the more relaxed attitude towards education in the new country.

In my experience, the key to navigating these cultural differences is to strike a balance that works for everyone involved. It's important to remember that academic success is not solely determined by grades but also by the context and environment the child is in. Therefore, while it's important to instill the value of education to our children, we also need to acknowledge the importance of other aspects of their development such as interpersonal skills, time management, and emotional intelligence.

It may take some time and patience to find the right balance, but it's important to remain open-minded and listen to our children's perspectives. We should aim to be aware of the cultural differences and try to understand other perspectives, while still placing value on education as an important aspect of personal development.

Ultimately, the goal should be to empower our children to succeed academically while also developing into well-rounded individuals capable of contributing positively to society.


Greeting to all forum members,

As someone who has faced similar cultural differences in the past, I have empathy for what you're going through. Growing up in a western country, education was always important, but it was not perceived as the be-all and end-all. In contrast, when I moved to an Asian country, I realized how education was perceived as a relatively crucial aspect of human life.

That being said, I believe the best approach is finding a middle ground where both the parents' expectations and the ones in the new country align. I would advise that you try to understand the new environment of education and likewise highlight the benefits of education to your child. Approach cultural as a way of understanding differences rather than placing pressure for one to adjust to the other.

For parents who are new to the new country, it's imperative to be aware of their different academic systems as this significantly affects how the child performs in school. It's advisable to constantly have conversations with the child's teacher(s) to understand how well your child is performing in school and where improvements can be made.

Ultimately, finding a way to balance cultural expectations will take time, but it's important for both the parent and the child to understand that academic success is a long-term process that cannot be achieved through shortcuts.



I can completely relate to your situation as I too have faced a similar cultural clash when it comes to education and academic achievement. I grew up in an Asian country where there is a huge emphasis on academic success and anything less than excellence was simply not accepted. However, I moved to the US when my children were young and have been struggling to reconcile my expectations with the American education system.

From my personal experience, I would suggest that it's important to be mindful of the cultural differences and to try to be understanding of the expectations in the new country. While it's important to instill the value of education to our children, we also need to understand that different countries have different approaches to education.

Perhaps, it's a good idea to speak with other parents in the new country and try to understand their attitudes and expectations towards education. This can help provide some perspective and insight into what is considered valuable in the new country. Additionally, it might be helpful to have an open discussion with your child about your expectations and try to understand their perspective as well.

Ultimately, I believe that striking a balance between cultural expectations and the expectations in the new country is possible - it just requires some patience, understanding, and open communication.


Hello all,

After reading through the earlier posts in this forum, I can say that I find myself in a similar situation. I grew up in a South American country where the education system is highly competitive, and academic achievements are highly regarded. Hence, it was a significant transition to move to a Western country where there is more emphasis on creativity, communication skills, and practical knowledge.

From my personal experience, I found it helpful to acknowledge the cultural differences and to work on how to reconcile our expectations with those of the new country. It is essential to realize that success can take different forms because every country’s education system is unique, and every society places different values on education.

To find a happy medium, it requires communication with teachers, engaging with other parents, and learning how the new education system functions. I had to accommodate the new system while still balancing my own cultural values to avoid placing unnecessary pressure on my child.

As a parent, it is crucial to be open-minded and learn from each system while also being aware of the potential cultural clashes. Remember that while academic success is essential, other forms of personal development are equally important, such as life skills, emotional intelligence, and practical knowledge.

In conclusion, strive to find the right balance that works well for you and your child. It is a challenging path, but you will undoubtedly discover ways to navigate through it after consistent efforts.

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