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How can I make sure my child doesn't slip in the bath?

Hi everyone,
I have a 3-year old daughter who loves taking a bath and playing with her toys. But, I always worry about her slipping in the tub and hurting herself. I have tried using bath mats, but they are not enough to keep her from slipping. I need some effective solutions to ensure that my child doesn't slip in the bath. What do you recommend? Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hey there,

I understand your concern and have also dealt with this problem before. One solution that has worked well for us is using a bathtub safety rail. It is a great tool for support, and it has been especially useful for my daughter, who has some balance issues. The rail attaches to the tub with suction cups and provides a sturdy grip for kids to hold while getting in and out of the tub. We also use a bath seat or baby bather for additional stability and comfort. These devices keep our daughter propped up and prevent her from slipping around during bath time.

Another solution that has worked for us is using a bubble bath that is gentle on the skin and doesn't leave any slippery residue. We found that some bubble baths make the tub surface extremely slippery, so we make sure that we use soap and shampoo that is residue-free. I hope these tips help. Good luck and happy bath time!


Hi there, as a parent of two small children myself, I can definitely relate to your concern. One solution that has worked well for us is using non-slip stickers in the tub. They are easy to apply, affordable, and provide a great deal of traction. Another trick we have found to be helpful is using a non-slip bath mat that suctions to the tub. These mats come in all sorts of fun designs and colors and can be a great way to get your child excited about bath time while keeping them safe.
Also, please keep an eye on the water temperature to ensure it's not too hot for your little one as scalding water is another potential hazard in the bath. Hope this helps!


Hello there, I also have a three-year-old child, and I can completely understand your concern. When my child was younger, he did slip in the bathtub a couple of times, and it was quite scary. What works for us is making sure that we keep one hand on our child while he's playing in the tub. We also make sure that we don't leave him alone, even for a second. If you feel your child is too big for you to do this, you can try using a shower chair. They come in different sizes and can be an excellent option for added safety even as your child gets older. Another solution that worked for us is placing slip-resistant stickers outside of the bathtub to prevent accidental slipping and falls. It's also crucial to use a bath mat with suction cups as it provides a stable surface for your child to step on. I hope this helps; good luck and happy bath time!


Hi there, I've dealt with the same issue with my child, and it's always a concern as you don't want anyone getting hurt in the bathtub. One thing that has worked for us is installing grab bars in the bathroom. We have a small step stool as well so that our child can reach the bars and safely hold onto them while getting in and out of the tub. You can also use a bathroom railing if installing grab bars isn't feasible for you. We also make sure that our child has the right footwear in the bathroom. We opted for non-slip sandals that have a good grip on the soles, which has helped to prevent any slipping and provide more stability overall. Additionally, we always make sure that the bathroom floor is completely dry before stepping on it to prevent any slip-and-fall accidents. Hopefully, these tips can be useful to you. Best of luck and stay safe!


Hi there,

I'm also a parent of a young child, and I understand your concern regarding bath time safety. Another solution that has worked for us is using a waterproof safety thermometer. We always make sure that the temperature is not too hot for our child's sensitive skin. The thermometer helps for reliability and peace-of-mind during bath time, ultimately avoiding any potential scalds due to hot water.

Additionally, we always make sure that we drain the bathtub immediately after each bath to avoid any excess water build-up and prevent any accidental slipping on the wet surfaces. We also use a water-absorbing bath mat that does not slip when placed on any surface.

Finally, teaching your child bath time safety as early as possible is key. Our child knows to take her time when getting in and out of the tub and how to keep her balance while standing. Teaching basic safety rules and setting limits can go a long way in ensuring safe bath time for your child. These tips have worked great for us and I hope they help you too!


Hey there,

I totally understand your concern as a parent. We have a four-year-old who likes to hop and play around in the bathtub, so we have tried different strategies to keep her safe. One solution that worked for us was using a bath caddy. We put all the bath toys in the caddy and secure it to the side of the bathtub. This way, our little one still has access to all her toys, but we removed them from the bottom of the tub, reducing the likelihood of slipping on them.

Another strategy that we found helpful is using a handheld showerhead. This can give better control over the water flow, fill up the tub more slowly, and allows you to rinse soap off your child's body without having them stand up. It minimizes the chances of any mishap happening.

Lastly, we never leave our daughter unattended in the tub. Accidents can happen in a split second, so we always stay with her and keep a hand on her for added support. Ensuring constant supervision and minimizing potential slip hazards have been key to maintaining a safe bath time. I hope you find these tips helpful; good luck and happy bath time!


Hi there,

I also understand your concern and have faced the same challenge with my three-year-old. In addition to all the previous suggestions mentioned by other users, we use bath mats that have a textured surface with a non-slip grip. These mats have been a game-changer for us as they stick to the surface of the tub and provide an additional level of safety. We also add some cushioned mats outside the bath to prevent potential slips and falls.

Another solution that worked for us was using bath gloves. These are gloves that fit on your hands and provide better grip to safely lift and hold your child during bath time. This helps to keep your child secured and prevent any accidents from occurring. Also, make sure that you do not fill the tub too high, so your child doesn't feel overwhelmed. Overfilling the tub can create more water movement, which makes it more challenging for little legs to maintain stability.

I hope these tips help you and make bath time a safe and enjoyable time. Best of luck!


Hello, I completely understand your concern. Slippery bathroom floors and bathtubs can be very dangerous for young children. One of the solutions that worked well for me was to use a baby bath seat. I find it very useful as it provides a non-slip surface and makes it easier to keep my child propped up and in one place during bath time. It's ergonomically designed, and, even when my little one is particularly squirmy, it keeps her safe. Furthermore, I prefer to use fewer bath toys, especially toys that have suction cups as they can detach or lose suction during playtime, which can result in accidents. Also, soapsuds and bubbles can make the bathtub surface even more slippery, so I always make sure to rinse the tub completely after bath time to prevent any residual soap scum. I recommend trying out the baby bath seat as it has worked out great for me. Good luck!

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