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How can I involve my child in meal planning and preparation to encourage healthy eating habits?

Hello everyone,

I am a mother of a 6-year-old boy who is a very picky eater. I am concerned about his nutrition and want to encourage healthy eating habits in him. I realize that involving him in meal planning and preparation could be a fun and effective way to achieve this.

However, I am not sure how to get started. My son is not very interested in cooking and often gets distracted easily. I am also not very creative with meal ideas. How can I involve him in meal planning and preparation, making it fun for him and encouraging him to eat healthier?

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Hi everyone,

I am a busy mother of two who values healthy and nutritious meals, but finds it can be challenging to get the kids involved in meal planning and preparation while juggling other responsibilities.

One strategy that has worked well for us is meal prep Sundays. On Sundays, we pick a few recipes that align with our health goals for the week, and we start prepping ingredients. Sometimes we even rely on food delivery services, like Freshly or Sun Basket, to take the hassle out of meal planning. At the same time, we’ll have our kids brainstorm healthy snacks ideas and shop together for them.

We give our kids age-appropriate tasks in the kitchen, like washing veggies, measuring out spices, and setting the table. We also try to make mealtime more interactive by doing family-style meals and having everyone participate in passing dishes around the table.

Sometimes we also like to play a game where we each pick a fruit or vegetable to try and guess a fact about it while we eat. This makes trying new healthy foods fun and educational.

Lastly, we try to lead by example. It's crucial for parents to have a healthy relationship with food and promote a positive atmosphere in the home. If we are excited about healthy eating, it's more likely our kids will be too.

I hope these tips will help busy families promote a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a balance. Best of luck to you all!


Hi there!

I can definitely relate to your situation. I have a 7-year-old daughter who used to be a picky eater as well. Getting her involved in meal planning and preparation has been a game-changer for us in terms of her eating habits.

One thing that has worked for us is creating a weekly meal plan together. We sit down on Sunday evenings and come up with a list of meals for the week. We take turns choosing meals and also consider any special requests or dietary restrictions. This helps my daughter feel involved and invested in the process.

When it comes to meal preparation, I found it helpful to start with simple tasks. For example, my daughter loves to wash vegetables or stir the pot. As she gains confidence, I give her more responsibilities like measuring ingredients or chopping veggies (supervised, of course). I find that involving her in the cooking process makes her more willing to try new foods.

Lastly, Pinterest has been a lifesaver for finding new recipes and meal ideas. We like to browse healthy recipes together and pick out meals we want to try. It makes meal planning more fun and helps us discover new foods to try.

I hope this helps and good luck on your healthy eating journey!


Hi everyone!

I am a father of two boys, ages 8 and 10. Meal planning and preparation are important aspects of our family’s routine. I have found involving the kids in meal planning and preparation is a great way to teach them about healthy eating habits.

One of our favorite ways to get the kids involved in meal planning is to let them choose from a list of healthy meal options. We do this by creating a list, which includes all of the healthy options our family is willing to eat, and asking the kids to pick two meals they would like for the week. We then choose one or two additional meals to complement what the kids have chosen, so that we can have a balanced diet.

When it comes to meal preparation, we found that our boys are more likely to try new, healthy foods when they have been involved in the cooking process. We allow them to help with age-appropriate tasks, such as measuring ingredients or stirring sauces. It may take a bit longer, but the end result is priceless!

Lastly, we have found that learning about where food comes from and how it’s grown has helped our kids become more interested in trying new fruits and vegetables. We try to visit farms or farmers markets to get fresh produce and learn about the process from farm to table.

I hope these tips are helpful! Happy cooking!


Greetings everyone!

I am a mother of a 5-year-old daughter who is a bit of a fussy eater. However, I have found that involving her in meal planning and preparation is a great way to encourage her to try new foods and develop healthier eating habits.

One thing that has worked well for us is to involve our daughter in grocery shopping. We make a list of healthy foods we need for the week and then take her to the store with us. She enjoys helping to pick out fruits and vegetables and it gives her a sense of ownership over the meals we will be cooking.

When we get home, we usually start the meal preparation by making a simple salad or a healthy snack like fruit kabobs so that she can help without getting overwhelmed. We have found that involving her in the cooking process helps her to be more invested in the meal and therefore more willing to try new foods.

Another thing that has helped us is to talk about the benefits of healthy eating. We explain to our daughter that healthy foods help her grow strong and be able to run and play better. This has made her more interested in trying new foods, as she sees that they can have positive effects on her body.

Finally, we try to make meals fun by letting her help arrange fruits and vegetables in fun patterns or giving them fun names like "broccoli trees". This helps her to be more interested in the meal and get excited about trying new healthy foods.

I hope these tips help you and your child develop healthier eating habits. Good luck!


Hello everyone!

I am a single father of a smart and astute 9-year-old son, who is an extremely picky eater. Encouraging him to try new foods and healthy eating habits can be a challenge, but involving him in meal planning and preparation has made a huge difference for us.

To start, I asked my son to think of a few healthy foods he likes and then we built our meal plan for the week around those options. I took that into account the nutritional value and variations, making sure the week's meals were balanced and nutritious.

When it came to meal preparation, I started slowly by teaching him simple steps and having him help with age-appropriate tasks, such as mixing, measuring or peeling. Gradually, he began to take bigger responsibilities in helping to prepare meals such as marinating fish. I credit this progress to his sense of pride and accomplishment in helping cook something that was delicious.

Another thing that helped with my son was explaining why we eat certain meals. I talked with him about the benefits of eating healthy foods, like how it can help him do better in sports or feel more energized while studying. It seemed to elicit a positive reaction out of him, which was encouraging.

Lastly, we try to make meal planning and preparation a bonding experience. We listen to music, talk about various subjects and make it a fun tradition. Sometimes we even have a cooking competition with special awards for the winner, which helps create excitement and enthusiasm.

I hope these tips help other parents encourage healthy eating habits with their children. Best wishes!

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