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How can I incorporate tummy time into my baby's daily routine to promote their physical development?

Hi everyone,

I'm a first-time mom and I'm concerned about my baby's physical development. My little one is 4 months old now and I've been hearing a lot about the importance of tummy time for babies. However, I'm not sure how to incorporate it into our daily routine or how often I should be doing it. I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to promote my baby's physical development, so any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hello there,

I am a father of two and I can attest to the importance of tummy time for a baby's physical development. For both of my children, I initially struggled to incorporate tummy time into our busy schedule but realized it was essential for their physical and mental development since it helps to strengthen their neck, arm, and leg muscles.

One thing that worked for me was putting my baby on my chest or lap with their tummy down for a few minutes every day. I also found it helpful to break up the tummy time into shorter intervals throughout the day instead of doing it all at once. This way, both baby and I don't get too frustrated or bored with the whole process. We also did tummy time on a play mat with baby-friendly toys placed around, which always kept them engaged and excited.

It's important not to compare your baby's progress with others as every baby develops at their own pace. So, just remember to be patient and consistent with tummy time, and you'll soon notice a remarkable difference in your baby's strength and motor skills.

Good luck!


Hi there,

I also had the same concern when my baby was around 4 months old. I found that incorporating tummy time into our daily routine was easiest when I did it right after changing her diaper or before a nap. Initially, my baby didn't like being on her tummy for very long, but I started with short intervals and gradually increased the time as she got used to it.

I also found it helpful to make tummy time a fun activity by placing toys within reach or getting down on the floor with her and singing songs or making funny faces. This made it more enjoyable for both of us and helped make tummy time a positive experience.

Overall, I would say consistency is key when it comes to tummy time. Even if you only do it for a few minutes a day, it can make a big difference in your baby's physical development. Good luck!


Hello everyone,

As a first-time parent, I was also not sure how to incorporate tummy time into my baby's daily routine. However, my paediatrician suggested a few techniques that worked for us. One of the methods that worked wonders was doing tummy time on an exercise ball. I would place my baby on the ball with her tummy down and gently bounce which helped to build her core muscles.

Another technique that we used was placing a rolled-up blanket under my baby's chest which helped to prop her up and prevented her from getting frustrated. This made her more comfortable on her tummy and she could lift her head, push up her arms and start reaching out for toys placed within her reach.

It's important to note that adding variations like using a boppy pillow or moving toys around to encourage babies playing while in tummy time position can also help a great deal. Overall, incorporating tummy time into your baby's routine doesn't have to be a hassle. With a bit of creativity, you can make it an enjoyable experience for you and your little one.

I hope my experience helps. Good luck!


Hi there,

Tummy time can be challenging, but it’s an essential exercise for your baby’s physical development. I found that the best time for tummy time was when my baby was feeling relaxed, alert, and playful. Initially, I used to place my baby on her tummy for a few minutes, but gradually increased the duration to about an hour.

One technique that worked well for us was incorporating tummy time into our daily activities. For example, I used to talk to my baby while I was changing her diaper or playing with her on the floor. I also placed bright-colored toys within her reach to keep her entertained and motivated to stay on her tummy.

Another trick I learnt was doing tummy time with my baby on my chest, lying down flat. This helped to improve the bonding experience between me and my baby and was a great workout for both of us.

Remember, it's important to be patient with your baby and not to push them too much. Every baby is unique, and some take longer to get comfortable on their tummies. With some effort and a little creativity, you can make tummy time a fun and valuable part of your baby's daily routine, and watch them develop their strength and coordination.

Good luck!


Hey everyone,

I'm a working mom and incorporating tummy time into my baby's daily routine hasn't been easy for me but I realized the importance of it for my baby's physical development. What worked best for me was incorporating tummy time into our playtime schedule.

For example, whenever my baby was playing on her activity mat, I would flip her over onto her tummy for a few minutes. I also made sure to keep toys within reach so she could grab them and stay entertained while on her tummy.

Another thing I found helpful was doing tummy time in front of a mirror. This kept my baby engaged and interested in the activity. She would look at herself and reach out to the "baby in the mirror" which was great for developing her neck and back muscles.

Remember that every baby is different, and what works for one may not work for another. Keep practicing, and with time, your baby will get used to it and start to enjoy the activity.

Good luck!



As a mother of three, tummy time has been incredibly important for all of my kids' physical development, and each one had different needs when it came to tummy time. My first child loved tummy time and could stay on his tummy for long periods without any fuss. However, my second child hated it, so I had to be creative to make it enjoyable for her.

One way I made tummy time more appealing was by playing with her on the floor. We would play with toys, sing songs, or interact through funny faces, all while she was on her tummy. Gradually, she started to stay on her tummy much longer and eventually learned how to roll over on her own.

With my third child, I found that doing side-lying tummy time was more successful than regular tummy time. This involved laying my baby on their side and placing toys just next to them, which encouraged them to reach out and practice their motor skills.

The key takeaway here is that every baby is different, and it may take some trial and error to find the perfect routine that works well for your little one. However, with patience and persistence, you can make tummy time a fun and beneficial activity for your baby's physical development.

Good luck and have fun!



I completely agree that tummy time is essential for promoting physical development in babies. In my experience, the most important thing is to start as early as possible, ideally, from a few weeks old. At that age, my baby didn't have much mobility, but just a few minutes of tummy time on a soft blanket helped to strengthen her neck muscles, improve her head control, and help her to develop the skills necessary to roll over.

As my baby got older, I increased the duration of tummy time sessions, and started to introduce toys and other stimuli to make it more fun for her. I also found it helpful to do tummy time after a feeding session when my baby was alert and content. I used to put bright, colorful toys in front of her to encourage her to lift her head and reach forward, which was great for developing her gross motor skills.

I would definitely recommend incorporating tummy time into your baby's daily routine as early as possible, and gradually building up the duration as your baby gets older. It can seem challenging at first, but with persistence and patience, you'll soon see the benefits in your baby's physical development. Good luck!

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