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How can I identify if my child is gifted and what should I do next?

Hi everyone,

I have a six-year-old child who seems to be displaying some exceptional abilities in certain areas. She is incredibly curious, always asking questions and exploring her surroundings. She also has a remarkable memory and can recall things in great detail from the past.

As a parent, I am wondering if these traits are indicators of giftedness and what I should do next to support her. I want to ensure I am doing everything I can to foster her talents and help her reach her full potential.

Any advice and tips on identifying giftedness in children and how to support them would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hello everyone,

I am a parent of two gifted children, and I believe identifying giftedness in children is quite an individual process. Giftedness can manifest differently in each child, and it is up to us as parents to watch for the signs and encourage the development of these traits.

In my experience, gifted children tend to show heightened levels of creativity, intense curiosity, advanced problem-solving skills, and an ability to make connections between seemingly disparate ideas.

As a parent, I recommend exposing your child to a wide range of experiences and opportunities, including art, music, technology, and social activities. This exposure will help identify their interests, strengths, and develop their talents further.

Being gifted does not mean that your child will have an easy journey in life; to ensure your child's long-term success, help them develop good work habits, learn to cope with challenges and setbacks, and build emotional resilience. Most importantly, always communicate with your child, listen to their needs, and help them develop self-confidence and a love for learning.

May we all be empowered to recognize, celebrate and support the unique abilities of our children!



I completely resonate with the situation that you are facing. My daughter showed exceptional reading and writing skills ever since she was a toddler. We could see how she soaked up everything she saw and heard like a sponge. The problem was, academically challenging her was impossible at school since the curriculum was made for children of her age and not of her intellectual capacity.

We made a conscious decision to make her skip a grade (although it is scary, I must admit!) and got her enrolled her in a school that caters specifically to gifted children. In retrospect, it was a decision that proved to be fruitful. She is much better poised for the challenges that she will face later in life.

If such a scenario is not feasible, I would suggest enrolling in a summer camp or workshop that caters to kids with particular abilities. The benefits are twofold- your child gets to be challenged and learn more in a fun environment whilst also getting to meet like-minded friends.

Gifted children like our kids are precious and need all the help and nurturing they can get. I wish you the very best on this journey!



I can understand where you're coming from, and I have a slightly different approach to identifying giftedness. My son, who is now in his teens, was quite good at everything he tried. He played an instrument, excelled at sports, had a great memory, and was generally curious about the world around him.

In talking to his teachers and some professionals who work with intellectually gifted children, we realized that he was not only a gifted child, but he had what they called "intellectual versatility." That meant that he was able to learn and excel in many different areas without any particular one being his strongest or dominant trait.

So, don't just look for signs of giftedness in one specific area. Look for intellectual versatility; which means that your child can pick up on different tasks and topics with ease. It's important to nurture that intellectual versatility in all areas by providing him or her with the necessary tools to grow and learn to their maximum potential.

In your case, I suggest you look into providing your child with opportunities to explore different subjects and outside activities so that they can develop different skills and knowledge. This will enable them to have a wide range of knowledge and interests that can help them in their future career and also make them well-rounded individuals.

All the best to you and your child!



As someone who was identified as gifted at a young age and currently works with gifted children, I would like to add that giftedness is not limited to "book smarts." It can also manifest in areas such as emotional intelligence, creativity, leadership skills, and so on.

I would advise parents to be on the lookout for any profound abilities or interests of their child and make sure to encourage them to explore their potential. Provide as many opportunities as reasonably possible for your child, whether it be in academics, sports, arts, or anything else.

Moreover, it's essential to find the right approach to challenge your gifted child. For me, school was often insufficient, as I needed more in-depth and advanced concepts. Finding extracurricular activities, mentors, and attending events that cater to gifted or talented students can help in ensuring an appropriate level of challenge.

It's also crucial to remember that despite having extraordinary talents, gifted children are still growing minds that require nurturing, patience, and support. Encourage a healthy work-life balance for them, and allow them to be children while also challenging their intellect.

Lastly, when identifying giftedness, it is important not to make sweeping assumptions or rely exclusively on test results. It is better to gather observations from various sources such as teachers, counselors, parents, and, if feasible, an educational specialist.

Take care, and I wish all parents and gifted children the very best!


Hi there,

I can definitely relate to your situation as I have a gifted child as well. In my experience, identifying giftedness in children can be tricky as it often manifests in different ways. However, some common signs include excellent problem-solving skills, advanced reading abilities, a deep curiosity about the world, and a strong attention to detail.

Once you've identified that your child may be gifted, the next step is to find ways to support and nurture their gifts. I found it helpful to talk to teachers and other professionals who work with gifted children to learn more about their needs and how to challenge them academically.

Additionally, enrolling your child in extracurricular activities that align with their interests can be a great way to help them develop their talents further. In my case, my son was passionate about science, so we enrolled him in a science club at the local community center where he was able to learn and explore with like-minded peers.

Overall, it's important to remember that every gifted child is unique and may require different forms of support. However, by staying attentive to their needs and providing opportunities for growth and development, you can help your child thrive and reach their full potential.

Good luck!

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