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How can I help my child maintain a connection with their grandparents or other family members who live far away or in a different country?

Hi everyone,

I would like some advice on how to help my child maintain a connection with their grandparents who live far away. My husband's parents live in another state and my parents live in a different country, so our child doesn't get to see them very often. We do video calls and send pictures, but I feel like it's not enough. I want to make sure that our child has a strong relationship with their grandparents and other family members even though they live far away. Any suggestions on how to do this? Thanks in advance for your help!

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I have a similar experience in maintaining a connection between my child and grandparents who live far away. Since we live at a distance, it's essential to find creative ways to bond our child with her grandparents.

One idea we came up with was to have grandparents record themselves reading a book they think my child would like. Whenever my child felt like she was missing grandparents, we would have her watch those videos. This way, she can have a sense of familiarity, and it's also a way of keeping grandparents' presence around her.

Another thing that has worked for us is to create a shared photo album using applications like Google Photos, where we add pictures from our daily life so that grandparents can easily see what we're up to, and also share pictures and videos of their day-to-day lives, which our daughter loves to see.

Moreover, we also encourage voice messages or letters, which is an excellent activity for kids to practice reading and writing. This also provides grandparents with details of our life and events that they can share amongst family and friends or in their social circles.

Lastly, whenever we plan a trip to see grandparents, we often ask for their opinion on places we can visit or things to do in their area. This helps to keep the anticipation high and creates some exciting traditions for our visit.

Overall, taking time to find ways to keep grandparents involved in our lives has strengthened the bond between our child and grandparents.


Hi there,

I totally understand where you're coming from. My children and their grandparents live in different countries too, and it can be tough. We've tried a few things that have helped keep the connection strong, even though they don't see each other in person very often.

Firstly, we've made sure to schedule regular video calls. We usually do this once a week, and it gives both the children and the grandparents something to look forward to. During these calls, we make sure to update each other on what's going on in our lives and share stories.

Another thing that's worked well for us is sending care packages. We'll put together a box of goodies and send it to the grandparents with pictures, drawings and little messages from the kids. They love receiving these and it's a great way to show them that we're thinking of them.

Finally, we've also tried to involve the grandparents in our everyday lives as much as possible, even from a distance. For example, we'll take pictures of the kids at special events or just doing something fun during the day and send it to them. It helps them feel like they're still a part of our lives, even though they're not physically here with us.

Hope these suggestions help! Good luck.


Hi there,

I can absolutely relate to this question since my child's grandparents are living in a different country, and it can be hard to maintain the connection. However, there are some activities that we have done to keep the bond strong, which I'd like to share with you guys.

Firstly, my child's grandparents created a personalized storybook for her. The storybook tells a tale that is personal to our family and includes illustrations of her grandparents in it. This book has been popular among my child, and it is a great way for her to bond with her grandparents.

Additionally, we have tried International Toy swaps, where the grandparents surprise our child with a toy from their country, and our child sends a toy that we can't find in their country in exchange. It's always exciting to receive a package from abroad and play with the new toys sent by grandparents. It also provides a new world window for kids and helps them understand various cultures.

Another way we maintain communication is by recording short video messages. Generally, my child's grandparents record messages for her, updating her on the latest happenings in their life, and my child responds with a video message of her own.

Finally, we have also tried online workshops, where our child and her grandparents attend the same virtual art or music class. It's a fun activity that keeps both generations engaged and provides a shared experience that we can talk about later on.

To sum up, these are the few ways that we have kept the bond strong between our child and grandparents despite living in different countries, and with more virtual and digital platforms available now, it has become much more convenient for us.



I think maintaining a strong connection between children and their grandparents is really important. In my experience, it can be challenging to maintain that connection when living in different countries or far apart. However, there are a few ways to create a meaningful bond.

First, we make use of video calls. We usually schedule FaceTime or Skype calls with our grandparents once or twice per week. These calls provide an opportunity to give updates on our lives, share stories or just to have a laugh. It's a great way to feel the connection and make up for the physical distance.

Another good approach is to participate in activities together virtually. My kids and their grandparents like to play online games or use applications like FamilyAlbum to share photos and short videos. We've also tried to create a shared hobby, such as reading the same book, taking a virtual tour together, or cooking the same meal at the same time. This helps to keep the bond and provide a sense of shared interests even if grandparents live far away.

Finally, it's important to acknowledge the importance of the individual family member's presence. We try to talk about grandparents regularly and discuss memories or stories about their lives. When we receive packages or gifts from them, we make a point to express our gratitude and enjoy them together.

These steps have worked well for us and have kept the bond strong between our family and grandparents.


Hello everyone,

Maintaining a meaningful connection between children and grandparents who live far away can be challenging. My children and their grandparents live in different time zones, so we had to be creative in finding ways to keep in touch.

One thing that has worked well for us has been to schedule regular virtual playdates using apps like Zoom or Skype. We choose a time when both parties are available and have about an hour of uninterrupted fun. During this time, we play charades or different board games. The grandparents love to see what the kids are interested in, and the kids love showing off their skills.

Another method that we have tried very recently is to write letters to each other regularly. Yes, old-fashioned letters that we post in the mail. We made a deal that for every letter our children write, their grandparents will write back, encouraging the letter exchange, and building on the bond that they share.

Additionally, we try to keep grandparents involved in our lives even when we are not directly talking with them. It's not unusual for us to take photos or short videos of our everyday life's highlights and send them across to grandparents. This way Grandparents can feel like they are a part of our daily routine, which is comforting for them and for us as well.

Lastly, we have created virtual photo albums that we can share with our grandparents regularly. It is a way for us to share photos of our children, vacations, special events, and everyday triumphs that happen in our lives, even when we are apart.

All of these activities keep us connected and are ways for our children and grandparents to know each other more intimately despite the gap in distance.


Hi there,

I completely understand the importance of maintaining a close relationship between your child and their grandparents. My parents live in another state, and we have found several ways to keep the bond strong despite the distance.

One thing that has worked for us is regular snail mail - handwritten letters, pictures, and even small surprise gifts that my parents send to my child. It's always an exciting moment for my child whenever he receives mail from his grandparents.

We also use technology to our advantage. Video calls are great because they allow my parents to see my child in real-time and keep up with his activities. We also use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to share photos, so they can still be a part of our daily events.

Another option we have employed is organizing a virtual birthday party or holiday gathering. Although it may not be the same as an in-person event, it can still be a fun and meaningful way to bring everyone together virtually.

Finally, we encourage my child to share stories about his day-to-day activities and accomplishments with his grandparents. This way, they can still be involved in our lives and share in our family's joys.

Overall, there are many ways to keep grandparents and family members connected even when living far apart. It just requires some creativity and effort.


Hi there,

I completely agree with both user 1 and user 2. Maintaining strong connections between children and grandparents despite physical distances can be tricky, but very important. In my family, my children's grandparents live in a different country, but we try to keep them as involved as possible in our daily lives.

One approach that has been successful for us is scheduling regular video calls like user 1 mentioned. We usually plan them once or twice a week, depending on everyone's schedule. We found that time zones can be a hindrance and therefore, scheduling ahead of time always works perfectly on both sides. During the calls, we share stories, show our paintings, or physical crafts and even play some games. These calls have not only allowed the kids to get some virtual facetime with their grandparents but also has given them another level of intimacy despite distance.

We also make sure to encourage letter writing or even postcards, which we find to be pretty fun. Nothing beats the excitement of receiving 'snail mail' especially in this age of technology. The kids love to create pictures and drawings for their grandparents and share special memories with them, which has solidified the bond between them.

We've also tried virtual visits. For instance, we record our kids' special moments such as theater plays, special milestones, creating paintings, and share them with grandparents in a video. We do make it a point to involve grandparents in our lives despite living far from them. We also ensure that our children ask to speak directly to them and share how well they're doing in school, which always goes a long way in keeping the bonds tight.

Overall, the key is just to keep in touch regularly, find unique ways to stay connected, and involve grandparents in our everyday life - even virtually.


Hi everyone,

I'm glad to see that there are so many creative ideas here for keeping a connection with grandparents or other family members who live far away. We also have faced this problem, and I'm happy to share a few other techniques to add to the list.

One thing that we've done is to create a digital or physical family tree. Our child enjoyed being a part of building the family tree with grandparents' help, and it helped to stir up more conversations about family history and memories, and how everyone is related.

Another idea that has worked well for us is to give the grandparents access to reading apps like Epic! or Scribd, where they can read books together with their grandchild. It's a great way for them to bond and engage with each other in a fun, educational activity.

Lastly, we encourage our child to keep a travel journal or a scrapbook of places that they visit, and they can also capture the stories and memories they have made during those trips. We then share these journals with grandparents or other family members, and it provides a way of keeping everyone in the loop about our lives.

In summary, these tips have enabled us to maintain family relationships despite living in different states or countries. It's important to think outside the box and find creative ways to engage with grandparents and family members. I hope these ideas are helpful to you!

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