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How can I find supportive communities or networks of other working or student parents to share advice and encouragement?

Hi everyone,

As a working parent of two, I often find myself struggling to balance my job with my family responsibilities. I'm hoping to connect with other parents who are facing similar challenges and can offer advice and support.

Specifically, I'm looking for communities or networks where I can:

- Share my experiences and hear from others in a similar situation
- Get advice on things like time management and organization
- Find resources for things like childcare and flexible work arrangements
- Connect with other parents who are pursuing their education while raising a family

If anyone knows of any online forums or groups where I can find this type of support, I would be very grateful. Thank you!

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Hi everyone,

As a full-time working parent with a child in elementary school, I completely understand how challenging it can be to juggle work and family responsibilities. That's why I highly recommend joining a parent-teacher organization (PTO) at your child's school if you haven't already. PTOs are fantastic resources for connecting with other parents who are going through similar experiences and can offer advice, support, and maybe even babysit from each other. Plus, being involved in your child's school connects you with your child's education and can help you stay informed, which can be especially beneficial in a time of distance or hybrid learning.

Another great tip for staying connected with working or student parents is to join a professional organization that aligns with your career, such as the National Association of Social Workers or the American Marketing Association, to name a few. These organizations often offer opportunities to connect with other professionals in your field, both online and in-person, and can be great resources for networking, training, and mentorship.

Lastly, I would also suggest checking with your city or town's recreation department for information on local parenting groups, as well as events for working or student parents. Many towns have parenting groups that host workshops on topics like self-care, wellness, and mindfulness.

Remember, you're not alone in this, and there are plenty of resources available to help you navigate the challenges of balancing work and family life.


Hi there,

I completely understand where you're coming from as a working parent of three. It's definitely a juggling act trying to balance work and family responsibilities. I've found that joining Facebook groups dedicated to working parents has been a great resource for me. One group I would recommend is "Working Moms Support Group" which has over 200,000 members, so there is always someone available to offer advice and support.

In terms of childcare, it might also be worth checking out local parent groups on Facebook or Meetup.com. They can often provide recommendations for childcare providers in your area, as well as other resources like local events and activities for families.

As for education while raising a family, I would definitely recommend looking into online courses or programs that offer flexibility in terms of scheduling. I personally have taken a few online courses through Coursera which has allowed me to learn new skills while still being able to prioritize my family.

I hope this helps!


Hello there,

As a graduate student and full-time working parent of a toddler, I know all too well the difficulties of balancing school, work, and family commitments. That's why I've found that joining online support groups tailored towards working or student parents like me is incredibly helpful. One group I'm a part of is called "Working Moms & Dads" on Facebook. It's an active group with tens of thousands of members, offering a wide range of perspectives and experiences.

I'd also recommend checking out local mom and baby classes or playgroups if you have young children. It's a great way to connect with other parents and their children, promoting play and socializing for your little ones.

Another tip that I have found helpful in maintaining a work-life balance has been to create a schedule and stick to it. This strategy requires organization and discipline, but it can be a very effective way to manage your time and get the most out of each day.

Lastly, one resource that has helped me navigate being a student parent is talking to my professors and academic advisors about my situation. Many times, they have been incredibly understanding and accommodating to the challenges of being a parent and provided helpful resources such as campus childcare and flexible class schedules.

I hope you find these tips helpful, and know that you're not alone in the juggling act of being a working or student parent.



As a recent stay-at-home mom turned work-from-home mom of twins, I've found that the site Working Mother is a fantastic resource for connecting with other working or student parents. Their website offers a community page where you can join groups based on your interests or specific needs, such as health and wellness, career development, or parenting.

Another great resource is to attend local parent-teacher association (PTA) meetings or school council meetings at your child's school. The members of these groups are often parents who are involved in their children's education and are generally more understanding of the challenges of balancing work, school, and family.

Lastly, if you're looking for resources that focus on financial planning as a working or student parent, I'd recommend checking out Dave Ramsey's website or his Youtube channel. He has an excellent program called Financial Peace University that has helped countless families manage their finances, including myself.

In conclusion, connecting with other working or student parents through online communities or in-person events and accessing resources such as blogs, websites, and financial planning programs can make a significant difference in managing the challenges of work and family balance.


Hi there,

I totally feel you as a student parent of a toddler. It's such a challenge trying to keep everything in balance. One resource that has helped me a lot is a site called ParentMap. They have a great section on their site dedicated to resources for working or student parents, which includes articles on parenting tips, education, and career advice. They also offer a weekly newsletter that is full of helpful information.

Another resource that I have found useful is The Moms Network, which is a community of moms who provide support and advice to each other on everything from parenting to career planning. They have an active Facebook group that you can join to connect with other moms.

Lastly, if you are looking for support as a student parent, you might want to check with your school's student services department. Many schools have resources available specifically for student parents, such as childcare services and support groups.

I hope this helps and wishing you all the best!



As a single parent, I can relate to the challenges of being both a working parent and the sole caregiver for your child/children. During a particularly difficult time in my journey, I found it helpful to join a support group hosted by a local non-profit organization that provided resources and guidance for single parents. The group provided a safe space for me to connect with people who shared similar experiences.

Another resource that can be incredibly helpful is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offered by many employers. The EAP is typically a confidential resource for employees to receive counseling, therapy, or even legal advice at no cost or at a reduced rate. This can be extremely beneficial when dealing with the stress of trying to balance work and family.

Lastly, I would recommend reaching out to local community centers or organizations that provide childcare services. Many of these organizations have programs specifically for single parents, including after-school care and emergency childcare for unexpected circumstances.

Remember that it's okay to ask for help; the community, resources, and support are available for working or student parents. I hope that by sharing my experience, it can be useful to someone who may be struggling to find support.


Hello everyone,

As a working father of two school-aged children, I have found that joining a local support group for working parents can be incredibly helpful. These groups may be hosted by your church, community center, or other local organizations. They provide an opportunity to connect with other parents who are also juggling work and family responsibilities, and offer a safe space to share experiences, advice, and encouragement.

Another excellent resource for working parents is LinkedIn. Many LinkedIn groups cater to professionals with kids, offering a great platform for connecting with individuals who can empathize and share expert advice. Some examples of groups that focus on working parents include the Working Parents Accomplished Professionals Network and the Parents in Business Network.

Lastly, I also recommend checking out online forums such as Reddit for working parents. There are several subreddits that may be relevant, such as r/workingparents or r/parenting. These forums can provide a wealth of information from real-world experiences, as well as ongoing support from a community that understands the challenges of maintaining work-life balance.

These are just a few suggestions that have worked for me, and I hope they help you find your supportive community of working or student parents. Remember to prioritize your mental health and self-care, as we all need a little extra support right now.

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