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How can I find fulfilling and rewarding work or educational opportunities that also allow me to be present and engaged in my child's life?

Hi everyone,

I'm a single parent who is struggling to find a balance between work and parenting. My child is the most important thing in my life, and I want to be able to provide for them while also being able to be present and engaged in their life.

I'm currently working a 9-to-5 job that doesn't allow me much flexibility when it comes to spending time with my child. I feel like I'm missing out on important moments and milestones in their life and it's taking a toll on my mental and emotional wellbeing.

So I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for fulfilling and rewarding work or educational opportunities that allow me to have more control over my schedule and be more involved in my child's life. Maybe freelance work or online learning programs? Or perhaps someone has a similar experience and can offer some advice on how to make it work?

Any suggestions and insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I am also a single parent, and I understand how hard it can be to find fulfilling work that allows you to be present for your child. In my case, I decided to start a home-based business to achieve a better work-life balance.

I began by identifying my skills and interests, focusing on things I could do from home on my own schedule. I started a freelance writing and editing business and optimized my online presence to reach as many clients as possible. This approach has allowed me to work full time, make a good living, and be there for my child.

While freelancing or starting your own business isn't for everyone, it offers tremendous flexibility and control over your schedule. Of course, there are some risks associated with it, and it can take time and energy to get it off the ground. But if you are willing to invest the effort, it can offer a rewarding and fulfilling career that allows you to be present for your child.

I hope this helps, and I wish you all the best in finding a career that works for you and your child.


Hi everyone,

I'm not a single parent, but I still understand the desire to find fulfilling work that allows for a balance between personal and professional life. In my case, I found that pursuing higher education was the best path for me to achieve this.

I enrolled in a part-time program that allowed me to continue working while also earning a degree. The flexibility of the program meant that I could attend classes on weekends or online, and the pace of the program gave me ample time to focus on personal matters.

After I completed my studies, I was able to advance in my career and took on a role with flexible hours and the ability to work from home. This allowed me to be an engaged parent while also pursuing a fulfilling career.

In conclusion, education can provide opportunities for advancing your career while also achieving the flexibility you desire. It's an investment in your future, and though it may take time and effort, the end result may be worth it.


Hello everyone,

As a working mother, I understand the challenges of finding fulfilling work while also being present for your child. In my situation, I was fortunate enough to find a company that prioritizes work-life balance and offers flexible schedules.

Initially, I worked full-time, but as my child grew older, I realized that I wanted to be more present in his life. I spoke with my employer about transitioning to part-time, and thankfully, they were accommodating. I now work three days a week and have four days off to spend time with my child.

Another option that may be worth exploring is job sharing. This is when two people share one full-time position, splitting the responsibilities and hours. While it may require some coordination and planning, it can be a great solution for parents who want to work part-time but still need some income.

Ultimately, I believe that it's important to find a work environment that aligns with your values and life goals. It may require taking the time to search for the right company or adjusting your current job, but the end result will be worth it to have a fulfilling career and be present in your child's life.

I hope this helps, and I wish you all the best in finding work that works for you and your family.


Hi there,

I completely understand where you're coming from. I'm a single parent as well and struggled with a similar issue. For me, the solution was transitioning to freelance work. It allowed me to have more control over my schedule and choose projects that would accommodate my parenting responsibilities.

However, I also experienced some challenges. Freelancing can be unpredictable and it took some time to build a reliable income stream. I had to be proactive in seeking out clients and make sure to consistently deliver quality work. That being said, the freedom and flexibility it provided made it worth the effort for me.

Additionally, I found that taking online courses helped me expand my skill set and open up new opportunities. It also allowed me to study at my own pace and not interfere with my parenting duties.

I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck in finding a solution that works for you and your child.


Hello everyone,

As a working mother of two kids, I understand how difficult it can be to find fulfilling work that also allows for a good work-life balance. In my experience, I found that working for a company that offers a compressed work week was the best choice for me.

Instead of working five eight-hour days, I work four ten-hour days, which gives me every Friday off to spend with my kids. This arrangement provides me with the freedom to attend school events or schedule appointments without having to miss work.

I also found that negotiating flexible start and end times were helpful. With this arrangement, I can start work earlier or later, depending on when I need to drop off or pick up my kids from school.

Another option that worked well for me was job sharing. This is when two employees share the duties of a full-time position, each working part-time hours. It's a great way to maintain a fulfilling career while also having more time for family.

In summary, finding a job with a flexible schedule, compressing the work week, negotiating start and end times, or job sharing are all great ways to achieve a better work-life balance. It may take some adjustment, but in the end, it can be worth the effort to have a fulfilling career and happy family life.

I hope this helps, and wish you all the best in your career and parental pursuits.


Hi there,

I totally sympathize with your problem. It's hard to balance between being a responsible parent and working full time. I would like to suggest taking a look at part-time work instead of full-time or freelance work as an option.

I personally, took part-time work teaching at a local community center where I could teach classes for about 10 hours per week with flexible schedules. It was the best option for me as a single parent to spend more time with my child and have some income. It also gave me the opportunity to teach what I love which was a bonus.

Another option that I found helpful was prioritizing and setting up a schedule. I put my child's schedule and activities first and planned my work schedule around those. So, there were times when I had to adjust my work schedule for my child's events, but it was manageable because I planned ahead.

I hope this helps in some way, and I wish you all the best.



As a single parent myself, I completely understand the struggle of balancing work and family life. One option that has worked for me is finding work that allows for flexible scheduling. I was lucky enough to find a remote customer service job that allowed me to work from home and set my own hours. It gave me the flexibility to work when my child was at school or napping, and take time off when needed to attend to their needs or appointments.

Another option that can be rewarding and fulfilling is starting your own business. While it can be challenging and require long hours in the beginning, being your own boss allows you to set your own schedule and priorities. You can also choose a business that aligns with your interests and passions, making it more rewarding in the long run.

Lastly, I found it helpful to communicate my needs and schedule with my employer or potential employers. By being upfront about my parenting responsibilities, I was able to find a more accommodating work environment that allowed me to be a present and engaged parent.

I hope this helps and wish you all the best in finding a work-life balance that works for you and your child.


Hello everyone,

As a single parent, I completely understand the struggle of finding fulfilling work that also allows more time for parenting. In my situation, I decided to start my own business as a way to have more control over my schedule and priorities.

It was a challenging decision, but once I identified my passions and interests, it was a no-brainer. I started a digital marketing business that allows me to work from home and take on clients that align with my values.

One of the benefits of having my own business is the ability to be flexible with my schedule. If my child has a school event, appointment or becomes sick, I can put my work on hold and attend to their needs. It also allows for a good balance because I can work early in the mornings, late evenings, and then spend proper time with my children during the rest of the day.

While starting your own business may be risky, it's an option that can have significant rewards as well. You can be your boss, set your priorities and save money by not having to commute or hire childcare.

In conclusion, entrepreneurship can provide options for creating a fulfilling career while also allowing more present time with your child. It's all about identifying your passions, finding the right clients and making it work for you.

I hope you find this helpful.

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