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How can I find cultural organizations or community groups that can provide support and resources for raising a multicultural family?

Hi there, I am a mother of two children who belong to different ethnic backgrounds. My husband is of Asian descent while I am Caucasian. We are trying our best to raise our children in a multicultural environment and expose them to both of their heritages. However, we are facing some challenges along the way and would love to get some support and resources from cultural organizations or community groups that have experience in handling multicultural families. Can anyone recommend such groups or organizations that we can reach out to for help? We would greatly appreciate any suggestions or advice. Thank you!

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Hello! I can relate to the challenges of raising a multicultural family as my husband is from Latin America while I am of Indian descent. When we got married, we knew we would have to navigate our cultural differences while raising children. That's when a friend of mine introduced me to a community group called "Global Family Club."

The Global Family Club is a network for families of various ethnic backgrounds, including multicultural families. Through their social networks and events, I've been able to connect with other parents raising multilingual and multicultural children. It's an inclusive and diverse community that celebrates multiculturalism and provides a safe space to share experiences and ask questions.

The Global Family Club events include cultural festivals, cooking classes, music and dance performances, and holiday celebrations. These events have been an exciting way for my family to discover new traditions and gain a deeper understanding of different cultures.

In addition to the social aspect, they also provide practical resources like language classes, mentorship programs, and tutoring for children. It's been a fantastic resource for my family, and I would highly recommend checking out the Global Family Club if you're looking for a supportive community for multicultural families.


Hello everyone, I am a father of two, and my wife and I come from different cultural backgrounds. We have been seeking ways to connect with our respective cultures as well as teach our children about them. In our search, we found an organization that has been a tremendous resource for us - the "Association of Multi-ethnic Americans" (AMEA).

AMEA is an organization that provides support, education, and advocacy for multi-ethnic families and individuals. They offer opportunities to connect with people who understand the challenges of multicultural living and can relate to the unique experiences.

AMEA also hosts cultural events, workshops, and networking activities. From my family's experience, their events create a sense of community and connection beyond cultural differences. Besides, they offer resources like guidance for dealing with opposition, raising multicultural children, and counseling.

With the help of AMEA, we have been able to teach our children about their heritage while also developing a deeper understanding of each other's cultures. It's been an amazing experience, and I highly recommend checking out AMEA if you're looking for like-minded individuals or resources to help you raise a multicultural family.


Hi there, I can relate to your situation as I am also a parent of mixed race children. My husband is African American and I am of European descent. Through my own research, I came across an organization that has been very helpful for me and my family. The organization is called "Multiracial Americans of Southern California" (MASC), and it is a non-profit organization that supports and advocates for multiracial families and individuals. They provide resources, education, advocacy, and a community for multiracial families.

MASC also hosts events that bring together multiracial families and individuals to celebrate and promote multicultural understanding. Through their events, my family has had the opportunity to meet other families with similar backgrounds and share our experiences. MASC has been a great resource for my family, and I would highly recommend that you check them out.

Also, another organization that has been beneficial for us is "Parents of Black Children" (POBC). Even though I am not black, POBC has been a great resource for us as an interracial family. They provide a safe space for parents of black children to share their experiences and receive support. This organization has helped us understand and navigate issues that our children may face because of their race.

I hope this information is helpful to you, and I wish you the best of luck in finding the support and resources that you need for your family.


Hey there! As someone who was born to mixed-race parents and raised in a multi-cultural family, I can completely understand the challenges and complexities you might be facing. While my mother is Indian, my father is British, and I grew up with a strong connection to both cultures.

To support us in raising our kids, my husband and I turned to a local community group called "Harmony Multicultural Family Center". The group is dedicated to bringing together families from diverse ethnic backgrounds to share resources, lend support, and build a sense of community. Harmony MF Center offers regular workshops, seminars, and family events that celebrate multiculturalism and provide invaluable resources for families.

They provide a safe and inclusive space where parents can connect with people within the community who share similar experiences. From attending their workshops on raising bilingual kids to participating in their storytelling events to parks and picnics, my family and I have gained an immense amount of knowledge and strength from the resources provided.

Overall, I cannot recommend it enough. It has been an incredible resource for me, my partner, and our family, and I hope it serves you well too. Best of luck, and I hope you find the support that you and your family need!


Hi there! As someone who comes from a multicultural family, I can understand the importance of seeking support and resources to navigate the complexities of cultural differences. My father is African American while my mother is Filipina, and growing up, we found a resourceful organization- "Mixed Roots Foundation."

Mixed Roots Foundation is a non-profit that focuses on providing multi-ethnic, adoptees and their families with resources and support. However, this organization also welcomes mixed-race families who are seeking a community.

Their programs and resources are comprehensive, from personal awareness to counseling, mental health services, and education. They host research programs that seek to expand the knowledge and understanding of mixed-race individuals and serve as advocates on cross-cultural community issues.

Mixed Roots Foundation also organizes various events throughout the year, such as cultural festivals, mentorship programs, and informational sessions. Furthermore, one of the best resources provided is access to their online community. Connection through virtual channels has been helpful for me as it has allowed me to connect with multiracial people from all over the world.

Overall, I have found Mixed Roots Foundation to be an incredible resource for my family that has provided support, resources, and a sense of community. They can serve as an excellent resource for raising a multicultural family. I strongly suggest checking them out if you think they can help you too.

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