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How can I ensure that my children are receiving adequate attention and support while I am working from home?

Hello everyone,

I am a working parent and, due to the ongoing pandemic, I am now working from home. While it's great to be able to spend more time with my children, I am worried about how to ensure that they receive adequate attention and support while I am working. I have two kids, aged 6 and 9, who are currently attending school virtually.

As a working parent, I am juggling a lot of responsibilities and my job can be demanding at times. I don't want my kids to feel neglected or overlooked while I am focused on work. I also want to make sure that they are getting the help and guidance they need to be successful in their virtual classes.

So, I am wondering if anyone has any tips or strategies for balancing work and parenting while working from home. How can I ensure that my children are receiving adequate attention and support while I am working? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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I totally understand your situation because I too am a working parent with two kids who are currently studying from home. I am a freelancer, so I have very little control over my work schedule and deadlines. Initially, it seemed impossible to give my kids the attention and support they needed while keeping up with my work. However, I have developed some strategies that have been working well for me.

The first thing I did was to create a schedule that worked for both me and my kids. I would start my work early in the morning before my kids woke up and work for a few hours. This way, I could finish up some of my work, and when my kids were up, I could help them with their school work.

Secondly, I tried to be flexible with my work schedule. Sometimes, my kids would need more attention or help than I had anticipated, so I would take a quick break from work to give them the attention they needed. I would then resume my work once they were sorted.

Thirdly, I made sure to involve my kids in my work and update them on my schedule. They loved to hear about my work and would often give me ideas or insights on how to approach a problem. I also let them know when I had a big project or deadline approaching, so they knew when they could expect me to be working more.

Lastly, I made sure to take breaks regularly, both to rest and spend some quality time with my kids. Even going for a walk with them during a break helped break the monotony of work and gave us all a refreshing change of scene.

I hope these strategies help you find a work-life balance while working from home with your kids.


Hi there,

I'm a working parent of three children aged 10, 8, and 6 who are currently attending school remotely due to the pandemic. Balancing work and parenting has been challenging for me as well, but I've found a few strategies that work well for my family.

Firstly, I try to keep my kids engaged in educational activities while I'm working. I've found some excellent resources online, such as educational games and videos, that they can work with to sustain their interest in learning.

Secondly, I've set clear boundaries between work and leisure time. I devote time for work and time for family, creating a routine that balances the two. Having a schedule which includes deliberate work-study sessions followed by downtime works excellently to create a balance for me.

I also make the most of technology to stay connected with my kids even when I'm working. I use video conferencing apps to check in with them during work breaks and board game apps to play games with them.

Finally, I also try to be flexible about work hours. I have found that working remotely often means that I can complete my work outside of traditional 9-5 working hours. This allows me to spend quality time with my kids during the day when they need me the most.

Overall, I believe that with good planning, a flexible work schedule, and a supportive family, it is possible to balance work and parenting while working from home.



As a working parent of a 3-year-old child, I have also been trying to navigate the challenges of working from home while taking care of my child. It has not been an easy journey, but I have found that certain strategies have helped me immensely.

One of the things that have helped me the most is creating a flexible work schedule. It allows me to work according to my child's sleeping and playing schedule. I can plan to work during their nap times or when they're engaged in other activities that don't require my attention.

Another strategy that has worked well for me is involving my child in my work. For instance, I let them draw or color in my workspace while I'm finishing up work. Sometimes, I request them to make useful comments on my work.

Lastly, I also make sure I take frequent breaks to play or spend quality time with them. Toddlers require constant attention, and so making sure you are available when they need you can help avoid tantrums and disruptions during work hours.

In conclusion, It is not easy balancing work and parenting while working from home with a young child. However, with a few adjustments in schedule and some creativity, it's possible to strike a balance between the two.


Hi there,

I completely understand what you're going through because I've been in a similar situation. When the pandemic started, I had to start working from home while my two kids, aged 7 and 10, were also attending school virtually. It was challenging at first, but I soon found a way to balance work and parenting.

One thing that worked well for me was to set up a designated workspace. This helped me separate work from family time and allowed me to focus on work without any distractions. I made sure that my workspace was in a separate room with a door that I could close so that my kids knew not to disturb me unless it was an emergency.

Another thing that helped was to communicate with my kids about my work schedule. I let them know when I would be working and when I would be available to help them with schoolwork or other activities. This helped them understand my schedule and allowed them to ask for help when they needed it.

I also set up a daily routine for my kids that included time for schoolwork, physical activity, and playtime. This helped them stay on track with their virtual classes and kept them occupied while I was working.

Overall, my advice would be to find a routine that works for you and your family. Communicate with your kids and set expectations for your work schedule. Set up a designated workspace that allows you to focus on work without distractions. And don't forget to take breaks and spend some quality time with your kids. Good luck!



I can completely understand how you feel. As a working parent with a 5-year-old, I have been facing similar challenges while working from home. I have found a few strategies to ensure my child gets the support he needs while I am working.

To keep my child occupied while I am working, I have come up with a few activities that he can do independently. For example, I help him create a daily schedule of activities we will do together, like reading stories, doing arts and crafts, and having a snack time. Sometimes, I’ll also leave some simple puzzles or coloring books and games around the house for him to play with when I am occupied with work.

Another thing that has worked well for me is setting expectations about when he could expect my attention. I let him know when I'm occupied and make sure to cut that time a little short. And then, I set clear boundaries for work hours and off-hours. This helps me to be more productive when I am working and present when I am spending time with him.

Finally, I've also been trying to incorporate fun activities into our daily routine, such as playing indoor games and dancing. This helps to break the monotony of work for both of us and keeps our spirits up.

In conclusion, with lots of energy, constant communication, and being creative with activities - it’s possible to work from home and give our kids the support they need.



As a working parent of a 14-year-old, I understand that balancing work and parenting while working from home can be challenging. But, over the past few months, I've found strategies that work well for my family.

One thing that has helped is creating a weekly family schedule that takes everyone's work and school schedules into account. We sit down at the beginning of each week and plan out our days together. Having a clearly defined schedule enables us to avoid conflicts, streamline our routines, and gives us all a sense of predictability in our daily lives.

Another strategy that has worked well for me is taking advantage of my work's flexibility to take short breaks throughout the day to check in with my child. Walk into their room, ask about their day, and also establish a daily ritual of a meal or walk together to maintain some quality time together.

I have also found that establishing boundaries with my family is important. Just because I work from home does not mean I'm readily available every moment of the day. Setting limits, like using the 'Do not disturb' function on your phone while you're on work calls, can help you stay focused and productive during work hours.

To summarize, effective communication and planning are key to balancing work and parenting while working from home. Establishing a schedule, taking short breaks throughout the day, setting boundaries, and maintaining communication with your family, can all help you create a conducive environment that works for everyone.



I am a working parent of a 12-year-old who is currently attending online classes due to the pandemic. When I began working from home, I knew it would be a challenge to balance work and being there for my kid as well. But I have found a way to make it work for us.

My strategy is to create a daily task list for both myself and my kid. I assign specific tasks for my kid to complete during the day and check on his progress every few hours. Moreover, I plan my daily work around my kid's schedule, and in case they need help, I take off the time to assist. This way, we both stay on track and no specific work lags behind.

Since I work remotely, I have set up a designated workspace that is separate from the rest of the house. It makes it easier to focus better when I'm in that space. Plus, my kid knows when I'm in that space, I'm at work, and he should not interrupt me unless it's urgent.

We have also started a unique morning routine where we both exercise together. It helps my kid wipe off fatigue from the previous day and gives me an added time to spend with him before work.

To summarize, I believe that creating a routine and a schedule that works for both you and your kid is essential. Try to work around your kid's schedule, maintain a designated workspace, and create a list of tasks your kid can work on when you're busy. Additionally, every time your kid needs your help, try to be flexible and fulfill their request.

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