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How can I ensure my child does not get dehydrated during bath time?

Hi everyone,

I'm a new mom and have been wondering lately about how to ensure my baby does not get dehydrated during bath time. I usually give my baby a quick bath every day, and I've noticed that after a while, he starts to look a little dried out. I'm worried that this might be contributing to dehydration, especially since he's still breastfeeding and not drinking a lot of water yet.

I was wondering if any other parents out there have experienced something similar or have any tips on how to keep your baby hydrated during bath time. Are there any particular products or techniques you recommend for keeping the skin moisturized and preventing dehydration? Or should I try to shorten the time of our baths altogether?

Thanks in advance for any advice you might have!

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Hi everyone,

As a mother of two, I also had concerns about keeping my children hydrated during bath time. One thing that worked for me was using a bath thermometer, which really helped me regulate the water temperature to minimize any risks of dehydration due to hot water. I would recommend investing in one as this will give you peace of mind during bath time.

Additionally, I noticed that the air temperature in the room can contribute to dehydration of the skin. Therefore, I would often turn on a humidifier or diffuse some essential oils like lavender or chamomile, which create a calming and hydrating effect to the skin during bath time.

I also made a habit of applying a product like petroleum jelly or baby oil to retain moisture after the bath, especially in areas where the skin is prone to dryness like the elbows, knees, and face. For babies over six months old, a specially formulated lotion containing emollients and natural moisturizers can also help to soothe irritated and dry skin.

Finally, as a general precaution, I would recommend cutting down the total bath time and frequency of baths, especially during hot summer months. This helps to prevent the skin from losing too much water or having to adjust constantly to hot water opportunities.

I hope these tips help keep your child's skin healthy and hydrated during bath time!



When my child was a baby, I also worried about keeping her hydrated during bath time as the skin can easily become dehydrated after prolonged exposure to water. As a solution, I started using a hydrating baby wash and shampoo. I found that it reduced the dryness in her skin after bath time. I also shortened her bath time to five minutes and this helped to prevent dehydration.

Moreover, providing her with hydration as well was important. I would sometimes nurse her before bath time so that she could already get some milk into her system or I would give her an ounce or two of water during the bath with a practice cup.

Additionally, I always made sure to pat her skin dry, instead of rubbing it, with a soft towel to prevent the skin from getting irritated. After drying her skin, I would apply a baby moisturizer to her skin, especially in areas that were prone to dryness.

These tips worked well for me and I hope they help you too.


Hi everyone,

I had the same concern with my baby during bath time, especially when they have a history of eczema, which makes their skin more prone to dehydration. Something that worked for me was to add a few drops of pure oil to the bathwater to lock moisture onto the skin. I liked using jojoba or almond oil but you could also use a calendula-infused oil as it has been known to soothe eczema and sensitive skin.

I also discovered that using oatmeal in the bathwater helped to soothe and hydrate dry skin. Oatmeal contains natural lipids that can help replenish the moisture on the skin. The way to use it is to grind the oatmeal using a food processor into a fine powder, then add it to a lukewarm bath and let your baby soak for about 10 minutes.

Finally, I would recommend reducing the frequency of bathing to only two or three times per week, and consider wiping them down with a damp cloth for the days between. Also, make sure to dry your baby's skin thoroughly after bathing or wiping down to avoid any further irritation.

I hope these tips help you as much as it did mine.


Hello all,

During my daughter's infancy, I also faced the same challenge with keeping her skin hydrated during bath time. One thing that worked for us was to use warm water instead of hot water during bath time. I always checked the temperature of the water using a digital thermometer to ensure that it was not too hot as heat can exacerbate dehydration.

Moreover, I limited our bath time to just a few minutes and used a soft washcloth instead of a sponge to clean her skin gently. I also found that using a gentle baby soap along with a good moisturizer helped to preserve the natural oils in her skin, which in turn helped to keep it hydrated.

After drying my daughter's skin, I made sure to apply baby lotion all over her body. Sometimes, I would also use a specific eczema-friendly lotion, which made a huge difference in keeping her skin from getting too dry.

I hope these tips help you as much as they helped me. Remember, if you notice significant dryness or irritation, always seek advice from a pediatrician.


Hi there,

I remember when my son was a baby, I also had the same concerns as you during bath time. I found that using a gentle baby soap and limiting the length of the bath helped to prevent his skin from drying out too much. I also made sure to use a baby lotion after his bath to moisturize his skin and keep it hydrated.

Another thing that helped was giving him a small cup of water to drink during bath time. This not only helped him stay hydrated, but also made bath time more fun as he enjoyed splashing around with the cup.

In addition, I would recommend checking the temperature of the water to ensure it is not too hot. Hot water can dry out the skin and contribute to dehydration. And always be sure to keep an eye on your baby while they are in the water - never leave them unattended!

Hope these tips help!


Hi all,

As a first-time parent, when my daughter was a baby, I was also worried about keeping her hydrated during bath time, especially during seasons when the air was dry—such as winter. I used a humidifier in her room to keep the air moist, which helped to prevent dehydration of her skin. I would advise you to try this out.

Moreover, I found that the type of soap or bath products that you use can also play a role in maintaining skin hydration. I recommend looking for gentle, unscented, and moisturizing baby soap and shampoo appropriate for your baby's skin. And limit the frequency of using soaps or shampoos to two times a week.

I never let my daughter stay in the water for an extended period. I would ensure that our bath time was limited and focus on gentle cleaning activities. After bathing her or changing her diapers, I made sure to apply a diaper zinc oxide cream and body moisturizer before dressing her up to help to maintain moisture on her skin.

These are the things that worked for me, and I hope that they can help you with the same concern.



During my son's infancy, I faced the same concern regarding dehydration during bath time. I remember that my midwife recommended using a natural oil or aloe vera after the bath to help maintain the moisture on his skin. I found that applying a natural oil, like almond or coconut oil, right after the bath really helped lock the moisture in.

Also, I discovered that lukewarm water instead of hot water could be helpful in preventing dehydration. Hot water tends to dry out the skin, and lukewarm water helped to avoid this issue. I used a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the water, and I made sure it wasn't too hot before putting my son into the water.

Additionally, I tried to limit the length of bath time to only a few minutes. Babies don't need long or frequent baths, so this helped reduce the extent of dehydration or drying out. Finally, I made sure he had time for breastfeeding or bottle feeding before and after the bath to make sure he was hydrated from the inside.

These little tweaks helped me a lot keeping my son hydrated during bath time.


Hello everyone,

When my son was a baby, I also had concerns about keeping his skin hydrated during bath time. One thing that worked quite well was to use a well-balanced shower filter. I found that unfiltered tap water contains high levels of chlorine and other chemicals, which can cause dryness and irritate sensitive baby skin. When I started using a shower filter, my son's skin became softer and less prone to dehydration.

Another thing that worked was incorporating some gentle massage therapy with some oil, like coconut, avocado, or grapeseed, into our routine. Massage was not only a bonding experience for us, but the oil kept my little one's skin hydrated long after the bath ended. I would mix a few drops of the oil into his bathwater and I would also apply it onto his skin after his bath.

I would also advise doing a patch test before using new baby products. Some babies might have sensitivities or allergies to certain products that you might have to take note of. By doing a simple patch test, you can see if the product causes any reaction on a small area of the skin before applying it to the whole body.

I hope these tips help keep your baby's skin hydrated and healthy during bath time.

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