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How can I encourage my child to be physically active?

Hello everyone,

I've been really struggling with getting my child to be physically active lately. My child is a bit of a couch potato and spends most of their free time sitting around playing video games or watching TV. As a parent, I want my child to be healthy and active, but I'm not sure how to encourage them to get up and move.

I've tried suggesting different activities and sports, but my child doesn't seem interested in anything. I've also tried limiting screen time and encouraging outdoor play, but my child prefers to stay inside.

I want to make sure my child is getting enough exercise and staying healthy, but I'm not sure what else to do. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Hi everyone,

I've been in the same boat as many of you regarding getting my child to be physically active, and I wanted to share what has worked for us. First and foremost, it's important to make physical activity fun for your child. We found that playing games like tag, hide-and-seek, and obstacle courses in the backyard was a hit with our child, and they didn't even realize they were getting exercise.

Another thing that has worked for us is setting aside specific times for physical activity. We started by designating Saturday afternoons as "family activity time," where we would take a hike, play soccer or frisbee, or try out a new activity together. Eventually, our child began to look forward to this time, and we added more physical activity into our week as well.

Lastly, we found that setting realistic and achievable goals helped to motivate our child to be active. We started with small goals, like doing ten jumping jacks, and then increased the difficulty as our child got stronger and more confident. Seeing progress and being encouraged with positive reinforcement has helped to keep our child engaged and interested in being physically active.

I hope these tips are helpful, and remember to be patient and consistent. With some effort, you can encourage your child to be physically active and develop healthy habits for life.


Hi there,

I completely understand your concerns as a parent. My child was also like that before, spending most of his leisure time playing video games and watching TV. However, I found out that setting a good example by being active myself helped encourage him. We started doing activities together such as hiking, cycling, and swimming, which he really enjoyed.

Another thing that worked for us was finding an activity or sport that he was interested in. We tried a few different things until we found what he liked, which turned out to be martial arts. Now, he attends classes regularly and has also made new friends through it.

I would also recommend incorporating physical activity into your child's daily routine, such as walking or biking to school or doing household chores that require movement. And finally, praise and support your child's efforts to be active, even if it's just small steps at first.

I hope this helps, and best of luck to you and your child!


Hi all,

As a parent, I completely understand the challenge of getting children to be physically active. I struggled with this myself, and it took some trial and error to find what worked for my kids. One thing that was important for me was to make sure my kids had access to different types of activities that they could enjoy.

I took them to the local park to play on the playground equipment, signed them up for swimming and gym classes, and looked for community events that were geared toward kids. I also made sure to involve them in the process of choosing which activities we would do so that they felt like they had a say.

Another tip that has worked for me is setting achievable goals with rewards. For example, if my child could ride their bike without training wheels for a certain distance, I would reward them with a fun outing to the zoo. This helped them stay motivated and gave them something to work towards.

Lastly, I found that leading by example was important. If my kids saw me being physically active, they were more likely to want to join in. Plus, it's always fun to do activities as a family!

I hope these tips help you encourage your child to be physically active. Good luck!


Hello everyone,

I understand the challenge of motivating children to become more physically active, as my own child was quite resistant to any form of exercise. What worked best for us was creating an environment that was conducive to physical activity. We made sure our backyard and house had enough space for our child to run around, play and move freely.

Another thing that helped us was getting our child involved in group sports or other activities. We enrolled our child in a local soccer team and also got them interested in dancing. As they spent more time with like-minded children, they began to see the fun in physical activity.

Additionally, we found that giving our child choices and some control in deciding on what types of physical activities to do was helpful. For instance, we let them choose between going for a hike or a bike ride, or deciding what form of physical activity they wanted to engage in.

Lastly, as parents, we set a positive example by leading by example, which made our child more inclined to follow suit. We made sure we lived an active lifestyle, and we talked about how it made us feel healthy and happy, encouraging our child to see it as a desirable lifestyle choice.

With patience and a bit of creativity, every child can be encouraged to be more physically active. Remember, the key is to make physical activity enjoyable and to provide an environment that fosters it.

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