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How can I create a positive and supportive home environment for my children while also managing the stresses of work or school?

Hi everyone, I'm a working mother of two young children. I really want to create a positive and supportive home environment for my kids, but it's hard to manage that while also dealing with work stresses and sometimes even school stresses (I'm a student too!). I often feel guilty that I'm not spending enough quality time with my kids or that I'm not giving them the emotional support they need. How can I balance everything and ensure that my kids feel loved and supported at home?

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Hi there, I can completely understand what you are going through. Being a working mother myself, I can understand how challenging it can be to manage both work and personal life. However, this should not bring any negative impact on your children, they are the most important part of our lives.

One of the things I have found helpful is creating a routine. By having a set schedule, it helps me manage my time more efficiently, and ensure that I'm not neglecting any important area of my life. This routine can apply to every aspect of my life such as work, exercise, spending time with family, and other activities.

Another thing that can make a significant difference is being present, both physically and emotionally. You must do your best to be present in the moment with your kids, without worrying about work or anything else that may be going on. Having up-to-date communication with your children can also be helpful, like asking them how their day went, what they learned, and how they are feeling.

Lastly, don't be too hard on yourself. Juggling everything can be tough and it's normal to feel overwhelmed. Try to be kind to yourself and extend the same kindness to your children. Creating a positive and loving environment at home is all about patience and perseverance.


Hello everyone! I am a father of two young children and I can completely understand the struggle to manage a career and personal life while ensuring that your kids get the attention they deserve. One thing that has helped me in creating a positive home environment is involving my children in decision-making.

Involving children in decision-making can have a significant positive impact on their confidence and empowerment, and also make them feel valued by their parents. This can be as simple as asking them what they want for dinner, or finding activities that the entire family can participate in.

It's also important to limit distractions when you're spending time with your children. This means putting away your phone, laptop, and anything else that might distract you from being present with your kids. Play with them, read them a book, or simply listen to what they have to say. These interactions will not only help you build a positive relationship with your children, but it will also help you unwind from any work-related stress.

Lastly, celebrate the successes - big or small. Celebrating accomplishments with kids can help them feel recognized and proud of their achievements. It's also a great way to build a positive environment. Acknowledge when they have completed a task or achieved something they worked hard for. This will encourage them to continue striving towards success, while also bringing more positivity into the home!


Hello everyone, I can strongly relate to the challenges of maintaining a positive home environment while balancing a demanding work and personal schedule. What has worked for me is setting boundaries, something that can be challenging but very beneficial.

Boundaries can be applied to all aspects of your life. For example, when you get home from work, consider dedicating the next hour to your children. Make sure that during that hour, you're fully present, and not getting lost on your phone or laptop. During this time, you could play, read with them or even go outside for a quick walk with them.

Another factor that has worked for me has been making the most of my weekend. Consider spending a few hours, both individually and collectively, doing things that bring you and your family the most joy. This can be anything from going to a park, playing games, baking cookies, or even doing chores all together. Anything that upkeeps the bond between you and your family is a valuable use of your time.

Lastly, practice patience, especially when the work or school demands can become overwhelming. When challenges happen, it's important to try and remain calm and show your children that even times that may be tough, they are still a priority. Young children tend to mimic their parent's behavior patterns, so it may be helpful in minimizing stress and being more patient with your children’s actions.


I can definitely relate to your situation. I'm a father of three and I work full time while my wife also works part-time. Balancing work and family life can be tough, but it's important to prioritize and make time for your kids. One thing that has worked for me is setting aside specific times during the week for family time, like movie nights or game nights. This helps me to focus on spending quality time with my kids without feeling distracted by work or school.

Another thing that has been helpful is making sure my kids know that they can come to me with any problems or concerns they may have. I try to be open and approachable so that they feel comfortable talking to me about anything. This helps us to build a strong and supportive relationship.

Lastly, it's important to take care of yourself too. Stress can have a negative impact on parenting, so finding ways to de-stress and take care of your mental health is essential. Whether it's going for a run, practicing mindfulness, or taking a bubble bath, finding ways to recharge yourself will ultimately benefit your whole family.


Hello everyone, as a mother of three, I can definitely relate to the struggle of creating a positive home environment while managing the stresses of work or school. One thing that has worked for me is teaching my children the value of life skills in the day to day routine.

For example, I involve my children in cooking dinner for the family, my older children help with grocery shopping and my youngest assists me in setting the table. By collaborating with my children and making them feel like an integral part of the process, I not only teach them essential life skills but also build a positive environment.

Another essential thing to keep in mind is to set aside some one on one time with each child. This doesn't have to be a big outing, something small like a walk to the park or playing a board game together for fifteen minutes can make a huge difference. This helps kids to feel heard and an important part of the family.

Lastly, I encourage positive communication with my children. I have always been outspoken about my feelings, my day, and my experiences. This has translated to my children being unafraid of vocalizing their emotions at home, and this has created a supportive environment. Letting them know that they can always come and talk to me about anything, without judgment helps keep the family environment positive and happy.

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