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How can I create a designated workspace that is both conducive to work and comfortable for my family?

Hi everyone,

I have been working from home for a long time now and it's been a bit of a struggle to create a designated workspace that is comfortable for me to work in and at the same time enjoyable for my family to spend time in. I don't have a separate room for an office, so I have to use my living room or dining area as my workspace.

I want to create a workspace that can provide me with the right kind of environment that allows me to focus on my work and stay productive while also making it comfortable for my family to be around. I have tried setting up a table in a corner of the living room, but it doesn't feel like a workspace and doesn't provide the necessary privacy. On the other hand, setting up an office in the dining room makes it difficult for my family to use the space during meal times.

So, I am looking for some advice on how I can create a designated workspace that is both conducive to work and comfortable for my family. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello everyone,

I recently faced a similar dilemma of wanting to create a designated workspace that would also be comfortable for my family. I live in a small apartment, so I didn't have a separate room to convert into an office space. Therefore, I had to come up with creative solutions to make the available space both work-friendly and family-friendly.

First of all, I invested in a compact and foldable desk that I can easily take out when I need to work and fold away when I'm done. This way, I can keep my workspace out of sight when it's not in use and make space for my family to use the area for other purposes.

Secondly, I set up my workspace in a corner of the living room and used a room divider screen to create some separation between my work area and the rest of the space. This gave me a sense of privacy and allowed me to focus on work without being distracted by other activities going on in the living room.

To make the space more comfortable and inviting for my family, I added some soft cushions and throw pillows to my chair, some wall art and a small indoor fountain to make the space more pleasant and relaxing.

Overall, creating a designated workspace that is both conducive to work and comfortable for your family takes some planning and creativity, especially in smaller spaces. My experience has taught me that by finding innovative solutions and creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, it's possible to make your workspace work for both you and your family.



I completely understand the need to create a designated workspace that is both professional and comfortable for your family. I have a small apartment with limited space, but I managed to create a workspace that works for both me and my family.

Here's what I did - I divided a section of the living room into two areas – one for work and one for play. For the play area, I created a small nook with a table and some storage space for my family's books and toys. This way, they could engage in some activity while I work, without disturbing me.

For my workspace, I set up a minimalistic desk with a chair by the window, facing the wall. This gave me the necessary sunlight and fresh air, while also providing enough privacy for me. To enhance the work atmosphere, I added a touch of green with some plants, a small whiteboard, and some motivational posters.

I also invested in good lighting to make the workspace comfortable even after sunset. By using some warm light bulbs, I created a cozy environment where I could work comfortably and also relax during breaks.

In conclusion, creating a designated workspace that caters to both work and family needs can be a bit challenging, especially in small spaces. However, with some creative thinking and practical measures, you can create a comfortable and inviting workspace that also doubles as a living area for your family.



I can definitely relate to the struggle of finding a designated workspace that works for both myself and my family. When I started working from home, I had to convert my guest room into an office space. However, I found that the space felt too isolated and wasn't inviting for my family.

So, what I did was make the workspace more versatile. Instead of having a typical office setup with a desk and chair, I opted for a standing desk converter that allows me to switch between sitting and standing positions while I work. This made the room feel less like an office and more like a multipurpose room.

In addition, I added some greenery and decorative pieces to the space, and opted for a natural color scheme. This helped make the space more cozy and inviting, while still keeping it professional for work purposes.

Lastly, I made an effort to keep the space clean and organized. This way, it doesn't feel like a cluttered workspace and everyone feels more comfortable in the room, even if I'm working.

Overall, creating a designated workspace that is both comfortable for yourself and your family can be challenging, but with some creativity and practical thinking, you can definitely create a space that works for everyone.


Hi there,

I completely understand where you're coming from as I had a similar issue when I started working from home. I found that the key to creating a designated workspace that's comfortable for my family is to find a balance between function and design.

Firstly, I invested in a good quality desk that has ample space for my work materials and fits well into the overall design of my living room. To make it feel like a workspace, I added a lamp, organizer trays, and some desk accessories to create a professional atmosphere.

Secondly, I set up some boundaries for myself and my family. For instance, I designated specific work hours during which everyone else in the house knows not to disturb me. This ensures that I can focus on my work while my family knows when I am available to spend time with them.

Lastly, I made an effort to make the space inviting for my family as well. I added some comfortable seating where they can relax while I'm working, and some area rugs to make the workspace feel less sterile.

All in all, striking a balance between functionality and design can create a workspace that fosters productivity while still being comfortable for your family. Hope this helps!

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