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Has anyone used a Co-Sleeper for twins?

Hello everyone,

I am expecting twins soon, and I am trying to figure out how to make sleeping arrangements for them. I recently came across the concept of a Co-Sleeper, which is essentially a bedside crib that allows parents to sleep close to their baby without having to share the same bed. I love the idea of having my babies close to me at night, but I am wondering if anyone has experience using a Co-Sleeper for twins?

I am curious to hear about the pros and cons of using a Co-Sleeper for twins, how it worked for you, and if you have any specific recommendations for which Co-Sleeper to use. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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Hi all,

As a father of twin babies who used a Co-Sleeper, I want to share my experience with you. We opted for the HALO Bassinest Twin Sleeper and it turned out to be a great choice. It provided ample space for our babies to sleep comfortably, which was a relief as they moved around a lot in their sleep.

I found the Co-Sleeper particularly helpful during the first few weeks when the babies needed to be fed frequently during the night. Having them within arm's reach prevented me from having to walk across the room to feed them and allowed us to get back to sleep quickly.

However, one downside is that the Co-Sleeper isn't exactly budget-friendly. Additionally, I found that as the babies grew, it became challenging to fit them both comfortably on the Co-Sleeper. At some point, we had to switch to a different sleeping arrangement as they simply outgrew it.

Overall, I think a Co-Sleeper is an excellent option for twin parents looking to keep their babies nearby during the night. Just be prepared for the investment required and be mindful of how it will work as your babies continue to grow.


Hi everyone,

My twin babies slept in the BABYBJORN Cradle for their first few months, and we had a great experience with it. It is small and lightweight, yet sturdy and secure enough for newborns.

I appreciated the gentle rocking feature, which helped soothe my babies to sleep on occasions when they were fussy or had trouble falling asleep. The mesh sides also allowed for optimal airflow and visibility, which added peace of mind.

One downside is that the cradle has a weight limit of 17 pounds, which my twins outgrew quickly. It is also costly compared to other cradles available in the market, so it may not be in everyone's budget.

Overall, I would recommend the BABYBJORN Cradle for twin parents who want a compact and well-made co-sleeping option for their newborns. It truly helped us get through those first few months with ease.


Hi everyone,

We used the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet for our twin babies and it was a great decision for us. This bassinet provided ample space for both babies to sleep allowing for added closeness and peace of mind.

One of our favorite features on the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet was the two-speed vibration feature, which helped soothe our little ones to sleep. The bassinet also comes with five different lullabies and nature sounds that kept them relaxed and sleeping soundly throughout the night.

We also found the storage space beneath the bassinet very convenient as it provided a place for baby essentials like diapers and wipes, making them easily accessible when needed.

However, on the downside, the built-in changing table and the attached storage compartment are not removable which made it difficult for us to clean it thoroughly, so we ended up using the changing table less frequently.

In summary, the Graco Dream Suite Bassinet is a fantastic option for twin parents who want a cozy, versatile, and affordable co-sleeping solution that provides all the necessary features to ensure your babies sleep safely and peacefully.



My wife and I used the Delta Children EZ Fold Ultra Compact Travel Bedside Bassinet for our twin babies and it was a game-changer for us. We purchased it after trying several other Co-Sleepers and this one was by far the best.

The main reason we loved it was its portability. We could easily fold it flat and put it away when we needed to, which was very convenient. The mesh sides of the bassinet also allowed us to keep a close eye on our babies without having to get up.

Another benefit was that it came with a waterproof mattress pad and fitted sheet, which made it easy to clean up any messes quickly without having to completely remove the entire bassinet sheet.

However, the bassinet did have a weight capacity limit, so we had to stop using it altogether once our babies got too heavy for it. Also, the mattress provided was not very thick and comfortable, so we ended up putting a pillow-top mattress pad on it for extra comfort.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Delta Children EZ Fold Ultra Compact Travel Bedside Bassinet to other twin parents looking for a portable, compact, and affordable co-sleeping option.


Hi there,

I used a Co-Sleeper for my twin babies and it worked out really well for us. We used the Arm's Reach Clear-Vue Co-Sleeper, which allowed us to have both babies sleeping within arm's reach throughout the night.

One of the biggest benefits was being able to soothe them quickly during nighttime feedings without having to get out of bed or walk to their cribs. It also made it easier to ensure that they were safe and secure throughout the night.

However, on the downside, the Co-Sleeper does take up space in the bedroom and you may need to move furniture around to make room for it. Additionally, we found that as the twins got bigger, it became more difficult to get them in and out of the Co-Sleeper.

Overall, I highly recommend a Co-Sleeper for twin parents, but do your research to find one that works best for your family's needs and budget.



I used the Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper for my twin babies and it worked out great for us. It was cost-effective and easy to fit into our bedroom without taking up too much space.

The mesh walls of the Bassinet made it easy to check on my babies without getting up, and safely co-slept with us throughout the night. It was also convenient to have them nearby for breastfeeding during the night as I saved up on time and energy.

However, the mattress provided was not as comfortable as we would have liked it to be, and hence, we had to buy an additional cushion for better comfort. And as my babies grew, it became tough for both of them to fit in the bassinet together, so we had to find an alternate option.

In conclusion, Co-Sleepers for twins take out the fuss of walking around during the night and keep your babies close and safe. Different Co-Sleepers work for different families, so do your research to determine which option works best for your family.


Hello everyone,

We used the Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet for our twin babies and were very happy with it. It provided ample space for both of them to sleep comfortably and also had several features that made it easy to soothe them.

The bassinet had a range of motion and calming vibrations that helped our babies to fall asleep more easily. Additionally, the canopy and projection mobile provided a soothing visual stimulus that was delightful for them and helped them nod off much quicker.

On the downside, the Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet is quite large and bulky, so it may not be suitable for families that have limited space. Also, it is quite pricey and may not be within everyone's budget.

Overall, we found that the features on this bassinet were very helpful in settling our babies, and we enjoyed using it overall as it brought peaceful nights to our family.

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