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Can you share your favorite babywearing positions for different ages and stages of a baby's development?

Hi everyone,

I'm a first-time mom and my little one is growing up fast! I have been using a baby carrier from the beginning, but I’m looking to switch up the positions I use as my baby grows and develops. I’m not sure which positions are best for which stage or age.

Can you share your favorite babywearing positions for different ages and stages of a baby's development? My baby is currently 4 months old and starting to show signs of wanting to see more of the world. Thank you in advance for your advice and insights!

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Hello, congratulations on your little one! I'm a mother of two kids, and I've been using baby carriers for both of them, so I hope my experience can be helpful to you.

At around four months, I found the tummy-to-tummy position the most comfortable and practical, as my baby was extra clingy at that stage. It also helps in comforting the baby and bonding, especially when breastfed. As my baby grew older, I transitioned to the back carry position, starting at around six months. It was a game-changer for me, as I found that I could get a lot more done around the house or while out and about, and it also became more comfortable as my baby's weight increased.

When my older child was eight months old, I started using the hip carry position, which allowed me to carry her weight more comfortably while still letting her have a view of her surroundings. This position was particularly great for exploring the world outside, like going to the zoo or running errands.

I found that different carriers also had a significant impact on which position worked best for me and my baby at different stages. I preferred woven wraps for the cradle and hug positions and buckle carriers for the back carry and hip carry positions.

Keep in mind that every baby is unique, meaning the experience you have with one may not necessarily reflect others. So, it’s good to try out different positions and carriers and see what works best for you and your baby. Good luck with your baby-wearing journey!



I have been using a baby carrier since my little one was born, and I’ve found that different positions work better at different times. When my baby was around 4 months old, and was getting a hang of his head control, I found that the front-facing-in position worked best for us. Not only was it more comfortable to wear him this way, but it also helped him bond with me as he could hear my heartbeat and feel close to me while still being able to look around.

As he got older and more active, we moved onto the hip carry and the back carry positions. With the hip carry, he could look around and feel more independent while still being close to me for comfort. Plus, the weight of the baby is more evenly distributed, which makes it easier on my back. With the back carry, it's easy to go about your day with your hands free, but it does take some time to get used to feeling comfortable and secure with the position.

One thing I’ve learned about babywearing is that it's essential to listen to your body as well as your baby. Even though a particular position or carrier may work well for other moms and their babies, it's important to find what's comfortable for you and your baby. You don’t want to strain your back and neck by wearing poorly fitting carriers or incorrect positions.

All in all, babywearing has been very rewarding for me and my baby, and I hope it is for you too!


Hi there!

I've been using a baby carrier with my little one since he was born, and we've tried out a few different positions as he's grown. When my baby was around 4 months old, I found that the hip carry position was great for him. It allowed him to see more of the world and he also felt more secure being able to hold onto my body with his hands.

Now that my baby is about 8 months old, we've been loving the forward-facing position. He is very curious and loves to see everything around him, so being able to face outward in the carrier has been wonderful for him. It can be a bit more challenging for me to wear him in this position for longer periods of time, but it's worth it to see how much he enjoys it.

For the earlier stages, I found that the hug hold and cradle hold positions were most comfortable for both me and my baby. The hug hold was great for walks and around the house, while the cradle hold was perfect for when my baby was napping and I needed my hands free.

Hope this helps and happy babywearing!


Hi there!

I have two children, and I’ve been using baby carriers for years. For a 4-month-old, the cradle hold and the front-facing-in position worked great for me. But, it's important to ensure the baby's head and neck are both properly supported. At this stage of development, the baby’s neck requires extra support, so tummy-to-tummy and front-facing-in are perfect for keeping your baby comfortable and secure.

When my children grew up a bit, I began using the back carry position, starting at around 6-8 months. I found that this position allowed me to carry a heavier weight for an extended period, and it provided great views for children who love to look around. This position also helped me to engage with my children more easily, since they're in constant contact with me.

Regardless of the age of the baby, it's crucial to find a carrier that works for you, even if you're just starting. I tried a few different carriers until I found one that fit my body properly and was comfortable for hours at a time. Keep in mind that every baby is different, and as a parent, you'll have to adjust to your baby's habits, so be open to experimentation.

In summary, baby carriers are perfect for any stage of your baby's growth, and different positions may work better for different stages - just listen to your baby's needs and find a carrier that is comfortable and supportive.

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