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Can you recommend a good baby carrier for breastfeeding on the go?

Hello everyone,

I am a new mom and I am looking for recommendations for a good baby carrier that will allow me to breastfeed my baby on the go. I have a very active lifestyle and I would love to have the convenience of breastfeeding my baby while out and about without having to stop and find a private place to feed her.

I have tried a few different carriers, but I haven't found one that works well for breastfeeding. I would love to hear from other moms who have found a baby carrier that is comfortable, easy to use, and allows for discreet breastfeeding.

Any recommendations or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hello everyone,

I would highly recommend the Moby Wrap for breastfeeding moms who want a comfortable and secure carrier. The Moby Wrap is made of soft, stretchy fabric that allows you to wear your baby close to your body, providing both comfort and support.

I find this carrier perfect for breastfeeding on the go as it allows me to adjust my baby's position to ensure a comfortable, discreet nursing experience. It also evenly distributes your baby's weight, making it easier to carry your baby for longer periods of time.

While it may take a little practice to master tying the Moby Wrap, it is worth the effort. Once tied properly, it feels snug and secure, which gives me peace of mind when I'm out and about with my baby.

Overall, I find the Moby Wrap to be a great option for breastfeeding moms who want a comfortable, secure carrier that allows for discreet nursing.


Hey there!

I would recommend the Lillebaby carrier for breastfeeding on the go. It's super comfortable and versatile, with six different carrying positions to choose from. The shoulder straps are padded and the weight is distributed evenly, making it easy to wear for extended periods of time.

What I love most about this carrier is the adjustable neck support panel, which can be flipped up to support your baby's head during breastfeeding. This makes it very easy to nurse discreetly while you're out and about, without having to struggle to hold your baby in position.

Overall, I find the Lillebaby carrier to be a great option for breastfeeding moms who want a carrier that's comfortable, easy to use, and allows for discreet nursing. Hope this helps!



As a mom on the go myself, I highly recommend the Ergobaby carrier for breastfeeding. This carrier allows you to adjust the straps for a customized fit, giving you and your baby the utmost comfort. The position of the carrier also allows for discreet breastfeeding without the need to remove your baby from the carrier, which is a lifesaver when you're out running errands or traveling.

I also appreciate that the Ergobaby carrier has multiple carrying positions, allowing you to switch it up for different activities and situations.

Overall, I've found the Ergobaby carrier to be a great investment for breastfeeding on the go. I hope this helps you in making a decision!


Hi everyone,

I have personally used the Boba carrier for breastfeeding on the go and found it to be a great option. The carrier provides great support for both you and your baby, and the adjustable straps make it easy to get a perfect fit.

Breastfeeding in the carrier is super easy as the carrier comes with an adjustable hood that you can use to cover your baby's head while nursing. This provides both privacy and protection for your baby from the sun.

Another great thing is that it's machine washable and comes in different cute colors and patterns to fit your style.

Overall, the Boba carrier is a solid option that is easy to use and comfortable for both mom and baby.


Hi there,

I would like to recommend the Tula carrier for breastfeeding moms who are always on the go. It's really easy to use and makes breastfeeding in public a lot less awkward.

The carrier is made of soft and breathable fabric that is both comfortable and supportive. I love how this carrier comes with a detachable hood which is perfect for discrete nursing on the go. The hood also doubles up as a sun shade for my baby.

I have used this carrier for a year now and it’s held up great! It’s also adjustable to fit babies of different sizes and can be used up until your child is 45 pounds.

Overall, I think the Tula carrier is an excellent investment if you are looking for a comfortable and easy-to-use carrier that can accommodate breastfeeding.


Hi there,

I can definitely recommend the Baby K'tan carrier for breastfeeding on the go. It's very comfortable and easy to use, and the fabric is stretchy enough to allow you to breastfeed discreetly without having to take your baby out of the carrier.

I have used this carrier with all three of my babies and have found it to be the most convenient for breastfeeding while out and about. It's also great for keeping your baby close and feeling secure, which is especially important in those early months.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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