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Can you provide recommendations for baby carriers that are suitable for plus-size caregivers who want to tandem carry twins or multiples?

Hi all,

I recently found out that I am pregnant with twins and I am looking for recommendations for baby carriers that are suitable for plus-size caregivers. I want to be able to tandem carry my babies, but I am struggling to find carriers that are comfortable for my size.

I am a size 18 and I have a larger bust, so I need something that can accommodate my body shape. I also want something that is secure, easy to use, and provides good support for my babies.

Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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As a plus-size caregiver of twins, I would recommend the Boba Carrier. This carrier has a waistband that fits up to 58 inches and a structured panel that adjusts to fit the shape of your body. I found this carrier extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods.

The Boba Carrier also has adjustable straps that allow for a custom fit and provides excellent support to both babies. It can be used for both front and back carrying positions, which makes it versatile if you need to switch positions.

Another useful feature is the removable sleeping hood that supports your baby's head and neck while they sleep. It also protects them from the sun or wind if you're wearing them outside.

Overall, I think the Boba Carrier is an excellent choice for plus-size caregivers of twins. It's comfortable, versatile and provides great support for both babies.


Hey there,

Congratulations! I'm also a plus-size caregiver and have used a TwinGo Carrier with my twins. The carrier is specially made for tandem carrying and it comes with two carriers that can be used separately or together.

It fits waists up to 58 inches, has padded shoulder straps with dual-density foam, and the waistband is adjustable, which makes it incredibly comfortable for plus-size caregivers.

What I love most about the TwinGo Carrier is the versatility it offers since you're able to carry each kid separately or together. It's also very easy to wear - the straps are straightforward to adjust, and you can easily switch between carrying one or both babies.

I hope this helps you make an informed decision. Best of luck with your twins!


Hi there,

I'm a plus-size caregiver and I've had great success with the Ergobaby 360 Carrier. It has a waistband that fits up to 58 inches, so it accommodates larger body sizes.

It's also easy to use and provides excellent support for both of my babies. The crossable shoulder straps help distribute weight evenly across my shoulders and back, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods.

One thing I love most about this carrier is that it allows for four carrying positions - front-facing in, front-facing out, hip and back carry. This carrier is also easy to adjust, so it's easy to switch between carrying positions if need be.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend the Ergobaby 360 carrier for plus-size caregivers who want to tandem carry twins or multiples.


Hi there,

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am also a plus-size caregiver and I have experience with tandem carrying my twins.

One carrier that worked well for me was the Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Carrier. It has an adjustable waistband that fits up to 52 inches and the straps are padded for extra comfort. It also has a lumbar support pad which helped with the weight distribution.

Another option is the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier, which is a wrap-style carrier that is great for tandem carrying. It comes in various sizes, including plus sizes, so you can find one that fits you perfectly. It's also easy to use and doesn't require any complicated wrapping techniques.

I hope these recommendations help! Remember to always follow the instructions and safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer when using a carrier.

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