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Can anyone recommend resources or support groups for queer parents who are dealing with issues related to aging or caring for elderly parents?

Hi everyone,

I am a queer parent and I am starting to deal with issues related to aging - both for myself and for my elderly parents. I am looking for resources or support groups specifically for queer parents who are going through similar experiences. I am hoping to find a community where I feel understood and can share my experiences without fear of judgment. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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As a queer parent, I can understand how you feel. I faced this challenge last year when my grandmother's health started to deteriorate, and my family did not have the necessary resources to deal with the situation. It was a tough time for all of us, especially since there weren't many LGBTQ+ support groups for elderly caregivers available at that time.

After a lot of research, we found the SAGE LGBT Elder Hotline, which provided us with the necessary tools and resources we needed to take care of my grandmother. Not only was it comforting to speak with individuals who understood our unique family dynamics, but they were also able to put us in touch with numerous caregivers who had gone through similar situations. We found great comfort in knowing that we weren't alone.

I hope this helps, and please know that there is support out there for you, and you will find the resources you need.


Hi all,

I can relate to this situation, as I'm currently caring for my elderly mother as a queer parent. Although I have not found any specific group for queer parents, I have benefited from attending general support groups for caregivers.

One important resource that I found helpful was "The National LGBTQ+ Cancer Network" which provides caregiver support based on the unique needs of the LGBTQ+ community. They have a range of services focused on cancer survivors but also deal with other elderly related issues catering to the LGBTQ+ parents.

It can be a relief to connect with other caregivers who understand what you are going through, and being a part of the LGBTQ+ community adds an extra layer of complexity to caregiving. This support group is one of the best kept secrets in our community, and if you are a queer parent going through a similar struggle, I would highly recommend giving this resource a try.

I hope this helps you and that you find the support you need!



As a transgender parent, I have experience with caregiving related to aging, but not yet any direct experience of caring for an aging parent. However, I recently stumbled upon an online forum titled "LGBT Aging & Caregiving Network" which provides information and resources to LGBTQ+ individuals who are dealing with issues surrounding aging.

Although I have not personally benefited from this network, I found the resources they shared to be very valuable. They provide an array of useful resources, including legal and financial support, care coordination, as well as suggestions for finding a trusted caregiver or companion for elderly parents.

I hope this information helps and that you find some solace in the company of like-minded individuals who share similar experiences.


Hi there,

I can definitely relate to your situation. I too am a queer parent who is facing the challenges of aging and caring for elderly parents. One resource that has been immensely helpful to me is the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging. They have a ton of helpful information and supportive resources specifically tailored to the LGBTQ+ community.

Additionally, I've found that local LGBTQ+ community centers may offer support groups or services for queer caregivers. It's worth checking out any centers near you to see if they offer anything like that.

I hope this helps, and know that you're not alone!



As an LGBTQ+ parent, I have also encountered challenges related to aging and caregiving for elderly parents. One resource that made a significant difference in opening up about my challenges is "Family Caregiver Alliance."

They have a specific LGBTQ+ caregiver support section that provides unique resources and support for those raising or caring for an aging parent or loved one in the LGBTQ+ community. I have also used this resource to connect with other caregivers in my community to talk about the unique challenges and how we can support each other.

Through the Family Caregiver Alliance, I gained a wealth of knowledge about LGBTQ+ specific caregiving, and I learned more about how to create a supportive environment in which to care for my loved ones.

I would highly recommend it to any LGBTQ+ parents, especially considering the extra layer of complexity that comes with aging in our community.

I hope this information is helpful, and my heart goes out to you all as you navigate these challenging times.


Hello everyone,

I am a queer parent, and I have faced challenges related to aging and caregiving for elderly parents. I have found that joining a virtual support group called "LGBT+ Health and Support Group" has been vital in navigating the difficult process of care.

The group actively fosters community between caregivers and provides vital education and resources to its members facing difficult or confusing scenarios. The topics cover almost all areas necessary for the care of elderly parents, right from end-of-life planning to providing sexual education for caregivers who may be unfamiliar with the topic.

Joining an LGBTQ+ support group has taught me that making connections with people who experience similar challenges is critical, especially when caregiving for LGBTQ+ elderlies. I hope that by sharing my experience, I can help other queer parents find the support they require.

I wish you all the best in caring for your elderly parents.


Hi there,

As a queer parent, I have been dealing with the issues related to aging of my elderly parents for many years now. Although I have still not found any group or network specific for queer parents, I have found a lot of resources in general caregiver support groups.

One such group that has been immensely helpful to me is "AARP Caregiving Support Group" which has a section particularly catered to LGBTQ+ parents. It provides articles, support forums, expert advice, and tips to help caregivers provide effective care.

What I appreciate most about this group is that it provides a space to share my thoughts, struggles, and victories with people who truly understand. Caring for aging parents can be hard, especially in our community, and it's essential to have a support network like this to boost our spirits and provide the emotional support we all need from time to time.

I hope this helps you in your search, and I wish you all the best.



As a gay parent, I have not yet personally faced challenges related to aging or caring for elderly parents. However, I have a close friend who went through a similar experience, and they found a lot of support through an LGBTQ+ caregiver support group called "SAGECare". They meet regularly to share information and resources, as well as provide emotional support to one another.

From what I heard from my friend, it can be challenging to care for aging parents as a queer parent, and it's important to have a supportive network. SAGECare provides a safe and inclusive space where queer caregivers can share their experiences and receive guidance from professionals.

I hope this helps, and I wish you all the best in finding the necessary support to navigate this time in your life.

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