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Can anyone recommend any books that are great for sensory play and exploration for babies?

Hi everyone,

I am a new mom to a beautiful baby girl and I am looking for recommendations on books that are great for sensory play and exploration. My baby is very curious and loves to explore new textures and colors. I want to encourage her development by providing books with different textures and sensory elements that she can touch, feel, and explore.

Could anyone recommend any books that have different textures or sensory elements like crinkly pages, soft fur, or sparkly elements? I would love to hear your favorite books or any recommendations you may have. Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

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Hi there,

As a mom of two, I highly recommend the "Touch and Feel" series by DK Publishing. These books have different textures on every page that are perfect for sensory exploration. My little ones loved touching the fluffy animals, bumpy fruit, and shiny wings in these books.

Another favorite of ours is "Pat the Bunny" by Dorothy Kunhardt. This classic book has interactive elements on every page, including a soft bunny tail to touch and a mirror at the end. It's great for infants and young toddlers.

Lastly, "That's Not My..." series by Usborne Books is also great for sensory play. Each book has different textures on every page with cute illustrations and simple text. My kids loved finding the different textures and pointing to the animals or objects on each page.

I hope these recommendations help and that you and your little one have fun exploring these books together.


Hi there,

When my daughter was an infant, we loved reading "Baby Touch and Feel" by Roger Priddy. This book has a variety of textures, such as bumpy, smooth, and fuzzy surfaces, which my baby enjoyed exploring with her tiny fingers. The pages are colorful and have simple, repetitive phrases that kept her engaged and helped her learn new vocabulary.

Another book that helped stimulate her senses was "I Like Myself!" by Karen Beaumont. While this one doesn't have any interactive elements, the upbeat, rhyming text and vibrant illustrations captured her attention. We would read it together while I exaggerated my intonation, and she enjoyed snuggling up to me while we read.

Lastly, "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown may be a classic, but it's a great sensory experience for young infants who enjoy repetition. The simple, yet soothing story combined with black and white illustrations and a sense of calming presence captivated my baby's attention while inspiring a sense of calmness before bed.

I hope you find these recommendations helpful, and I'm confident your precious little one will enjoy the same sensory experiences mine did!



One of the best books I found for sensory play and exploration for babies is "Touch, Feel, and Learn" by Roger Priddy. The book is full of different textures, such as squishy, bumpy, and furry surfaces on every page, which babies enjoy exploring with their hands. The book also teaches colors, shapes, and animals with clear, simple illustrations and text, making it a great educational tool as well.

Another book that I found helpful with stimulating my baby's senses is "Quiet Loud" by Leslie Patricelli. This book has simple, but funny illustrations, and the text plays with opposites such as quiet and loud, big and small, and high and low tones that make the reading experience interactive and fun for babies. It was great to see how my baby reacted by making sounds according to what he saw.

Lastly, "Peek-a-Boo Forest" by Lamaze is a soft, cloth book. It has a range of textures and flaps to lift, which are great for touch and feel play. The illustrations are bright and fun, featuring cute animals and nature scenes that caught my baby's attention.

I hope you find these book recommendations useful, and your baby enjoys exploring and discovering with them as much as mine did.


Hello there!

One of the books that we love using in sensory play is "First 100 Words" by Roger Priddy. The book has vivid photographs of familiar objects, and it features different textures and raised patterns that babies can touch and explore. The book is excellent for building vocabulary and developing fine motor skills in babies.

Another book that I recommend is "Baby's Very First Touchy-Feely Animals Playbook" by Fiona Watt. The book has different textures on each page, and it also has several flaps to lift that reveal more exciting textures. The book has attractive illustrations and vibrant colors that grab the attention of babies.

Lastly, "The Wheels on the Bus" by Annie Kubler is a fun book that features a popular children's song. The book has colorful, glossy pages, and it has different textures for babies to feel and explore. The book has assorted sound effects that complement each page and keep babies entertained.

I hope you found these recommendations helpful. Happy sensory exploration!



My twins love to explore different textures and sensory play. One book we found very interesting is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. The book has bright and colorful illustrations that help catch the attention of babies. It has holes and bumps on the pages, which my babies would try to put their tiny fingers in. This was a great opportunity to develop their motor skills.

Another book we enjoyed is "Personalized Peek-a-Boo Where Are You?" by Sandra Magsamen. It's customized with my twins' names, which allowed them to connect with the book emotionally. Also, the book has lift-a-flap elements that helped the twins to discover new things and learn about matching and memory.

Lastly, "Busy Day Busy People" by Tibor Gergely is a great sensory book for babies. It's based on simple everyday activities that involve brightly colored illustrations and textures that catch the eye of babies. The book includes a lot of different textures such as velvet, sandpaper, and shiny mirrors, which can help stimulate sensory exploration.

I hope you find these recommendations helpful, and I'm confident that your little one will enjoy them too.



I suggest "The Noisy Peekaboo" by DK Publishing, which is a board book filled with different textured flaps that babies can lift to discover hidden animals making various sounds. The book is interactive and encourages babies to use their developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills. The illustrations are bright and eye-catching, which makes it a perfect book for babies.

Another book that stimulates my kids' sensory is "Good Night, Gorilla" by Peggy Rathmann. The book is a charming story that comes with unique textures and some bits of fun humor that engage babies. The illustrations are simple, making it easy for babies to pay attention to the story.

Lastly, "Ten Little Ladybugs" by Melanie Gerth is a fantastic book that features raised ladybugs on every page, which babies can touch and explore with their fingers. The book has rhyming text that echoes throughout, making it a great way to help teach numbers and counting.

I hope these book recommendations help, and that you and your baby have an enjoyable value-based reading experience together.



As someone who loves to encourage sensory exploration in babies, I have some great books to suggest. One book that my little boy loves is "Mix It Up!" by Hervé Tullet. The book has colorful and fun illustrations that invite the baby to interact with the book. Every page has blending colors, and my baby loves to touch and blend the colors while learning about color theory.

Another book that I found engaging for babies is "Black and White" by Tana Hoban. The book has high-contrast, black and white illustrations that help boost cognitive development, and my little one loved to stare at the images. Each image was simple, but detailed and stimulated my baby's visual perception.

Lastly, I would recommend "The Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister. The book has a glittery, shiny cover and many colorful pages, which babies love. The story is about sharing and making friends, and my little one seemed to enjoy touching the glittery shiny parts while I read the story.

I hope these book recommendations are helpful and that you and your baby have a great time exploring the different sensory elements together!

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