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Can anyone recommend any books that are great for introducing my baby to different cultures and traditions?

Hi everyone,

I am a new parent and I am trying to find books that can introduce my baby to different cultures and traditions. As someone who values diversity and inclusivity, I want my child to be exposed to different ways of thinking and living from an early age.

Do you have any recommendations for books that can help with this? I'm open to anything, from picture books to board books, as long as they are age-appropriate and offer a good representation of different cultures and traditions.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

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Hi there!

One book that I highly recommend is "Global Babies" by The Global Fund for Children. It's a board book with beautiful photographs of babies from different countries, showcasing their cultural clothing, practices, and environments. It's a great way to introduce your little one to the diversity of our world, and the board book format makes it easy for babies to handle and explore.

Another book that I would recommend is "All Around the World" by Geraldine Cosneau. This picture book takes young readers on a trip around the world, introducing them to various cultural practices and traditions in different countries. It's an interactive book that engages children through its colourful illustrations, lift-the-flap features, and fun facts.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful, and that they offer your little one a glimpse into the beautiful diversity of our world.


Hi there,

I want to recommend "How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World" by Marjorie Priceman. The story takes readers on a globetrotting journey as the protagonist travels around the world to gather ingredients to make an apple pie. Children will love the fun, adventurous story and the beautiful illustrations that showcase different cultures and traditions.

Another great book that I recommend is "Abuela" by Arthur Dorros. This lovely story follows a young girl and her grandmother as they fly through their city, from their neighborhood to the beach, and in the process, introduces readers to the richness and diversity of Latin culture through food, music, and language.

Both books are fantastic for introducing kids to different cultures and experiences in a fun and engaging way. I hope you find them as enjoyable as I did with my own children.


Hi everyone,

I would like to recommend "Mama, Do You Love Me?" by Barbara M. Joosse. This heartwarming picture book with exquisite illustrations tells the story of a mother and daughter in an Inuit community. It introduces readers to Inuit culture and traditions, as well as themes of love, trust, and family. It's a beautiful book that's perfect for parents and children to read together.

Another great book that I recommend is "The Wheels on the Tuk Tuk" by Kabir Sehgal and Surishtha Sehgal. It's a fun and educational book for children that is set in India and showcases the bustling streets and markets of the country. Children will enjoy singing along to a familiar tune with a twist while also learning about Indian culture, traditions, and language.

I hope these recommendations are helpful, and that you and your little one enjoy these cultural reads!


Hey there!

I recommend "Grandfather's Journey" by Allen Say. In this beautifully illustrated children's book, Allen Say shares his grandfather's life story and the journey he took from Japan to the United States. It touches on themes of cultural identity, family, and home, and is a great way to introduce children to Japanese culture and history.

Another book that I suggest is "The Sandwich Swap" by Queen Rania of Jordan Al Abdullah. It tells the story of best friends Lily and Salma, who have different cultural backgrounds, and how they learn to embrace and appreciate each other's differences. It's a heartwarming story that teaches young readers about the importance of acceptance, kindness, and diversity.

I hope you add these two books to your collection as they are great for teaching children about different cultures and traditions.


Hello there,

One book that I recommend is "Cora Cooks Pancit" by Dorina K. Lazo Gilmore. It's about a young girl named Cora who is Filipino-American and wants to help her mother cook pancit, a traditional Filipino dish. The story not only introduces children to Filipino culture but also to the importance of family roles, communication, and discovery of identity.

Another book that I highly recommend is "We Came To America" by Faith Ringgold. Through its colorful illustrations and simple text, this book takes young readers on a journey through the history of immigration in the United States and celebrates the diversity and contributions of different cultures.

Both books have been successful in teaching my own children about different cultures and have also sparked thought-provoking conversations. I hope they come in handy for you and your little one as well.



As a new parent myself, I can recommend "Little Humans" by Brandon Stanton. This lovely picture book is filled with adorable photos of children from around the world with accompanying captions capturing their innocence, personality and joy. It's a great way for young children to discover that despite cultural differences, children everywhere share the same emotions, curiosity and zest for life.

Another book I'd highly suggest is "In the Beginning" by Virginia Hamilton. This children's book tells the origin stories from different cultures, such as the Navajos and the Greeks. It offers insights into the diversity of storytelling traditions, and the different meanings and beliefs that people hold regarding human existence.

These books are an excellent way to introduce young readers to our diverse and multifaceted world. I hope this helps in your search for finding great reads for your little one!



Growing up, my parents introduced me to different cultures and traditions through books and one of my favorites as a child was "The People Could Fly" by Virginia Hamilton. It's a collection of African-American folktales that explores different themes such as freedom, hope, and imagination while introducing children to African-American culture and history.

Another book that I recommend is "The Name Jar" by Yangsook Choi. It tells the story of a young girl, Unhei, who has just moved to the United States from Korea and is feeling self-conscious about her name. She ultimately learns to embrace her identity and where she comes from, which is a great way to introduce children to multiculturalism and acceptance of diversity.

Both books resonated with me as a child and I believe they can help young readers understand and appreciate different cultures and traditions. I hope you give them a try!



I'd like to recommend "Sitti's Secrets" by Naomi Shihab Nye. This beautifully written picture book explores the relationship between a young girl and her grandmother, who lives in Palestine. Through their interactions and conversations, readers are introduced to Palestinian culture, food, and daily life. The illustrations are stunning and the story is a wonderful way to help children learn about a different region and its traditions.

Another book I highly recommend is "The Storyteller's Candle" by Lucia Gonzalez. Set in New York City in 1938, the book takes readers on a journey to a library in the Bronx where a librarian, Pura Belpre, shares her love of storytelling with the community, including many recently arrived Latin American families. The book showcases Puerto Rican culture and the power of storytelling to bring people together.

I hope these recommendations prove useful and provide you and your little one with a fun and engaging way to learn about different cultures and traditions!

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