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Can anyone recommend any books that are good for babies with visual impairments?

Hello everyone,

I am a first-time parent of a 6-month-old baby who was recently diagnosed with visual impairments. As a result, I am looking for recommendations for good books that can help me stimulate and engage my baby's senses, particularly touch and sound. I want to help my baby learn and develop despite their visual challenges.

If you have any experience with this or have any recommendations for books that have worked well for babies with visual impairments, please share them with me. I am open to any suggestions, including board books, sensory books, and books with audio options.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi there,

My son has a visual impairment and I found that high contrast board books really helped in stimulating his senses. For example, books with black and white images, or bright colors that are easy for him to differentiate were very helpful. One of his favorites was the "Hello, Bugs!" board book with raised tactile features.

Another great option is "touch and feel" books, as they provide a sensory experience for babies with visual impairments. "That's Not My..." series by Usborne are great for this. They have books with different textures on each page so the baby can explore the different textures with their sense of touch.

In addition, for babies with visual impairments, audio books or books with sound elements can be a fun and interactive way to engage and stimulate their senses. A good example is the "Dr. Seuss's Book of Bedtime Stories" with narration and sound effects.

Hope these help!


Hello everyone,

My nephew is visually impaired and we found that books with repetitive text and rhymes help him stay engaged and follow along with the story. "The Cat in The Hat" would be a perfect example of such a book that he enjoys.

Moreover, board books with large buttons that produce sounds when pressed were also helpful as they create a multisensory experience that stimulates both touch and sound. "Bizzy Bear: Fun on The Farm" is a book that my nephew loves as it has large buttons that when pressed make animal noises.

Lastly, we found that books with simple illustrations and bright colors were better suited for babies with visual impairments. "Red Truck" is a wonderful touch and feel book with simple illustrations, compelling textures, and bright colors that stimulate the child's senses.

I hope you find these recommendations helpful and wish you success in finding the right books for your baby!


Hi everyone,

I have also been looking for books that would be good for my cousin's baby who suffers from a visual impairment. One book that really stood out was "Pat the Bunny" by Dorothy Kunhardt which is very interactive and has soft and rough textures for the baby to touch and feel and engage with the book.

Another book that we found helpful was "The Black and White Baby Book" which only has black and white illustrations with simple designs, so it's easier for babies to recognize the shapes and figures.

Additionally, we tried a few audio books, but the one that really worked for the little one was "Listen and Learn First Words" which has clear, distinct sounds that are easy for him to follow and repeat.

Hope you find these suggestions helpful and best of luck in finding the right books for your baby's needs!


Greetings to all,

My daughter was born with a visual impairment and we discovered that she is particularly drawn to tactile books that have different textures for her to explore. One book that she loves is "The Usborne Book of Touchy-Feely Animals" which has furry, fluffy, and rough sections that she loves to touch.

I also found that contrast-rich picture books are perfect for helping her engage with the illustrations. She enjoys "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown which has simple and bold illustrations that she can see, even with her limited sight.

One other book that I found helpful was "Little Sound Book- To the Moon" by Tiger Tales. She gets excited when she hears the rocket take off and engages with the story. It has been a great way to introduce her to other sensory experiences.

I hope this helps and best of luck in finding what works for you and your baby!


Hello there,

My nephew is visually impaired and I can completely relate to your situation. He enjoys reading books with different textures and shapes. A book that he really enjoys is called "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" that has holes on the pages to represent where the caterpillar has eaten through various fruits. The book introduces different colours and shapes that babies can touch and feel.

I have also found that pop-up books grab his attention, as he enjoys when the characters of the book suddenly jump out from the page. Another book he enjoys is "Where's Spot?" that is interactive and introduces new concepts, such as "behind the door" and "under the bed".

Lastly, audio books are also a great way to engage and stimulate your baby's hearing and imagination. My nephew enjoys classic stories like "The Three Little Pigs" and "Goldilocks and The Three Bears" that are narrated with sound effects and music to match the tone of the story.

I hope you find these useful!


Hi everyone,

I have a cousin who is visually impaired and I have found that books with distinct outlines and shapes are great to help her recognize simple objects and animals. The "Baby Einstein First Book of Shapes" is an excellent example as it introduces basic shapes with bold outlines.

In addition to this, we also tried using an app called "LiviaTalk - Special Education," which is a parent-teacher communication app that provides real-time updates on what the child did during the school day, including reading materials to help them learn.

Lastly, I would highly recommend "TouchThinkLearn: ABC" which is an interactive board book that has raised shapes for the alphabet so she can feel and touch them as we go through each letter.

I hope you find these helpful and wish you the best of luck with choosing the right books for you and your baby!



My daughter has a visual impairment and I found that books that have large text and pictures were particularly helpful in keeping her engaged. We have been reading "My Big Book of Beginner Books About Me" which has pictures and illustrations of familiar items she interacts with daily, such as clothes, toys, and food.

We also discovered that books with sound buttons are very interactive and highly engaging for children with visual impairments. "Baby's First Noisy Book" is one book that comes with colorful illustrations, and pressing the brightly colored buttons on the pages makes sounds that help bring the story to life.

Lastly, touch and feel books with bright colors and different textures are also great sensory tools. "Bright Baby Touch and Feel Colors" is a good example that has bright illustrations of everyday objects with raised textures to teach colors to babies.

I hope these suggestions help and best wishes to you and your baby!

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