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Can anyone recommend a good baby carrier for dads to use?

Hey everyone,

I am going to be a new dad soon and I am looking for a good baby carrier that I can use comfortably. I want something that I can use to carry my baby around while I am doing housework, running errands or going for a walk. I have a few requirements for my carrier:

1. Comfortable for both the baby and me
2. Easy to adjust and use
3. Able to accommodate my body shape
4. Doesn't put too much strain on my back or shoulders

I've done some research online, and there are so many options on the market it's difficult to know which one to choose. I'm hoping some other dads out there can share their experiences and recommend a good carrier for me to try. Thanks in advance!

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Hello there,

As a father of twins, I have tried and tested quite a few carriers, and the Tula Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier is hands down the best one I've used. Not only is it stylish, but it's also incredibly comfortable for both me and my babies.

The Tula Free-To-Grow is designed to be used from birth to toddlerhood without the need for an infant insert. The adjustable panel grows with your baby, making it really easy to get the perfect fit. The carrier has a supportive waistband that helps distribute the weight, making it comfortable for longer wear. Additionally, the wide padded shoulder straps are incredibly comfortable, and I'm happy to report that I've never experienced any back pain after carrying my twins in this carrier for hours.

The carrier has three different carrying positions – front, back, and hip, which made it easier for me to switch up positions when my babies got tired or fussy. It's also machine-washable, so keeping it clean was never a hassle.

Overall, I would highly recommend the Tula Free-To-Grow Baby Carrier to any dad. It's comfortable, easy to use, and can grow with your baby from birth to toddlerhood.


Hi everyone,

I would like to recommend the LILLEbaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier for all the Dads. The first thing you will notice about this carrier is the sleek and modern design. This carrier has a streamlined appearance, with understated neutral colors that make it ideal for dads who prefer a more minimalistic style.

However, this carrier is not just a pretty face. The LILLEbaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier is one of the most adjustable and versatile carriers available in the market. It has six different carrying positions, including a front-facing option perfect for curious babies who want to see everything. The adjustable lumbar support and padded shoulder straps mean that it's comfortable for dads to wear, even for extended periods. I have used this carrier for hours on end and haven't experienced any discomfort or strain on my back.

The carrier also features a breathable mesh fabric, making it perfect for all seasons. Its integrated temperature-control panel will keep your baby cool in summer and warm in winter.

Overall, the LILLEbaby Complete All Seasons Baby Carrier is an excellent carrier for dads to use. It's versatile, comfortable to wear, and the modern design isn't too "girly" or babyish which is a plus for me personally.


Hey there,

As a dad who loves carrying his baby around, I recently tried out the Baby Bjorn Carrier One and it's been a game-changer for me. The carrier has made it so much easier for me to be hands-free while taking care of my baby and doing other activities around the house.

The Baby Bjorn Carrier One is designed to be comfortable for your baby and can support babies up to 33lbs. The carrier has adjustable head support, leg openings, and waistband to make sure that the carrier fits perfectly for both you and your baby. The carrier also has a wide padded shoulder strap that helps distribute your baby's weight across your shoulders and back, making it really comfortable to wear.

Another thing I love about this carrier is that it has four different carrying positions, which means you can use it for a long time as your baby grows. I personally loved doing the "facing forward" position with my baby because he'd get to see the world, and it was great for me because I could see his reactions to everything.

Overall, I recommend the Baby Bjorn Carrier One for dads who want a comfortable and versatile carrier that they can use for a long time. It's been a real lifesaver for me.


Hi there,

As a fellow dad, I highly recommend the Ergobaby carrier. It was a lifesaver for me and my wife when our little one was born. The carrier is designed to be comfortable for both the baby and the wearer, and easily adjustable to fit different body types.

One of the things I love about the Ergobaby is the wide waistband. It distributes the weight of the baby evenly across my hips and takes the pressure off my shoulders and back. I've worn my baby for hours in this carrier, and I barely feel like I'm carrying any extra weight.

The Ergobaby carrier also has multiple carrying positions, which is great as babies grow and their needs change. It comes with an infant insert, so you can start using it as soon as your baby is born. The carrier can also be adjusted to allow for front, back, and hip carrying.

Overall, I highly recommend the Ergobaby carrier for dads. It's comfortable, versatile, and easy to use. I hope this helps!

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